Krassimir Ivandjiiski
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24 years on that ungrateful scene

Krassimir Ivandjiiski



At the end of 1994, I produced the first copy of the newspaper.



Actually, the real start was much earlier, on September 6, 1991, when the former General Press Directorate to the Council of Ministers issued me a certificate of a print media under № 0501 bearing the name “Top secret".


Thus, I give an answer to several questions:

- that I was the first in the East and the West to start this kind of print, and on a later stage of internet media, which gave the alternative view. And that all similar media came later;

- that the phenomenon “Top secret” -also amongst world journalism and analytical thinking, is that for almost a quarter of a century I developed it on my personal finances, which makes it completely independent.

We were quite a few, in the beginning, less than ten , that through “peripheral media exits”, have come to the conclusion to deprive the “mainstream” media of their political and informational monopoly.

Gradually new people and ideas joined that shaped the river of so-called alternative media, which today dominate and has determining role in politics.

The world has irreversibly stepped into the era of “alternative media” and reached today’s point where I can say that what has been done for the past 24 years was one of the most important informational and analytical aggregates in world publicism.

We defined style and perspective.

We ran ahead of events by 5-10 years.

Our strength lies within the ability to perform complex analysis, which integrate geopolitical, economic and military aspects.

We became pioneers of geopolitics and geo-economics .

We turned into the first brain trust that opposed lies, despair, and fear.

The pendulum swung backward.

Of course, every beginning comes to its end. Within five years, we may reach the point where the project will most probably exhaust. Or we will…


Even so, there is nothing to be afraid of. We will be neither the first nor the last going down that ungrateful scene.

And we will always enjoy when other people laugh. Because we know, we shall laugh last.


Good luck in 2018!

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