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Operation Gladio C Menaces and Terrifiesthe Lone Star State—Why?




UPDATE: Are we supposed to believe that it took them 3 weeks to find the Austin bomber? Is he really just another FBI-selected patsy killed to quickly make the case go away?




State of the Nation

 “These unending black ops in Texas are designed to intimidate the
Republican Governor and GOP-dominated legislature.  TPTB need
compliance from Austin real bad.  Without Texas playing the globalist
game there’s no way the NWO wins.  Can’t happen; won’t happen,
never happened.  Where California is the Left coast liberal paradise,
Texas is the Right’s last real bastion of courageous patriotism.”

— Intelligence Analyst & Former Military Officer 

Operation Gladio C (OGC)is in full swing through these not so United States of America.  Deep State has been regularly using OGC strategy and tactics to counter the “Patriot Movement” that elected Donald Trump.

This ongoing nationwide series of black operations is being conducted under the rubric of NATO’s Operation Gladio so the true perps can claim plausible deniability.

Not only has Florida been under unrelenting assault via false flag mass shootings and a recent engineered bridge collapse, the capital of Texas is now the target of a very purposeful bombing campaign.

Yes, this is war!  A war by way of government-sponsored terrorism being waged against the American people.

Operation Gladio

This orchestrated campaign of terror is quite similar to the Operation Gladio bombings that were carried out in Germany and Italy during the second half of the 20th century by the same World Shadow Government that wanted to terrorize all of Europe into a totalitarian superstate known as the European Union.

“The peak decision-making process is informed by the central planners within the US military and NATO leadership who have overseen the European franchise of  “Operation Gladio” since World War II.  “Operation Gladio” is still very much in play today as it was when the Red Brigades and Baader-Meinhof Gang (both left-wing terrorist groups) were terrorizing Europe in the 1970s and early 1980s.  The recent terrorist attacks on the European Continent are also a testament to this as are the Al Qaeda, ISIS and Daesh terror MCEs staged across the Middle East.”
(Source: OPERATION GLADIO C: Government-Sponsored Domestic Terrorism Targets American Public Schools)

Why Texas?

Because the power elite is determined to make an example of Texas, that’s why!  Should any other state in the union attempt to resist the dictates of Deep State, or the New World Order agenda being implemented by the globalists, they will be similarly terrorized.

KEY POINT: The following event occurred on Sunday: Austin Bombed 4th Time This March : Deep State Intensifies Operation Gladio C Psyops  This was quickly followed by the fifth explosion this month in Texas in Schertz, just northeast of San Antonio today.  Whenever there is a spate of mass shootings or terrorist bombings, they are always executed to create an atmosphere of random and unpredictable terror. BREAKING: Another bomb explodes at Texas, second explosive device also found by Fedex  Bombs and bullets have a way of accelerating the Hegelian Dialecticso that the “Problem~Reaction~Solution” phases can be effectuated swiftly, just the way TPTB like to do it…before anyone can think about it.

In point of fact, Texas is the single biggest impediment in the USA to the implementation of the sovereignty-smashing UN agendas—Agenda 21 and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

The two exposés that follow explain just how far the globalists have been willing to go where it concerns Texan independence and self-determination.  In both cases it was false flag terrorism via geoengineered superstorms that was brutally inflicted on the Lone Star State.  By targeting Austin and Houston — the 2 most liberal metro areas in Texas — the perps hoped to manufacture a sufficient level of consent that would compel the state government to acquiesce to the demands of the NWO cabal.  Unlike California, Texas doesn’t promote the current climate change narrative which has really angered the “global warmers via CO2” fanatics.

TEXAS DELUGE: Was it a geoengineered weather event to enforce compliance with Agenda 21?

Hurricane Harvey: A Geoengineered Superstorm Targets Texas—WHY?

Alex Jones &

Austin is also the home of Alex Jones and his website, a video and radio channel that is beamed right from heart of Texas Hill Country.  There is no other major Alt Media news platform that poses such a serious threat to the status quo.

INFOWARS has undoubtedly awakened a LOT of searching souls across the country over the years.  Many great patriots and staunch truth seekers go there to get their daily news.  They also visit the site to get the unfiltered back story to so many real conspiracies being run against We the People.

With this understanding, the unfolding Gladio bombing operation is quite likely a threat to the many hardcore Infowarriors in Austin who are determined to take down Deep State.  When a whole culture grows up around an enterprise like INFOWARS and the truth-speaking Alex Jones, the bad guys will do whatever it takes to frighten those patriots who can be scared away from defending the American Republic.

Mike Adams’ is another serious truth-telling platform that is located in the greater Austin area.  Natural News has specifically gone after the medical mafia in ways that truly threaten their massive century-long monopoly.  He has likewise inspired many other patriots to take back their power from the “System”, to stand in their own truth, and to speak that truth to power.  Now the reader knows why Austin, in particular, has been under a full-spectrum attack, and Texas has experienced full-scale weather invasions.

Special Note: Does the Shadow Government and/or Deep State really expect US to believe that they don’t have a firm grip on these terror bombings.  The CIA, NSA, FBI, DHS and DIA, as well as other intelligence agencies and secret services within the U.S. Intelligence Community, have created a massive National Security Statedefined by advanced surveillance technology and spying techniques and yet a bomber(s) can terrorize Austin at will.  Really, how stupid do these seditious perpetrators think we are?  As if they don’t know when and where the next bomb will go off.  Only G-men, particularly agents of Deep State, would try to maintain such a ridiculous ruse.


There’s no question that the Purple Revolution has come to Texas.  The real problem is that the vast majority of Texans don’t know they have been invaded by cells of clandestine purple revolutionaries. BEWARE: The Purple Revolution Comes To America

Ever since the beginning of Obama’s first term as POTUS, Texas has been under an unrelenting and withering assault.  However, the false flag terrorism has been so stealthy and camouflaged that only a very few really get it.

As independent as Governor Greg Abbott appears to be, he still needs to take drastic steps immediately to re-establish the sovereignty of Texas.  The U.S. Constitution guarantees a number of state’s rights, some of which supports various Texan initiatives to reclaim their sovereignty from the federal government.  In the absence of a well-publicized and coordinated effort to put the U.S Federal Government on notice, the globalists and geoengineers will continue to alternate one calamity after another.  One bombing or shooting after another.  One superstorm or mega-hurricane after another.

For example: first they will carry out a mass shooting like this: FALSE FLAG ATTACK: Texas Church Massacre Was Another Black Operation & Psyop.  Then they will conduct full-scale weather warfare such as this: HARVEYGEDDON: Who geoengineered it? And why now?  Before either of these false flags, the same perps were responsible for the Waco TX Biker Massacre: Classic False Flag Operation & Government-Run Inside Job.  The biker shootout was provoked by COINTELPRO agents who were running interference with the patriot bikers who were discussing ways to shut down the Mexican border to illegal aliens (and drug cartel hitmen, ISIS terrorists, MS-13 gangsters).

KEY POINT: If there’s one thing the globalists frown upon it’s closing down their ‘sacred’ open border operation.  This is how they intend to undermine American national sovereignty and territorial integrity so as to establish the North American Union modeled after the cataclysmic European Union.

Action Plan

The folks in Texas need to circulate this crucial information throughout the statehouse, especially on the Republican side of the aisle.  Governor Abbott et al. ought to be put in the loop post-haste before the next manmade catastrophe or ‘natural’ disaster strikes (on purpose).  The only way out of this perpetual cycle of directed violence via state-sponsored terrorism is to expose it at every turn.

State of the Nation
March 20, 2018

Editor’s Note

The following comment was sent to SOTN by S.R.  It’s quite obvious that law enforcement authorities have moved very slow on this case even though bombs are going off like it’s D-Day.  Now why would they take their old sweet time unless they’re all in on the psyop.

“Signature Science ( has the ability to trace any chemical used in any bombing within an hour.  Apparently, they train ALL the alphabet agencies in these forensic techniques… 17days later we’re still asking who why where…???   Smells like deep state to me…” 

Author’s Note

There’s much more to this rapidly developing story which will be added to this article.  So please stay tuned to this SOTN channel.

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