Krassimir Ivandjiiski
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Russia: things are not bad for now



Krassimir Ivandjiiski




I found some time to look through the pages I wrote at the begining of 2017. It turned I was right. Almost

Now in the beginning of 2018, the situation, in general, remains the same. History has its own pace.

So in 2018, the inevitable movement towards a multipolar world will continue to gain momentum and that process will be in the framework of the clash between the two historical poles - the West and Russia.

Only Russia and the West have the real potential to build their own projects for the development of the mankind.

That is why the wars between the West and Russia were the main content of the second half of the second millennium, no matter what the West had been - Great Britain, Napoleon, Hitler, USA, or what Russia had been - Imperial Russia, USSR, today's Russian Federation, etc.

These have been the two natural geopolitical adversaries since the formation of a centralized Russian state in the XV century, which the West, i.e. the Anglo-Saxon establishment, met as a death threat. And after that things did not change . There is no room for compromises in that dilemma.

The West strategy has always been the same. The West wants only one thing from Russia  – not to exist at all. And almost made it.

Russia was very close to disappearance during Gorbachev and Yeltsin.But, as many times in the past, Russia found a mobilization impulse in its depths and managed to emerge from the crisis after the collapse of the USSR.

And the shapes of the new Great War, unlike the turbid 90s, are more clearly outlined. The world is moving toward a new global military conflict at  incredible speed.

That was in the beginning of 2017.

No difference in the beginning of 2018. Now the West, which  means the Anglo-Saxon -Zionist world, will not give up its global dominance because for them it will be a death sentence.

Russia as well cannot go off the path towards global recovery because it will be a death for her either.

That lack of alternative on the two poles lead to a new world war.

In fact, it did not begin in 2001 with the self-terrorism of the American “deep state” in New York but much earlier with the war on Yugoslavia. Someday historians will write that the Third World War once again started on the Balkans.

Up to now, it went through several phases, geographies and hybridity to finally localize on several main centers - Syria, the Middle East and North Africa, Ukraine, Afghanistan and Central Asia, and the Korean Peninsula.

As you see in the global world the fronts are also global – European, Asian, Middle Eastern and so on.

The war is about a new repartition of the world and total destruction of the enemy. No prisoners of war.

The West hides behind  “globalization” and “war on terrorism” but its real goal is a destruction of the present world order, which will be replaced by a new global structure where on top will be  the new emerging  megacorporation, or the so-called globofascism. Rothschild, Rockefeller, and Oppenheimer are already names of the past.

Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, Brazil, South Africa, which represent national states and national economies, have united against that globofascism. They do not have other option.That is the real situation.

The conflict in Syria is in this context - to keep Syria as a national state, to stop the domino effect launched by counter-revolutions and coups in Eastern Europe, the USSR, and North Africa. It was not the "international terrorism" that suffered a defeat in Syria, but the US, England, and Israel, which stay behind it.

That is why at the end of 2017 I wrote that the war in Syria will go on. Russia is victorious but the United States, Tel Aviv, and Saudi Arabia are seeking revenge in Syria. They are destabilizing Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, which replicates the situation of the 1970s when the US embroiled the USSR into a confrontation with the "green Islamic arc" that includes the  Caucasus and Central Asia.

Today, Russia wins in Syria and repulses the attacks in the Donbass, the Caucasus, and Central Asia, but it is difficult because of the weakness of the Russian economy, which is a shadow of the former USSR's powerful economy.

The United States pressures on Russian western borders, relying on NATO and the EU. They also put the screws on China in the western Pacific, but cannot stop the shift of world geopolitics towards China and India, where two-thirds of humankind lives.

Russia is moving to a more active action on the European stage. The EU is in a permanent crisis. Germany and France try to find a way out and to take control over the Eastern European member countries- from the Baltics to the Black Sea. This will strenghten the  contradictions between the rich North and the poor South and between Western and Eastern Europe.

Russia's chance to restore its sovereignty and human capital- as its foundation, could be the  basis of a new global financial system.

Thus, I come to the other main reason why 2018 will be the most terrible  of the past 100 years.

Year 2018 will be the culmination of the 100-year-old criminal financial system created by the banks and the "elite". During this century, capitalism went bankrupt several times and ceased to exist. No one can define what we have today. And there is no way for the  system which has accumulated a debt of $ 240 trillion in 100 years, to survive.  If we include all unsecured financial derivatives, the global debt of the West will equal 2 quadrillion dollars. Although I am a Doctor of Science, I do not know the number of zeros in that  quadrillion. However, I know that in order to save themselves, the West is again preparing to wage a great war.

The year 2018 is the peak of the corrupt Western system, which lasted for  100 years. This means that the "window of military capabilities" of the West shrinks to just a few months. Time and place are already chosen.

Here are some of the scenarios:

  • The US launches a missile-nuclear attack on the DPRK;
  • The United States is introducing new small nuclear weapons in Europe against Russia and leaves the Treaty of the small and medium range missiles;
  • Israel strikes Syria, Iran or Lebanon;
  • The Zionist regime in Kiev attacks  Donbass;
  • The United States ignites again Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Balkans , etcetera.

The West , as others have written, continues to act according to four principles:

  • We can buy everyone;
  • If we do not buy them, we can scare them;
  • If he they are not afraid, then we kill them;
  • In any case, nothing can happen to us.

However, the fourth principle already (or  again) is nor working. 

There is Russia, for which things, as many times in history, are again simple and clear. Things are not bad for now. It is only necessary to win the new World war that has started.



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