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Bannon aims his cannon at Deep State



WE DIDN’T ELECT IVANKA TRUMP and we certainly didn’t vote for Jared Kushner

State of the Nation

How does Ivanka Trump have the reckless audacity to take credit for ousting Steve Bannon from the White House?  IVANKA TAKES CREDIT FOR BANNON OUSTER

To take down the CEO of Trump’s presidential campaign, and subsequent White House Chief Strategist, who was truly responsible for her father’s victory is not good form.  Nor is it good politics.

Ivanka’s husband Jared Kushner was also a constant irritant to Bannon as he attempted to keep Trump’s campaign promises to the Right.   Bannon knew that if those promises were broken, and many have been, Trump was toast.  Forget about 2020.

Perhaps the following announcement is a sign that Jared is experiencing instant karma for using Ivanka to push Bannon out. Breaking: Jared Kushner is on his way OUT of the White House

We didn’t elect Ivanka!

Did you hear that President Trump?

No one in these United States elected Ivanka Trump for anything.

Ivanka has proven herself to be a typical New York City liberal whose many leftwing causes are antithetical to the Trump agenda.  Her faux progressive politics is as fake as the MSM “fake news” that the POTUS justifiably derides.

Because of this unfortunate state of affairs, Ivanka has essentially become the “bane of the Trump movement”.   She promotes the Left’s agenda as though Hillary Clinton had won. And she’s right next to the Prez—all day, every day!

Blood is thicker than water.

Actually, in some families, blood is much thicker.  And so it is in the Trump clan.

This dysfunctional political and familial relationship poses the single greatest threat to the patriot movement.

Especially with a husband who is in so deep with the Israeli government, this White House triad presents extremely thorny problems…for the country as well as the world-at-large.

Hence, Ivanka must go.  Jared must go sooner.  They both have taken the Trump presidency down the tubes in so many ways it’s scary.  Remember this one:

Donald Trump carried out Syria missile strike ‘after being convinced by daughter Ivanka’

What is she even doing there?!?!?!

The very practical point here is that when the apple of Daddy’s eye sits in the West Wing, guess who the real 800 pound gorilla is always going to be?


Daddy is always going to lean her way, which Trump has been doing more and more often. With a hardcore Zionist Democrat like Jared exerting spousal influence on her daily, eventually their globalist agenda will be implemented.  Both of them are stone-cold agents of Deep State.

This situation should never have developed in the first place.  It’s a sure sign of two things: Trump’s dangerous weakness concerning his daughter (very bad).  And his extremely poor judgment to put her (and him) there in the first place (very sad).

Charlottesville was set up to take out Bannon

Trump doesn’t even know that the Charlottesville false flag black op was set up to take out Bannon.  As well as tar him with the black brush of racism, neo-nazism and white supremacy.

The Charlottesville false flag operation was staged to destroy Trump…

Even more importantly, that psyop was designed to collapse the Trump movement.

…as well as to decimate and dismantle the Patriot movement

As a matter of fact, this C.I.A. black op is so far advanced there may be no stopping it short of some deus ex machina magic.  For real!

Soros’s Purple Revolution is picking up steam everywhere, and many people in high places seem to be quite willing to be known as purple revolutionaries. 6 RINOs looking to stampede Trump out of the White House

Look it, he’s doing his best under the circumstances.

President Trump in under so much fire — every day of every week — that it’s almost impossible to keep up with it all.  And we are all just watching it; he’s the one in the constant firefights.

What’s the point?

No one man can do it alone.  And Trump is essentially alone from this point forward. Although Trump would not admit it, Bannon really was his brain.  Actually, Bannon was Trump’s conservative mooring.  He was also his conscience and provided crucial political acumen that Trump completely lacks.  It’s quite true that without Bannon, Trump would not be in the Oval Office.

Bannon the Cannon

Now that Bannon is out of the White House, he has no choice but to aim his Breitbart cannon directly at Deep State.  Perhaps that’s why he was there in the first place: to really see how the agents of Deep State own and operate every administration since JFK.

Bannon’s Revenge: Breitbart Threatens To “Rally Votes For Impeachment” If Trump Moves Left

There’s no question that a cannoneer like Steve Bannon is far more effective on the outside than on the inside.  Having been an insider since January 20th, he has learned a lot about enemy territory.  Now Bannon knows exactly where to aim his cannons to successfully take out the most strategic Deep State emplacements surrounding the White House.

One thing is for sure: every NWO globalist inside the Beltway is now a target for Breitbart. Get ready for a new version of Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture.


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