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Blood Being Spilled in Catalonia



Sunday, October 1, 2017  4:50 AM EDT -- Citizens in the Spanish state of Catalonia are trying to cast ballots in a Referendum today as to whether or not Catalonia will declare independence from Spain.

The Spanish government will not permit such a vote.  It has sent Police to break-into Polling stations and seize voting machines / Ballots.  It is using Bulldozers and Trucks to block roads to Polling Stations.  

Nonetheless, people in Catalonia are lining-up to vote but Spanish police are BEATING THEM BLOODY with night sticks and riot clubs.  Civil War has erupted!!



Police ATTACKING people for merely trying to Vote!






Before sunrise today, Police were told to use Bulldozers, Excavators and Portable Highway Dividers to BLOCK ALL POLLING PLACES!


Once people actually got into Polling Places, riot police entered and beat them bloody . . . even old women as shown in the video below:


Pro-Independence Internet Web Sites "Seized" by judicial order:




 Cellular Service CUT-OFF with users seeing a notice saying ""judicial_Guardia_Civil" as seen on a phone below:


Old people being physically dragged or carried away from trying to vote:


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