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Syria facing ‘new wave’ of US intervention, Iran’s Zarif says

February 19, 2018




… from Press TV, Tehran

MANPADS have been introduced into the Syrian conflict to increase the chances of a cycle of retaliation to expand the fighting

[ Editor’s Note: Zarif hit the nail on the head with his accusation that the US hoax of being in Syria to eliminate Daesh in the Kurdish areas of Syria was just a Plan B for Balkanizing Syria, and countering Russia’s intervention.

I have long editorialized that when the rollback of Daesh-held areas was completed, the US Coalition would try to grab territory during the “peace” process that it could not win on the battlefield.

But the US wanting to do this is just a part of the problem. What we are seeing now is the abject failure of our international bodies to enforce any international laws or UN charter planks against any member with a strong enough military and financial leverage.

What I am seeing here is not only gangster rule, but the acceptance of it, à la “doo doo happens”, and there is nothing practically anyone can do about it. And this even extends to the scourge of state-sponsored terrorism, in which the US coalition is involved up to its eyeballs, which will release an epidemic around the world.

Despite the long ripple effect we have already seen, governments and the media have tread lightly on the biggest future threat we face. And that is even if a conflict like Syria is wound down, we are seeing a scramble – a competition really, especially for the losing side that has tons of money – to grab up all of the murdering terrorists they can to send to a rest home, a bull pen, to be available for their next assignment.

The penalty for engaging in this activity by providing safe haven for terrorists to be reused should be death. And we already have an established method of execution, which has long been used now…drone strikes.

Is it not time for an international drone strike force, where no one has immunity who has supported terrorism?

If certain countries have given themselves the right to execute such “trials in the field”, then why can’t the UN or a new defense organization have the same authority to do the same, with no immunity granted to whomever the party would be?

Forget saying that this is impractical. That is not the point. The point is nothing is even being discussed as to a solution for this, so anything to get a discussion rolling is a good thing. We have grown too accustomed to accepting this, especially in the US.



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