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Dr. Einstein or Dr. Frankenstein?


Albert Einstein, brilliant in physics, was hopelessly naïve and idealistic when it came to politics. That latter quality, along with his worldwide fame, made him a perfect mark for exploitation by the cunning and treacherous Zionists of the 20th century. A recent online article reminded us that, although he has been dead now for over 62 years, the exploitation of Einstein by the Zionists continues.


How Einstein Helped Israel Become a Nation,” read the title. Carrying no author’s name, it appeared on the web site of an outfit calling itself The Messianic Prophecy Bible Project. They represent themselves as Jews who are also devoted to Christ, which might strike the average person as something of a contradiction. From a quick review of the web site we find that the principal focus of their worship is not Jesus Christ but the state of Israel. They would lead a person to believe that they are working to convert their fellow Jews to Christianity, when it is apparent that their real target is the Christian majority of the United States. Their purpose, like that of virtually every opinion-molding organization in the country, is to make Americans continue to pour out their blood and their treasure in the interests of that very unlovely Jewish-supremacist state. The Einstein article is simply their most recent effort to further that goal. Here are some excerpts:


In 1921, six years after publishing his relativity theory, Einstein accepted an invitation from a brilliant chemist and head of the World Zionist Organization, Chaim Weizmann, to tour the United States.

On that tour, Einstein raised funds for two of his personal passions:  helping the Jews settle in a national homeland and the establishment of a university in Jerusalem — to be called Hebrew University.

Four years later, Hebrew University opened on Mount Scopus, and Einstein served on its first board of governors, along with Chaim Weizmann and Sigmund Freud, among others.


Though famous for his passionate pacifism as well as his genius, the rise of Hitler’s Nazi regime in 1933 helped Einstein understand that fighting for one’s mere existence is not possible through inaction.

True to that principle, throughout the 1930s Einstein lobbied for the civil rights of African Americans in the US as well as for increasing the number of emigrant scientists, artists, and others endangered by the Nazi regime throughout Europe.

And he continued to support efforts for a Jewish homeland.

At the request of his cousin, Einstein supported a fundraiser for the Hagana, the core of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) by writing a letter, which would be auctioned off at the event.

In his letter (postmarked May 4, 1948, ten days before Israel’s official rebirth), he clearly stated his position on the Zionist efforts:

”No one respects or bothers about those who do not fight for their rights.” (Einstein: The Life and Times by Ronald Clark, p. 734)

The letter raised $5,000 for the IDF.

When United States President Harry Truman recognized Israel as a sovereign nation in May 1948, Einstein called it “the fulfillment of our dreams.”

What the article would never tell you is that the Israel of Einstein’s fond dreams is really an Israel that never was, and before the year of the state’s creation was out, he and many of the most prominent Jewish intellectual leaders in the United States were beginning to come to that realization. The beginning of their awakening is captured by their collective letter to The New York Times, December 2, 1948:


To the Editors of the New York Times:


Among the most disturbing political phenomena of our times is the emergence in the newly created state of Israel of the “Freedom Party” (Tnuat Haherut), a political party closely akin in its organization, methods, political philosophy and social appeal to the Nazi and Fascist parties. It was formed out of the membership and following of the former Irgun Zvai Leumi, a terrorist, right-wing, chauvinist organization in Palestine.


The current visit of Menachem Begin, leader of this party, to the United States is obviously calculated to give the impression of American support for his party in the coming Israeli elections, and to cement political ties with conservative Zionist elements in the United States. Several Americans of national repute have lent their names to welcome his visit. It is inconceivable that those who oppose fascism throughout the world, if correctly informed as to Mr. Begin’s political record and perspectives, could add their names and support to the movement he represents.


Before irreparable damage is done by way of financial contributions, public manifestations in Begin’s behalf, and the creation in Palestine of the impression that a large segment of America supports Fascist elements in Israel, the American public must be informed as to the record and objectives of Mr. Begin and his movement.


The public avowals of Begin’s party are no guide whatever to its actual character. Today they speak of freedom, democracy and anti-imperialism, whereas until recently they openly preached the doctrine of the Fascist state. It is in its actions that the terrorist party betrays its real character; from its past actions we can judge what it may be expected to do in the future.


Attack on Arab Village


A shocking example was their behavior in the Arab village of Deir Yassin. This village, off the main roads and surrounded by Jewish lands, had taken no part in the war, and had even fought off Arab bands who wanted to use the village as their base. On April 9 (THE NEW YORK TIMES), terrorist bands attacked this peaceful village, which was not a military objective in the fighting, killed most of its inhabitants 240 men, women, and children and kept a few of them alive to parade as captives through the streets of Jerusalem. Most of the Jewish community was horrified at the deed, and the Jewish Agency sent a telegram of apology to King Abdullah of Trans-Jordan. But the terrorists, far from being ashamed of their act, were proud of this massacre, publicized it widely, and invited all the foreign correspondents present in the country to view the heaped corpses and the general havoc at Deir Yassin.


The Deir Yassin incident exemplifies the character and actions of the Freedom Party.


Within the Jewish community they have preached an admixture of ultranationalism, religious mysticism, and racial superiority. Like other Fascist parties they have been used to break strikes, and have themselves pressed for the destruction of free trade unions. In their stead they have proposed corporate unions on the Italian Fascist model.


During the last years of sporadic anti-British violence, the IZL and Stern groups inaugurated a reign of terror in the Palestine Jewish community. Teachers were beaten up for speaking against them, adults were shot for not letting their children join them. By gangster methods, beatings, window-smashing, and wide-spread robberies, the terrorists intimidated the population and exacted a heavy tribute.


The people of the Freedom Party have had no part in the constructive achievements in Palestine. They have reclaimed no land, built no settlements, and only detracted from the Jewish defense activity. Their much-publicized immigration endeavors were minute, and devoted mainly to bringing in Fascist compatriots.


Discrepancies Seen


The discrepancies between the bold claims now being made by Begin and his party, and their record of past performance in Palestine bear the imprint of no ordinary political party. This is the unmistakable stamp of a Fascist party for whom terrorism (against Jews, Arabs, and British alike), and misrepresentation are means, and a “Leader State” is the goal.


In the light of the foregoing considerations, it is imperative that the truth about Mr. Begin and his movement be made known in this country. It is all the more tragic that the top leadership of American Zionism has refused to campaign against Begin’s efforts, or even to expose to its own constituents the dangers to Israel from support to Begin.


The undersigned therefore take this means of publicly presenting a few salient facts concerning Begin and his party; and of urging all concerned not to support this latest manifestation of fascism.



Einstein and the others did their best to awaken their fellow American Jews and Americans generally to the danger represented by vicious thugs like Menachem Begin and Stern Gang leader Yitzhak Shamir. What they apparently failed to realize was that these people represented the very essence of the Zionist movement, as demonstrated by the fact that each would later be elected prime minister of the country.


Within the Jewish community they have preached an admixture of ultranationalism, religious mysticism, and racial superiority,” the writers say. They are talking about what they apparently believe to be a fringe, extremist party, but who can deny that it represents about as good a summing up of today’s Israel as one is likely to find anywhere? The notion that Israel is a Jewish-supremacist state, we can see, is hardly original with me. As early as 1948 Einstein and the co-authors of this warning letter were talking about a pernicious attitude of racial superiority in a movement that would later come to control the country openly.


There is another sentence in the letter that is particularly prescient: “It is in its actions that the terrorist party betrays its real character; from its past actions we can judge what it may be expected to do in the future.”


And so it has turned out. If Dr. Albert Einstein were alive today he would surely realize that to the extent that he actually “helped Israel become a nation,” his actions were very much on the order of Dr. Frankenstein, who began with good intentions, but created a monster.


David Martin

October 4, 2017



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