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Nuclear Terrorism On New Year's Eve ? Denver and Las Vegas?

NUCLEAR TERRORISM ON NEW YEAR'S EVE? Denver and Las Vegas said to be locations

 Wednesday, 27 December 2017 02:56



An individual allegedly from India, is screaming over social media that he knows of two 300 kiloton nuclear bombs that have been smuggled into the United States through Houston, TX, that have been planted to detonate on New Year's Eve.  One is allegedly in Denver, CO, the other at the Darling Tennis Stadium in Las Vegas, NV.

Mr. Sandeep Gundale of Pune, India, began sounding the alarm on November 6, with a Twitter posting that says

"Please save ur PeopleThereAre 2 NuclearBombsComingThrew HustonTexas&GoingTo DetonateAtNewYearEve at LasVegas&DenverItsLikeWTC I knowAllPath"


On December 24, he attempted to contact the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Richardson, to tell him:


On December 26, he again began saying the same things in a series of Tweets that name the "Darling Tennis Stadium" in Las Vegas as one location where a 300kt nuclear bomb has been stashed to detonate:


Later on December 26, he changes his story to say there is only ONE nuclear bomb, but is adamant it is located in Las Vegas and in another Tweet claims it is an ISIS terrorist group attack:



There is a small photo of Sandeep Gundale on his Twitter page, as shown below:

He claims to be a software engineer who found out about this and is doing his best to help Americans find the bomb and save lives.



If True . . .

There are online programs that simulate the effects of a nuclear blast in order to give the public an idea of the extent of damage and injuries that might take place in such an event.  One such program is called "NukeMap."

According to NukeMap, a 300kt ground detonation of a nuclear bomb at the Darling Tennis Stadium near Las Vegas would cause an immediate death toll of 42,820, with another 119,200 injured.

First, here is a scalable map of Las Vegas with the Darling Tennis Stadium as its center point:




Here is what NukeMap claims would be the likely damage area:



Here is what NukeMap says would be the bigger picture as far as radioactive fallout . . . . reaching all the way to Utah!




Here is the legend for both maps above, showing what the colors on the maps mean and the toll of Deaths and Injuries:




Calls to the FBI for comment have not yet been returned.





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