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The War to start in 36 hours

March 13, 2018




The US and Israel plan to use secretly developed tactical nuclear weapons to decapitate Syria.  These weapons were developed since 1994 and were produced and deployed using budgeted funded supposedly intended to modernize the B61 nuclear bomb.  They include “salted” nuclear weapons with one kiloton charges, very small, that will blind  Russian radar and take down Russian communications in Syria.

Trump just fired Secretary of State Tillerson in order to push this forward.  Tillerson has been warned to stay silent or be murdered.

In the runup to the planned attack, two Russian planes were downed, one in Syria, one in Russia, part of of a plan to influence the Russian elections.  Trump has been told Russia won’t respond because of the upcoming election.

The plan is to take place in the next 36 hours, beginning with a massive missile attack on  Damascus and US and Israeli air strikes to decapitate Syria and kill President Assad.  The propaganda war against Syria, hyped to the max over the last few days, is the “set up.”


The targets, our sources confirm, begin in Damascus, the presidential palace, army headquarters, air defense headquarters, intelligence headquarters and Syrian Arab Army communications  centers.

This will risk nuclear war with Russia.  Russian’s are targeted also and  the US has agreed to use carrier based planes to attack Russia’s   air defense control centers and Russian military aircraft on the ground.

The US  has been ferrying planes into the region, into Israel  and Jordan in particular for the strike including secretly deploying at least one entire wing of F35s and over 70% of  the still operable F22 aircraft (around 150 are airworthy) in the entire US  inventory.

Russia’s hand full of advanced high performance fighters will be overwhelmed.

The plan came through meetings between Jared Kushner and Netanyahu with Secretary of Defense Mattis, who has become increasingly unstable of late, in attendance.  The motive is simple, this is a response to the Mueller investigation and the planned arrest of Trump’s sons and son in law to be followed by criminal charges against Trump himself.

Trump’s defense is nuclear blackmail using the American people as leverage. 



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