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Krassimir  Ivandjiiski






 On March 18-th Russia will hold the most important presidential elections of the first 20 years of the 21st century.

A new era will begin with its positive and negative sides, with many questions but few answers.

According to some analysts, it will be an era of a rapid revival of Russia as а super-power.

Others think it will be the end of the Russian Federation.

Third claim that it will be an era of a new Cold War.

According to fourth this will be the beginning of the Fourth World War.

According to fifth there will be a new world order.

The sixth share the opinion that the mankind will continue to sink into the medieval ages and destruction ...

Despite those opinions are contradictory, all of them can be right. However, they all include Russia at the forefront and it is evident that Russia has returned on the global scene.

All this process is connected with Vladimir Putin's 17-year stay at the top of power. Most likely, he will run another presidential term.

The moment I write these lines all opinion polls show that 71.5% of the electorate are ready to give their votes to Putin, 7.3% to the communist candidate Pavel Grudinin, 5.5% to Vladimir Zhirinovsky, 1% to Ksenia Sobchak and so on, which means that Putin has no serious competitor.

The main question is what he will do after the elections.

The fierce campaign in the West to demonize Putin is а clear evidence that he is the only serious candidate, and indicates that the West sees as greatest danger the revival of the Russian super-state. This also means that the conflict West-Russia will continue. The West will never stop to oppose against rebirth of Russia.

This was confirmed at the last Munich Security Conference where two major US generals banned Russia from her right to be a super state. Russia, they say, is not entitled to take up one of the world's leading positions. She has no right and that’s that. Because we want it, because it is totalitarian, aggressive, communist, imperial, orthodox, atheistic, conservative, revolutionary, antidemocratic ...whatever you like.

But who will think about the details? Because since the XVIII century the policy of the Anglo-Saxon Zionism is the same. Only slogans that hide the essence change, and it is that the West is afraid of Russia/USSR, and that their Russophobia is directly proportional to the speed with which Russia is returning to her roots, and on her own way.

This breakthrough has always been happening with a war of the West against Russia. Now is the same. But now Russia is much weaker than the Soviet Union

Gorbachev's perestroika meant the political and geopolitical annihilation of the USSR and the administrative end of Communist ideology. Ideas of social justice have become inappropriate in the context of looting and destruction of the heritage of Soviet civilization with the active help of the West.

So came the present moment, in which Russia is again at crossroads, because by its nature, it can only be great or it will not be at all. This means that freedom and hope for Russia begin where the global project of world domination of the West ends.

In fact, the USA, after the liquidation of the USSR from the geopolitical arena, believed that they had caught the "Lord by the beard", and that they won forever. However, people say that "if you want to make the Lord laugh, tell him your plans." The current crisis of the Western system led to tectonic changes.. The Western system is no longer working, it is a systemic crisis, which will disappear only with the disappearance of the system itself, which called itself liberal capitalism, in order to hide the bloodlust and anti-human system, established after 1990 - a system of genocide and enslavement of mankind by one swath, called the backstage, the deep state, etc.

At the same time, the hands of the "doomsday clock" are already showing almost 12.00 o'clock.

Militarily, the United States and NATO have already set fire to Ukraine, moved NATO to the borders of Russia in the Baltic States, Poland, Romania and the Black Sea Coast, and began the massacre in Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Syria, etc.

This is the style of classical Anglo-Saxon geopolitics, namely: to build a military zone near Russia, or to make "anaconda choke."

However, it turned out once again that the USA, as once Napoleon and Hitler, did not have the potential to strangle Russia. The anaconda is powerless against Eurasia, so it is against Russia and China.

The modern world has already rejected the "classical" geopolitics.

The truth is that Russia is in deep defense and has nowhere to retreat. It lost Central and Eastern Europe, Ukraine, the Baltic States, the Caucasus and Central Asia. These losses are enormous.

What Putin is doing in the framework of the new geopolitics?

In the land warfare, there is a term of the "dominant height". For the Maritime States, the most important is the pressure of the Sea against the Land. For the continental Russia, the important thing is to cut the sea routes that will allow any potential adversary to put pressure on it.

After the return of Crimea, Russia closed for U.S. and NATO the Black sea, and from Sevastopol took the whole of Europe at gunpoint and at the same time liquidated any danger of creation of new Jewish state in Crimea like New Khazaria. From the region of Kaliningrad, it took in the crosshairs all US systems deployed in Europe.

From its military bases in Khmeimim and Tartus, Russia holds at the end of the gun the Eastern Mediterranean, neutralizes Sixth US fleet, and spoiled all American plans to blockade the Russian Black sea fleet behind the Bosporus. Now this fleet has its permanent base in the Mediterranean.

Another U.S. attack is to create chaos in Turkey, Syria, and Iran. Therefore, Putin has strengthened cooperation with Iran and Turkey. Iran's airspace is protected by the C-300 against the United States and Israel. Erdogan survived the coup attempt. The plunge of Syria into chaos has been suspended.

From the Middle East, threats have been blocked.. Iraq has no access to the sea and the US is limited there. In Afghanistan, the United States has been cut off from the sea routes and are practically surrounded.

Most of the countries of Central Asia are under the umbrella of Russia. Everything is quiet with China; the construction of gas and oil pipelines is developing. Beijing will not allow the fatal mistake from Mao and Nixon times, when China turned against the USSR.

In the Far East, in the sea of Okhotsk, the routes for foreign ships were closed. On the Kuril Islands, the Russians are restoring their bases. On Chukotka, they restore the old base, in the Arctic, there is a new base, and military icebreakers are built.

In this General geopolitical picture, for the last 17 years, Putin began to restore order under "the artistic howl" of all "progressive humanity" in the face of Western civilization. The cry is loud.

This means that Putin is going in the right direction; otherwise they could praise him as Gorbachev and Yeltsin. In addition, as Stalin said, "when the enemy begins to praise you, then something is very wrong".

As one of the last analysts in Eastern Europe since the 1970s, I am well aware of the shortcomings, embezzlement, mistakes, and failures in Russia since 1990, especially in the economic and ideological fields. I have repeatedly drawn attention to them. I know very well whom the Russian Embassies in Eastern Europe have been working with since 1990.

Despite that ,when I have drawn the "big line" it shows that there is no other civilizational option. The Western model is completely exhausted. The Chinese managed to make a transition, but so far, they will develop within China. Russia already had its own civilizational and ideological model, which had been global. But would it be able to return to it?

This is a question for Putin's new term. Because the world continues to be ruled by signs and symbols I will return to one point, which was noticed by only a few analysts, and that stands in the context of the most important issue for Russia: "where to go now?"

And so, 2018, Russia met in the conditions of changing symbols on the screens of public television. Instead of the blue background of the Western liberal model, Putin spoke to the Russian people against the backdrop of the Kremlin Palace - in the Golden rays of the morning dawn of changes.

In his speech, he used "dear friends" rather than "respected citizens" and "colleagues". And for the first time expressed his wishes for "prosperity of great Russia", and not as before "free and democratic Russia".

The change of the background paint in Putin's address from blue to red-gold began earlier - at the press conference in 2017.

Together with the change of background, the focus shifted from the Masonic tricolor of Peter the Great and the Byzantine double-headed eagle to the red Kremlin stars.

The war of symbols is part of the war of the new hybrid type. We are talking about the victory of the "Reds" and "Bolsheviks" over the "liberals" and the "blue".

Will the day of the election of the President of the Russian Federation become the day of truth for the new socio-economic future of Russia, which coincides with the day of the Paris Commune (18.03.18) Well, we will see. Real life is all that is impossible to plan and anticipate.

Simply put, it is pointless to avoid fighting when it is inevitable.

On the military front, the war is again moving to the borders of Russia, and if necessary, it will be met. But nuclear weapons are not enough. Russia needs a mobilization economy with socially effective society without social inequality. Is there a revolution coming again?

Some say that revolution is inevitable because it will be difficult for Russia to survive the current difficult situation. However, revolution can happen not only from above or from below, but also by a third model when the president begins to purify the country from above and the people – from below. The key issue is when they meet, not to start a civil war.

Year 2018 will be a turning point. Either the transformation of Russia will begin peacefully and all the garbage will be removed, or the people themselves will take on this task. People of Russia have enough experience.

Putin does not have many options and a lot of time to spare.

Each Empire is, first of all, people. Russia has again become a civilizational code.

The situation will become increasingly complex but is under control. There is no reason to panic.

Russia again finds its mobilization momentum. Chances are not less than in the past.

It was  Time that created Putin. Not Vice versa.






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