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"Operation Cape Town"- not so old events

Krassimir Ivandjiiski


March 2018


As say, there are events with no statute of limitations. That’s right. 

Let us go back to one of them from the near past…

…The second half of the 80-s was the most important period for the struggle against the apartheid in the Republic of South Africa. Thanks to the former socialist countries, including Bulgaria, it ended victoriously.

Those were the years of the historic clash between the socialism and the capitalism. And as I explained to some members of the resistance in RSA during 1984 – 1990, when I was working in the South of Africa, the battle was between two civilizations. One wanted “to be”, while the other wanted “to have”.

The first was meant to win. However, in real life the Evil is not obliged to pay the bills of the Good. That  was the case.

The clash was colossal. South Africa and the region were the stage where the fates of Africa, the Third world and the national liberation movements was decided. Moreover – the fate of all diamonds and gold of the planet.

That is why I moved my office from Addis Ababa-Ethiopia, to Harare-Zimbabwe, with the approval of highest at that time political leadership of Bulgaria. The epicenter was in the South, not in Europe.

The contacts with the leaders of the African National Congress-ANC, which in those days was outlawed by Pretoria, such as Oliver Tambo, Thabo Mbeki, and the Secretary of the Communist party Joe Slovo, were of the utmost importance. /By the way, we were only two people who contacted Slovo /Josef Slavo/, who was  manipulated by the british MI-6, as some of the other leaders of the ANC/.

The RSA at that time was under complete political and media embargo.  

In 1985, I took my chances and entered RSA as the first journalist from a socialist country. Then it was something unthinkable. A journalist from a socialist country based in Harare and Addis Ababa to be officially granted visa by the apartheid regime.

South Africa, Capetown - first journalist from Eastern Europe in apartheid RSA,

nominated for Pulitzer, 1985


I emphasize on "officially" as it meant the possibility of creating a parallel channel to South Africa and the possibility of an independent assessment of what was happening in the country and the region.

Moreover, there have already been signs that Rockefeller, Rothschild and Oppenheimer will steal this genuine revolution, and that the resistance movement of millions of blacks has been manipulated not without Gorbachev's assistance. / Quite a paradox the regime in Pretoria has been manipulated the same way by London and Washington/.

Anyway, in the second half of the 1980s, after my visits to South Africa, we opened important and unique channel of contacts which transformed into " Operation Cape Town”.

As for Nelson Mandela, in those years, only I from all the media of the "Northern side of the front", kept in touch with his wife Winnie, who lived in the black suburb of Johannesburg- Soweto, and I was the first of all Eastern European journalists which managed to visit it. Then the phone number of Winnie was 2711-9365-492. I saved it. Nelson Mandela should have been aware about that contact from the prison in  Cape Town.

South Africa, SOWETO Township- 1985-1990 

In any case, during one of my visits, the military counter-intelligence of Pretoria have prepared me such a provocation that the story of Sergei Antonov would seem a fairy tale at bedtime. However, at the last moment they left that nonsense.

The whole world reprinted my articles from South Africa. This was an unprecedented event. Even Pretoria expressed willingness to organize meeting with Mandela /who later turned to be London asset/.

At the same time I was the first lecturer from Eastern Europe, who received an offer to lecture at the University in Stellenbosch.

Resistance in South Africa had many wonderful people. I feel sorry, for example, for the head of the military wing of the ANC -uMkhonto we Sizwe, Chris Hani, who was killed in the liberated South Africa.

Bulgaria took active part in this colossal clash / quite different behind than on the front stage/ and, if we had not collapsed, we would have earned enormous profit.

These few years I actually felt the pulse of history. Personally I am pleased to be still alive (and my family) and in relatively good health.

Namibia-Independence  1988-1990


Diamond Mining, Orapa, Botswana -1987






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