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The Rape of Ukraine – Phase Two Begins

Thursday, February 27th, 2014 l         

 by  F. William Engdahl,   


Meet a new Amerian ally


Corporate media has been in the bag all the way on this one, hiding all the relationships they don't want us to see, and then just putting out reams of Russia bashing propaganda to flea train us to respond accordingly.

It may be time for us to require all mass media to have to disclose on their main stories what major Intel agency has asked them to push a particular story line. Those who don't know the Mossad assets operating right out of their editorial offices, like in Canada, we will be happy to point a few out to them, like the big one in Toronto.

You will read below that this subversion of the Ukraine has been many years in the making, and with some very slimy people involved. And Obama has some explaining to do as to why he has taken over the Bush (43) NeoCon coup offensive foreign policy attacks on these countries. 

This is a campaign that the American people have been hoodwinked on. We find the same Congressional people involved who always rubber stamp AIPAC proposals, and we find pro-Israeli Jewish State Department people always showing up in the key positions creating mayhem which is always at the top of the Likud Parties 'to do' list.

And yes, AIPAC does moonlight to help cover expenses by running a 'Rent-a-Congressman' operation...the 'anything goes' kind. Check the itinerary of shills like Senator John McQaeda and you will have a good example to follow.

A career analysis of many of these top State Dept. people shows the typical deepinfiltration background grooming done during the Cold War, top schooling, Intel teams working on thesis work, mentoring, and ghost writing books for them, and rigged top scholarships 'awards'.

‘Marching for _______?”


All this ‘prep work’ sets them up for top government interning slots, and then out to some think tank resume polishing where media friends build up recognition for them as up and coming talent.

But it is all an Intel operation to move them into a key slot during an administration turnover.

Democrat or Republican makes no difference as there are separate bull pens for each. When one party is out of power these folks just retreat to their think tank safe havens to wait for the next turn over.

If you think our government belongs to you then you are sleep walking. It doesn’t, and everyone in Congress knows it.They are all play acting, but we don’t have to play along… Jim W. Dean ]



Russsians will no longer be reactive, but proactive


The events in Ukraine since November 2013 are so astonishing as almost to defy belief. An legitimately-elected (said by all international monitors) Ukrainian President, Viktor Yanukovich, has been driven from office, forced to flee as a war criminal after more than three months of violent protest and terrorist killings by so-called opposition.

His “crime” according to protest leaders was that he rejected an EU offer of a vaguely-defined associate EU membership that offered little to Ukraine in favor of a concrete deal with Russia that gave immediate €15 billion debt relief and a huge reduction in Russian gas import prices. Washington at that point went into high gear and the result today is catastrophe.

A secretive neo-nazi military organization reported linked to NATO played a decisive role in targeted sniper attacks and violence that led to the collapse of the elected government. But the West is not finished with destroying Ukraine. Now comes the IMF with severe conditionalities as prerequisite to any Western financial help.

After the famous leaked phone call of US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland with the US Ambassador in Kiev, where she discussed the details of who she wanted in a new coalition government in Kiev, and where she rejected the EU solutions with her “Fuck the EU” comment,i the EU went it alone.

Germany’s Foreign Minister, Frank-Walter Steinmeier proposed that he and his French counterpart, Laurent Fabius, fly to Kiev and try to reach a resolution of the violence before escalation. Polish Foreign Minister, Radoslaw Sikorski was asked to join. The talks in Kiev included the EU delegation, Yanukovich, the three opposition leaders and a Russian representative. The USA was not invited.ii

Once again we find the heavily infiltrated US State Dept having pro Israeli assets involved in regime change operations


The EU intervention without Washington was extraordinary and reveals the deeping division between the two in recent months. In effect it was the EU saying to the US State Department, “F*** the US,” we will end this ourselves.

After hard talks, all major parties including the majority of protesters, agreed to new presidential elections in December, return to the 2004 Constitution and release of Julia Tymoshenko from prison.

The compromise appeared to end the months long chaos and give a way out for all major players. The diplomatic compromise lasted less than twelve hours. Then all hell broke loose.

Snipers began shooting into the crowd on February 22 in Maidan or Independence Square. Panic ensued and riot police retreated in panic according to eyewitnesses. The opposition leader Vitali Klitschko withdrew from the deal, no reason given. Yanukovich fled Kiev.iii

The question unanswered until now is who deployed the snipers? According to veteran US intelligence sources, the snipers came from an ultra-right-wing military organization known as Ukrainian National Assembly – Ukrainian People’s Self-Defense (UNA-UNSO).


Strange Ukraine ‘Nationalists’


Andriy Shkil


The leader of UNA-UNSO, Andriy Shkil, ten years ago became an adviser to Julia Tymoshenko. UNA-UNSO, during the US-instigated 2003-4 “Orange Revolution,” backed pro-NATO candidate Viktor Yushchenko against his pro-Russian opponent, Yanukovich.

UNA-UNSO members provided security for the supporters of Yushchenko and Julia Tymoshenko on Independence Square in Kiev in 2003-4.iv

UNA-UNSO is also reported to have close ties to the German National Democratic Party (NDP). v

Ever since the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 the crack-para-military UNA-UNSO members have been behind every revolt against Russian influence. The one connecting thread in their violent campaigns is always anti-Russia. The organization, according to veteran US intelligence sources, is part of a secret NATO “Gladio” organization, and not a Ukraine nationalist group as portrayed in western media. vi

According to these sources, UNA-UNSO have been involved (confirmed officially) in the Lithuanian events in the Winter of 1991, the Soviet Coup d’etat in Summer 1991, the war for the Pridnister Republic 1992, the anti-Moscow Abkhazia War 1993, the Chechen War, the US-organized Kosovo Campaign Against the Serbs, and the August 8 2008 war in Georgia.

According to these reports, UNA-UNSO para-military have been involved in every NATO dirty war in the post-cold war period, always fighting on behalf of NATO. “These people are the dangerous mercenaries used all over the world to fight NATO’s dirty war, and to frame Russia because this group pretends to be Russian special forces. THESE ARE THE BAD GUYS, forget about the window dressing nationalists, these are the men behind the sniper rifles,” these sources insist. vii

US State Dept. and John McCain of course, recruiting Ukranian Nazis for new terror destabilization programs


If true that UNA-UNSO is not “Ukrainian” opposition, but rather a highly secret NATO force using Ukraine as base, it would suggest that the EU peace compromise with the moderates was likely sabotaged by the one major player excluded from the Kiev 21 February diplomatic talks—Victoria Nuland’s State Department.viii

Both Nuland and right-wing Republican US Senator John McCain have had contact with the leader of the Ukrainian opposition Svoboda Party, whose leader is openly anti-semitic and defends the deeds of a World War II Ukrainian SS-Galicia Division head.ix

The party was registered in 1995, initially calling itself the “Social National Party of Ukraine” and using a swastika style logo. Svoboda is the electoral front for neo-nazi organizations in Ukraine such as UNA-UNSO.x

One further indication that Nuland’s hand is shaping latest Ukraine events is the fact that the new Ukrainian Parliament is expected to nominate Nuland’s choice, Arseny Yatsenyuk, from Tymoshenko’s party, to be interim head of the new Cabinet.

Whatever the final truth, clear is that Washington has prepared a new economic rape of Ukraine using its control over the International Monetary Fund (IMF).


IMF plunder of Ukraine Crown Jewels


America’s new Allies – the new Ukranian SS


Now that the “opposition” has driven a duly-elected president into exile somewhere unknown, and dissolved the national riot police, Berkut, Washington has demanded that Ukraine submit to onerous IMF conditionalities.

In negotiations last October, the IMF demanded that Ukraine double prices for gas and electricity to industry and homes, that they lift a ban on private sale of Ukraine’s rich agriculture lands, make a major overhaul of their economic holdings, devalue the currency, slash state funds for school children and the elderly to “balance the budget.” In return Ukraine would get a paltry $4 billion.

Before the ouster of the Moscow-leaning Yanukovich government last week, Moscow was prepared to buy some $15 billion of Ukraine debt and to slash its gas prices by fully one-third. Now, understandably, Russia is unlikely to give that support.

The economic cooperation between Ukraine and Moscow was something Washington was determined to sabotage at all costs. This drama is far from over. The stakes involve the very future of Russia, the EU-Russian relations, and the global power of Washington, or at least that faction in Washington that sees further wars as the prime instrument of policy.

Editing:  Jim W. Dean



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