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Today is Yesterday of Tomorrow

Krassimir Ivandjiiski


28 November 2017


On the eve of 2018, I cannot surprise you with some excessive optimism. Or as people say “Today is Yesterday of Tomorrow”.

Preparations for the great war in combat, logistics, and information run at full speed. It is quite enough to gather some fragmentary facts, besides the DPRK and Syria, in order to estimate the magnitude of the danger. But unfortunately, nobody pays attention.

At the end of October, prior the major multilateral meetings of grand and smaller politicians in Beijing and Vietnam, the United States and Russia carried out massive testing of their nuclear weapons and infrastructure.

For example, in compliance with the requirements of the START III agreement, the US Command has informed in advance the Russian Ministry of Defense about their pending nuclear exercises, while gladly pointing out on Russia's "special status". Beijing has not been informed since China is not a party to this treaty.

Meanwhile, Russia launched four ICBMs (Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles). As a supreme commander, President Putin personally pushed the button. It has once again became obvious that he was the sole world leader capable of turning US to radioactive desert in less than 40 minutes. To make the point clear Russians announced that their missiles were capable of carrying nuclear warheads.

In fact, during October and November, Washington and Moscow conducted major exercises simulating exchange of mutual nuclear strikes and wartime logistics.

Actually, US war preparations started earlier in 2015 by reviving Hitler’s “Barbarossa” plan in Europe and transferring American armored forces to Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, and Bulgaria.

In 2017, everyone could see that the West is preparing for a big, full scale war and that they are already determining the strategic points for operational deployment of NATO armies on the European front.

From 2017, the US started posing threats on North Korea again. How came that North Koreans exactly today became an obstacle to the Americans. Moreover, Koreans have nukes for at least two decades. What did exactly happen today?

The answer is that under the pretext of US preparation against possible North Korean nuclear strike on the American territory, the US are training their Civil defenses, rebuilding atomic shelters and preparing the entire nuclear war complex.

However, this war will not be with North Korea but with Russia. North Korea is just smoke. The situation around the DPRK gives the Americans a perfect opportunity to openly prepare for an atomic war with Russia and by simulating mass exercises of civil evacuation of densely populated areas, give a strike from the Pacific.  

The provocations against Russian diplomatic missions in the USA along m incitement to break diplomatic relations and to evacuate embassies are a clear sign that the US are just about to cross the finish line of war preparation. In addition, at a meeting with the US Supreme Military Command, Trump said there was "silence before the storm" having Russia in mind.

What’s the scenario? They will start simultaneously. Ukraine will serve as a cannon fodder and is expected to block up big Russian military units. They will also attack Crimea. Kaliningrad will be stormed from Poland while through the Baltics Americans plan to penetrate within Russia towards Smolensk and to tear off Belorussia. From Scandinavia, they will launch a strike on the Northern Fleet, and block Caucasus from Georgia.

Israel, which hides American nuclear weapons, will launch ballistic missiles with a range of 5,000 km. from the Middle East. Siberia will receive a hit from the Pacific region. Is the above possible?

There are a number of military in the United States truly convinced in the victory in a nuclear war. So, what about losses? If such defeat of Russia could guarantee a world dominance for centuries ahead, they will not hesitate to sacrifice all US carriers, 90 percent of the Navy, all their military bases around the globe and half of American territory and population. Panic blocks their mental capabilities. Maybe they truly have no way out and think that it is better to wage “outside war” instead of losing world hegemony or to face civil internal war within the USA.

But just at this point, the US are making a fatal mistake relying on its nuclear arsenal. It is far from it.

During last years, rearmament of the Russian Strategic forces turned the American atomic potential into an issue of secondary importance. American nuclear forces might be enough in term of quantity but their quality lags years behind.

Russia is capable of driving Americans back into the stone era just by using a dozen of its new “Sarmat” missiles that void any anti-ballistic system of the US.

The weirdest thing is that US military weakness is utterly ignored. We will remind that US has never been that “undefeatable force” which show us Hollywood movies. They lost in Korea, Vietnam, Lebanon, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Venezuela, and even in Somalia.

Among the military, there has long been a consensus that the United States has never been that dangerous enemy they wanted to be considered for, and that "Anglo-Saxon Zionist empire would not yield first place to anyone”, even at the price of striking of nuclear blow. However, these countries that US could supposedly attack using atomic weapons- such as Russia, may in return wipe them out from the face of the earth, or like China – to inflict on them colossal and irreparable damage.  

The US could launch a nuclear strike on Iran and the DPRK without fear of receiving a backlash but on the other hand, they are in a position to do huge damages to Americans by conventional or asymmetric weapons.

Some countries like Venezuela and Cuba the US could nuke and go almost unpunished though conventional armed forces of these countries could crush them, which in turn makes use of nuclear arsenals pointless.

As a result, nuclear arms are useful only as an instrument of deterrence of other nuclear states. As to all others, they are useless.

Neither Russia nor China have the slightest intention to strike the US first. That only proves the American atomic weapon has as much use as a handbrake on a canoe, and if Americans happen to use it at all, they will be completely destroyed.

Some maintain the pointless thesis that US is the strongest as they have the largest military funding in the world.

The truth is different. The money goes into pockets of a whole pack of parasites within US defense, which make bonanza out of the padded budget. Why does US need 17 intelligence agencies when all other countries have but one each? Well, it is clear that money talks.

Russia in fact from a very long time does not even need to launch their nuclear missiles on the USA. They could easily return Americans in the stone era without any risk of a nuclear winter because Russia will just have to use some 500-700 “Caliber” cruise missiles to destroy US power system and plunge the States into the darkness of primitive-communal ages where almost 80% of the American population will be on the brink of death, chaos, and starvation. It will take only 100 precise non-nuclear hits on target to destroy entire atomic power industry of the USA.

That is why Russia announced they organized several full-fledged military units, which carried precision weaponry capable of firing at targets at a range of 4,000 km.

The main question is whether there are idiots in US, Israel or England that will erase humankind from the earth. As to that, the world has never been short on psychos.

That is the reason I wrote that Today (2017) is Yesterday of Tomorrow (2018). And that Tomorrow may never come.

It is bad to write such things on the eve of the New Year. But somehow someone must tell you




Alexander Dimitrov

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