Krassimir Ivandjiiski
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At the Head of the new Media

Krassimir Ivandjiiski



Twenty-four years ago I wrote on the front-page “A newspaper , not for everyone”, that is aimed at people who can think, who understand realities and can make cause-and-effect analysis between past and present times.

Today on our 24th anniversary, I would add that this was a newspaper of resistance and persistence.

These 24 years make us the oldest and most independent media in Bulgaria after 1990 and one of the freest and self-sustained creative laboratories in Europe.

The above also comes with a pleasant appraisal that I am “the best journalist and publicist in the history of Bulgaria” and, on the other hand, that I publish sometimes articles that are not so easy to comprehend.

The first assessment will put aside for the future because I witness the global scene for quite a long. My answer to the second is that when I open “windows in time”, really strong winds blow from there.

Anyhow, the past 270 newspaper editions, which are in fact 270 books of 150-200 pages each (something unprecedented in European and world publicism on these subjects) contain fundamental documents of political and social development of our time and ,may be, I was the first in Europe who set new criteria of evolution –in geopolitics and geo-economics, despite ideological heresies and the illusion that going out from the former system and entering present insanity was the only option.

Here I have a serious dilemma. On the one hand, I know, as a professional, that it is impossible to climb out of this abyss, and on the other, my intuition tells me that things cannot be all that bad and there is still hope against that terrible cancer and transitional transformation from bad to worse.

From the perspective of these 24 years, I am like that English gardener who was asked “how come that your grass looks so good” and his answer was “It is simple. You only need to water and mown it every single morning for 7 centuries”.  

I wonder if we lack these 7 centuries just as kids lack their first seven years.

Therefore, we still face the main questions of why, where to and how. The answer is clear – one can see big paintings in a gallery and the details within the composition only from a certain distance.

The same refers to what we do. It takes some time in order to understand the scale and scope of our actions.

Though one can hardly save the world by writing, I have that feeling that thousands of our readers, not only here but all around the world, are one powerful army, which starts to gather on the battlefield.

We will continue delivering them some of the munitions, because today as never before we need serious arguments and true criteria for defense and attack.

From this point of view, as I have already written about, my 70 years of life, of which these 24 are just a fragment of, are not a period but a comma.

We continue writing history together.

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