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Mid Atlantic Coast: Hurricane Maria Models Show IMPACT


Persons in northeastern Virginia, the Del-Mar-Va Peninsula, New Jersey and New York City have about one week to prepare for the arrival and landfall of Hurricane Maria according to the latest computer models.  Of course, the computers may not be accurate in their forecast, but ALL the models are now coalescing around a Mid-Atlantic landfall next week.

Maria, a Category 5 Hurricane when it plowed into Puerto Rico overnight, will lose some strength as she makes her way northeast; but won't lose ALL her strength.  It is HIGHLY PROBABLE that New Jersey and all five Boroughs of New York City will feel "Hurricane-force winds" above 74 MPH, beginning mid-week, next week.

Here are the latest "spaghetti" lines from the various computer models, showing Maria slamming the Mid Altantic, NJ and NYC next week:




As you can see above, more than fifty percent of the computer models show the storm close enough to the Delaware/Maryland/Virginia Peninsula, and to the entire coast of New Jersey as well as all five boroughs of New York City, wherein Hurricane Force winds in excess of SUSTAINED 74 MPH, would directly strike all those areas.  FOUR of the models show landfall at the Del-Mar-Va peninsula and/or all of New Jersey.

Now is the time to prepare.  Don't wait until next week because, as we all saw in Houston and Florida, folks in those areas who waited until a day before the storm struck, found themselves staring at EMPTY STORE SHELVES and EMPTY GAS STATIONS.

Make certain you have Emergency Food, Water, any medicines you rely upon to live.  Make sure you have some form of electricity to keep your refrigerator running and a light or two in the house, should power go out.

Make certain your car(s) are all gassed-up and ready to go in case evacuations are necessary; you don't want to be trying to find a gas station as the storm is bearing down on you!

Make certain you have flashlights for each member of your household, with spare batteries for each one.

Make certain you have a portable radio with spare batteries, to keep abreast of news and official information.

It has been a long time since New Jersey and New York City were hit by hurricane force winds in excess of 74 MPH SUSTAINED.  Power lines are very likely to be taken out by downed trees.

Flooding is likely.



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