Krassimir Ivandjiiski
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The World in Chaos

Krassimir Ivandjiiski


We will remember 1-18 March 2018. The world has never seen such military escalation for the past 100 years. Even in 1939.

On March 1, Putin delivered his address to the Federal Assembly on the new internal policy and the new weapon systems.

On March 18, Putin was re-elected.

Between these dates, the tension in the world escalated to unprecedented heights. Once again the western nations- USA, England, France and Israel, pushed London on the forefront, which played its old role of British Borgias poisoners, and hastily poisoned the ex-double Russian spy Skripal.And, as usual, blamed Russia and Putin.

The name of some new agent “Novichok” appeared thus adding another name to the list of political assassinations on British territory.


The English are experts in this field – starting from Russian Emperors Pavel the First, Alexander II and Third, Gregory Rasputin, Nikolay Przjevalski, the attempted killings of Lenin and Stalin, and going to Georgi Markov, Alexander Litvinenko, Yuri Golubev, Boris Berezovsky, Badri Patarkatsishvili, Alexander Perepilichnyy.

Now it came to Skripal and his daughter against the background of the century-old geopolitical battle between the UK and Russia. Russophobia and the complex of geopolitical inferiority and deficiency have always been an important starting- or ending, part of the war of the Anglo-Saxon- Zionist supranational class of bankers, money and power against Russia, which today is the only hindrance against globalization by the atlanticism and liberal capitalism.

Since Putin entered Kremlin and declared that Russia would never agree with the imposed system of the West, the current attack on Russia stuck- in, stopped and set off against its initiators.

Now, at the tip of the spear, they set up London again. These are the forces that sank the ships of the Spanish Empire, waged the opium wars against China, stole the gold and diamonds of South Africa, pushed Russia and Germany into the First, and the USSR and Third Reich - World War II, sparked the Chechen war, the Arab Spring, the civil wars in Ukraine and Syria etc.

Again London is the key player behind the war against Russia – a war in which means have never mattered. It is not important who in the historical moment raises the issue - whether the heir of the grocer Margaret Thatcher, the daughter of the priest Teresa May, Eaton's graduate David Cameron or the zionist Boris Johnson (not to go back to Churchill). They always express the hatred and fear of the masters of the western world and the transnational capital towards Russia.

However, the US is in a system crisis.

The same applies to the UK. Diana's murder threw the monarchy into panic. England has failed to overcome Germany in the EU, on the contrary - left the EU to save itself.And in this weak condition that London wants to emerge again on imperial positions. They poisoned another marginal Russian “perebezhchik” with some "Novichok” although the substance can produce anyone not lazy enough to read few pages on the Internet.

The English chemical lab in Porton Dawn is just around the corner from the place where Skripal and his daughter were poisoned.

They think us to be total dumbs. But their scriptwriters are  choked and drained and make the same mistakes. Or they do it on purpose?

In this new anti-Russian nonsense, there is a new known - that Israel is behind the push to a mutual suicide between the United States and Russia, given the defeat of the Islamic state in Iraq and Syria, the Kurds in Afrin, and Erdogan's call to unite 57 Muslim states against Tel Aviv. 

The Third World War has begun with psychological warfare. Normally, the psycho-war always begins before the real war and continues after it.

To make such a desperate operation, things in London must be really bad. They have no other way out. And panic is a bad advisor.

London is trying to get into his old role of a Western European coalition supervisor and to lower new "iron curtain" this time from the Baltic, through Poland and Ukraine, to the Black Sea. They think this is a comfortable platform with a panoramic view towards the war with Russia planned for 2020.

In the UK or the US, they will poison or strangle some other Russian double agent or an oligarch, introduce new sanctions against "foreign spies," will strengthen the fight against "money laundering," even though the main launderer is the London City. Of course, Russia will respond.

The war will be chaotic, cruel and terrible. The Washington Center for Strategic and International Studies has already published its map with the main battles being on the territory of Eastern Europe and Ukraine.

The drums of war are booming loudly.

But London did not foresee that Moscow would no longer relinquish, that its past retreat tactic was counterproductive and gave the impression of weakness.

This means a continuing escalation of tension and a next stage of the war in Syria, Ukraine, DPRK, Taiwan, and Hong Kong.

The world is in chaos and is on the verge of the Great War.

Is this the end of the beginning or the beginning of the end? I do not know.

I can only tell that things are bad and will get worse.


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