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Chess boards on the global table


Krassimir Ivandjiiski / Красимир Иванджийски/



If in time someone asks when the new era of humankind began remember that this happened in September - October 2017 and that you witnessed this spectacular event.

During these two months some fundamental analyses of recent years combined and confronted such as: "World War III begins," "Globalism is an extension of politics by violent methods," "Clash of civilizations," „А new type of hybrid war," and so on. The nature of these analyses is simple - the world is not homogeneous, humanity is a huge web of different interests that converge in strange and unexpected ways and the processes that boil up in the depths eventually will erupt like a volcano that does not ask for permission to explode.

In September-October 2017, such eruption exploded in the form of war between the evading  consumer society of instincts and lies, and the return to society of free spirit.

It was on that ground where the major battles of the hybrid war were taking place in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and America.

I will recall that hybrid warfare accounts for a combination of diverse combatant and non-combatant (without use of arms) military actions delivering unexpected deadly force outcome.

September and October 2017 were the culmination of several hybrid battles on the big chessboard. In fact, on a number of chessboards on the global table.

Russia, China, the United States, North Korea, Ukraine, the Baltic-Black Sea sanitary corridor against Russia along with Syria, Iran, Turkey - Israel in the Middle East.

The above are not local centers of strain but a single political scene that can turn into one battlefield in a moment.

In fact, the war was going long ago – hybrid, invisible, secret and violent.

What was happening on different frontlines?

On the European theater of war, Russian and Belarussian armed forces conducted strategic command  exercise  “West – 2017” and later Vladimir Putin made his speech at Valday Forum, that all observers estimated as Munich-2.

At the Far East military theater, a series of missile launches by DPRK came in response to the provocations from the United States and the subsequent XIX Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, the most important geopolitical event in 2017.

In the Middle East, armed forces of Syria, Russia, and Iran launched a joint military operation to unblock oil fields in Deir ez-Zor in Syria, and Kirkuk in Iraq , and to force the Euphrates River and expel the Islamic state from their temporary capital in Raqqa.

The US-NATO military theater included the military maneuvers in the Baltics, Poland, Romania and the Black Sea, followed by the US nuclear weapons concentration against the DPRK.

The US also tried to instigate Barzani to declare independent Kurdistan in Iraq and Trump contested the international agreement on the Iranian nuclear program, while one of the largest oil exporters on the planet Venezuela announced they abandoned dollar in international trade.

At the Russian-American hybrid war theater in Ukraine, peace is not intended by Washington.

On the Chinese-American hybrid-war-theater behind the events around the DPRK emerges the giant China, which fundamentally changes things. Why? Do you remember how Trump started his campaign? First, he promised to return US production from China, and secondly, to impose substantial customs duties on China. However, China lives due to production and exports, so for the Chinese above two points mean economic catastrophe that, of course, Beijing will not allow. And  Kim Chen Un, became the second most important player of the global military theater.

Finally, the third most important potential source of the global fire includes the Middle East - Iran and Turkey, Israel and Saudi Arabia, the United States and the Kurds, the  government of Iraq under Iran's control, the Syrian  government against Israeli and US made Islamists and Al-Qaeda, and the increasingly anti-American Erdogan.

Everyone there is shooting his own movie but does not forget to look what the rival movie staff is doing.

It is also good to mention that this region holds  the world's largest oil and gas reserves.

Yet, two events I have mentioned, set the beginning of the new era on the planet.

That was the opening speech of Putin at the Valday forum, where he announced a guilty verdict against the USA and the West,  and XIX Congress of the Chinese Communist Party – two events that will change the world for sure.

 I will  briefly tag the most important things.

In Valday, Putin's speech focused on the international agenda. Putin accused the United States and Europe of double standards such as the recognition of Kosovo but not recognizing Crimea and the referendum in Catalonia, the collapse of the nuclear disarmament and the unsuccessful attempts by the United States to reshape the Middle East by their pattern.

He also noted the failure of the United States in Afghanistan, Washington's new sanctions against Russia, the crisis in Ukraine, and the abuse of Russia's national flag on diplomatic missions in the United States.

Putin pronounced all these arguments in a judgment style. He called things by their real names - security in the world is getting weaker and instead of progress, democracy and freedom there is aggression, extremism, and terrorism. The United States does not fulfill its START obligations , their behavior on the Korean Peninsula is risky and Russia will no longer repeat its mistake of over-confidence on the West

In the meantime, in Beijing at the 19th Congress of the 90 million Chinese Communist Party, the leader of PRC Xi Jinping outlined in his three-hour speech the 14 founding principles that China will follow in its development in the coming years.

The Socialism with Chinese specifics enters a new era. Xi repeated „new era" 34 times in order to be clearly understood and to identify three closest tasks.

By 2020 to finally eradicate poverty.

By 2035 China to become a modernized socialist country, one of the most innovative on the planet and with a minimal gap between urban and rural residents.

By 2050 to become a rich and powerful state with a leading influence on the global arena, a global leader of the "joint power of the nation and the international impact." It will surely happen.

It is a pity that today Eastern Europe and Russia could have been in the same boots if only coups d’état in 1990 had not happened.

So, September - October were declared to be the beginning of the new era and Putin and Xi proclaimed the principles on which they will build it.

Putin declared that Russia would devotedly protect against any violation, no matter by whom or where, the Christian and all traditional virtues shaped by humanity during the thousands of years.

Xi Jinping specified how this would happen in the largest and potential nation on the planet.

That is the cornerstone. The resistance of the West will be fearsome, for it is a verdict.

Well, no one has ever gained a global leadership without a cruel battle.

The world is once again on the brink of epic disturbances.




Alexander Dimitrov

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