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Barcelona: Five Reasons to Suspect a False Flag

Five Reasons to Suspect a False Flag



By Kevin Barrett


Here are five reasons to immediately suspect a possible false flag.


1. Spain is experiencing an existential crisis as the Catalonia Independence Referendum, scheduled for October, approaches. Could elements of the Spanish national government, and its NATO friends, be looking for an excuse to militarily occupy Catalonia in advance of the referendum?

2. The date 8/17/17 (or 17/8/17 in the European system) looks like typical illuminati numerology. The digits resolve into two 1s (11) and two 7s (77). (And the 8 is a “1 + 7). Remember the planes that hit the Towers? 11 and 77, of course. Britain’s biggest modern terror event was on 7/7. A suspiciously disproportionate number of false flag events seem to coincide with dates featuring the numeral 11 and its multiples.

3. Israel is angry with Spain, whose municipalities are leading the world in divesting from the Zionist Entity.

SPECIFICS (admittedly skimpy so far, since this just happened)

4. The van driver supposedly began running people over outside a kosher restaurant.

5. The alleged terrorist were considerate enough to have dropped off a passport featuring an Arabic name (Driss Oukabir) when they abandoned the van. The routine drop of an ID card or passport fingering or leading to a patsy is Standard Operating Procedure for false flaggers.

I will try to keep this article updated. Feel free to sound off in the comments!



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