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Airbase in southern Syria is now under attack by Israel.


 10 February 2018 13:44



This is BREAKING NEWS as of 1:33 PM eastern US time on Saturday, Feb. 10, 2018 (ALL UPDATES AT BOTTOM) -- After this morning's shoot-down of an Iranian Drone which crossed into Israeli airspace, the government of Israel launched eight F-16 fighter jets to attack the base in Syria from which that Drone had been launched.   

During the F-16 attack, Syrian air defenses were able to hit TWO Israeli F-16's, downing one INSIDE ISRAEL. (The Israelis sent their jets to the border between Israel and Lebanon, then fired missiles across Lebanon into Syria.  Syria anti-aircraft missiles traveled across Lebanon and into Israel to hit the attacking planes).




Later, Israel launched more F-16's to conduct additional attacks against what THEY say are "Iranian" bases in Syria, except one such base was also shared with Russia.  Upon coming under attack, RUSSIAN air defense missiles were launched against Israeli F-16's.   In addition, during that same later Israeli air assault, the Israelis found their planes had also come under attack from . . . .  LEBANON. 


Just a few hours ago, Lebanon publicly announced they would no longer permit Israeli jets to fly into Lebanon, and any jet doing so WILL BE SHOT AT.

In response to these developments, Israel is now sending "massive" numbers of troops and heavy armor toward the Syria Border.

Israel is also opening BOMB SHELTERS in the northern part of the country and telling citizens to get inside them!

This morning's events are a MAJOR escalation on multiple fronts of the Middle East and unless things somehow calm down quickly, expect the worst.





The Israeli Air Force pilot whose F-16 was shot down, has reportedly died of his injuries. . . . conflicting reports say he improved after surgery. 

 Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, Israel is now CLOSED due to Syria missiles having earlier reached the center of Israel.




The Russian Federation has issued a statement which calls for all sides to show restraint.  The statement also explicitly warns Israel against any attacks in Syria where Russian forces may be deployed.




The Al Khalkhala Airbase in southern Syria is now under heavy attack by Israel.  Multiple buildings reported destroyed, raging fires all over the base. A squadron of Israeli war-planes are currently carrying out Airstrikes on the Khalkhala airbase in S. Damascus Syria which is the home camp of several Iranians IRGC Soldiers & Hezbollah fighters. Sources on ground confirm huge explosions.

Following is a list of reported targets already hit inside Syria by Israel:




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