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Eclipse OMEN for John McCain


Collision damaged just sustained by the USS John McCain


Eclipse OMEN for John McCain

Cosmic Convergence Research Group

“The USS John S. McCain guided missile destroyer docked Monday at Singapore’s naval base with “significant damage” to its hull after an early morning collision with an oil tanker, as vessels from several nations searched for 10 missing U.S. sailors.”
(Source: Damaged USS John S. McCain Arrives in Singapore; 10 Missing)

Make no mistake about it, this collision between the USS John McCain and an oil tanker was a HUGE omen for Senator John McCain. Given his outright treason and persistent treachery, it was only a matter of time.

In light of the spate of collisions experienced by US Navy ships over the past year in the Western Pacific Ocean, this event is yet another message from On High that American supremacy on the high seas is over.

Yes, the US Navy is still the biggest and most menacing, but advanced technologies have rendered each and every ship a sitting duck, as well as one that can’t even move out of harm’s way. That’s because their necessary computerized systems can be shut down in a heartbeat. When the heart of the ship is profoundly incapacitated, it’s basically useless.

When will John McCain’s boat sink?

No other U.S. Senator in American history has ever been caught in the act of so much perfidious behavior. Not only is John McCain a traitor to the American Republic, he has made common cause with some of this nation’s worst enemies.

The incriminating photos and authoritative accounts of McCain’s meetings with the enemy are quite numerous. And yet the people of the state of Arizona keep voting John McCain back into office. Truly, this collective lapse of moral judgment represents a gross failure of American democracy.

While McCain has forever been propped up by his masters in Deep State, the writing is now on the wall. Even the Universe has spoken about his political demise just prior to the “Great American Eclipse” of 2017. Omens don’t get much more loud and clear when they occur so close to total solar eclipse over the USA. The Great American Eclipse: A Defining Moment In U.S. History

The best thing that Senator John McCain can do at this critical point is resign. And, he ought to submit that resignation post-haste, before he finds himself in a very difficult situation indeed. His handlers have already ushered him through a brain cancer scare JUST PRIOR TO THE HEALTHCARE REPEAL VOTE that he vengefully sabotaged.

When unknown forces blow a hole in a warship named the USS John McCain, the senator should know that he’s got some very serious problems to face in the near future. For instance, being tagged as a major player in the creation, funding and support of ISIS.

Senator John McCain is “Directly Responsible” for arming and supporting ISIS — Dr. Kelli Ward (Video)

As for the US Navy

No one would dispute that the US Navy has experienced more serious ‘mishaps’ in the past few months than any other period outside of wartime.

What’s the problem, really?!

Whenever one parks and sails their navy where it’s not wanted, it becomes vulnerable to all kinds of ‘accidents’ and purposeful stealth attacks. Stealth Attack On USS Fitzgerald Proves US Navy No Longer Controls Seven Seas

The Asia-Pacific Rim nations are all moving through a period of intense geopolitical realignment. The last thing that some of them want is for the United States to project its military power in the region in order to coerce compliance with the Washington’s agenda, especially when it only serves narrow American interests. Many of these countries have been nothing more than vassal states for decades. That picture is now changing very quickly.

The single biggest threat to the US Navy is actually the size and age of its many warships. Given the extraordinary advancement in weapons technologies, the bigger and more complex the ship, the easier it is to take out of action.

The Russians and Chinese both possess a new generation of anti-warship weaponry that can neutralize US ships with the press of a button. And the admirals know it.

Khibiny Electronic Warfare System: Russia Employs “Super Weapon” To Neutralize Entire U.S. Navy

That the US John McCain just received a blow to its hull is the crudest form of assault that a warship can take… and look at how much damage was done to it.

A general view shows the guided-missile destroyer USS John S McCain with a hole

Just imagine what today’s high-tech weapons can do; and no one would even know who did it.

Cosmic Convergence Research Group
August 21, 2017


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