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Trainloads of Tanks on Ukraine Border

Russia offloading trainloads of TANKS on Ukraine Border

 Monday, 25 December 2017


A week ago, US Marine Corps Commandant  Gen. Robert Nelle told his Marines to be ready for a "big-as fight" and mentioned Russia and North Korea as potential battlegrounds.  While many of us saw the reasoning behind North Korea, few of us understood his reference to Russia; until today.  

Trainloads of battle tanks are being unloaded inside Russia just a few miles from the border of Ukraine.  It looks like the filthy obsession of U.S. neo-cons with "containing" Russia is about to blow up in all our faces. 

Here's a Google Map to give you geographic perspective of where these tanks are bieng unloaded:





First, they surrounded Russia with new NATO bases, then they built missile defense systems in Poland and Romania to first-strike Russia's nuclear arsenal. 

Then, under Obama, they spent $5 BILLION to foment revolution inside Ukraine, to overthrow its government and install one favorable to the West.

Next, they outright LIED and blamed Russia for interfering in the US election, and used that LIE as the basis for enacting economic sanctions against Russia worse than those enacted upon Japan in the 1940'2 (which drove Japan to attack us.) 

Now, we see the results. . . Clearly Russia is now preparing for war.

Those Americans with sons of Draft Age should make certain they find out where their members of Congressand the Senate  live, so those filthy, corrupt, rat bastards  can be paid a visit if their actions end up starting what is likely to be World War 3.




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