Krassimir Ivandjiiski
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"Donald, jump on the plane and fly to Moscow to sign capitulation .."

Remember March 2018






Krassimir Ivandjiiski


Because history is written with dates, remember March 2018. What happened? A lot of things at the same time.

During March 1-18, 2018, Russia declared it had restored its strategic nuclear parity with the US, i.e. the bilateral threat of mutual destruction by introducing of the Russian new hypersonic strategic and tactical nuclear weapons.

Even more. Russia now has a superiority over the United States, which directly voids the military dominance of the entire West, restores the planet's polar model to a new East-West ratio.

Russia halted the hot start of the World War III, failed the Anglo-Saxon-Zionist scenario for New Khazaria in Ukraine, and Great Israel - in the Middle East, and put an end to Pax Americana.

This is russian victory in the race started by the USA against USSR 80 years ago.


The period March 1 – 18 become a turning point in combination with Putin reelected for a new presidential mandate, who announced that Russia returned as a super power on the world arena.

However, within the framework of the new global structure, Russia does not want to be one of the two superpowers. Quite the contrary –Russians want a new world based on multilateral balance.

The global regime is being replaced. There comes a new world that combines the interests of independent states with own subjectivity and sovereignty.

The status of superpowers after World War II was based on the nuclear strategic weapons and the mutual threat of mutual destruction in a possible nuclear war.

The basis was the Anti-ballistic missile treaty between the USSR and the USA from 1972, which at that time was signed at the request of Washington, since the USSR was ahead in this area. But Moscow showed poor judgment and signed the treaty.

If it was not for the dumb George Bush Jr., who withdrew from the Anti-missile treaty in 2001, as he considered that got a victory over Russia forever, situation could have been much different and Russia would hardly climbed out of the abyss Gorbachev and Yeltsin pushed it into. However, Russia was forced to regain the nuclear parity on a new level- hyper-sonic nuclear missiles , where it now has absolute superiority.

Under the new conditions, the old anti-ballistic missile treaty no longer makes any sense to Russia, as strategic stability has new nuclear parameters.

After 2001, the US has developed a new strategy - Russia had to receive the final death blow; 1/ using information, i.e. by reformatting the Cold War anti-sovietism into a russophobia of the hybrid war, and; 2/ physically - through preemptive nuclear strike with cruise missiles meant to destroy Russia's nuclear potential, while the US anti-missile defense had to destroy Russian missiles that survived the blow and had been launched in retaliation.

The United States was building up anti-missile system in Europe, South Korea, Alaska, and the Mediterranean.

Russia's hypersonic weapon turned the United States ABM defense network into a dangerous illusion.

In unbelievably short time and with enormous efforts, Russia managed to get out of the marsh, created a powerful industrial-and-defense complex that outrun American and Western analogs for decades.

The strategic balance was restored to a much higher hypersonic level with a huge advantage for Russia.

Thus, despite its problems, Russia became a benchmark of stability and reliability.

This is also an answer to the question whether Putin has started a new arms race. Not at all. The arms race with the US ended in March 2018. In the future, we will have a different race with a different history.


Perhaps I am one of the last analysts in Europe who have a continuity, i.e. I know from the 70s what the strategic stability in the world was built on and what had to happen to be restored. I say this not to erect self-monuments, but because elementary logic still has a place in today's insane world.

The restoration of nuclear parity to a new level is accompanied by tectonic changes in the ideological, geopolitical, economic and other areas.




In the ideological field, Putin announced that all arrangements and restrictions with the United States from Gorbachev and Yeltsin period, which gave "rights" to the West to dictate to Russia what it could do and respectively to punish it were no longer in force.

In March 2018, Putin replied, "Either we play by the same rules on some subject or other, or what is allowed to one, for example the US, is allowed to others, for example, to us- there is no other way."

End of story. If the United States does not like what Russia is going to do in the future, that's their problem.

The economic issues, i.e. USA sanctions, in fact, it turned to be good that Trump introduced them to force Russia to turn to its internal potential. Things went not bad. Apparently, there was no one to explain to Trump that US trade with Russia is minimal and that Russia's real economy is bigger than the US's "balloon" economy.

Russia and China are also advancing with their exit out of the dollar . Finally, Moscow and Beijing realized that without their own currency they had no chance and would continue to be colonies of the West. The economic war has started.


In geopolitics, things are also historical - Russia defeated the Anglo-Saxon-Zionist attack. Since March 2018, the world has entered into a new geopolitical configuration.

Eurasia opposed the Global Corporation USA and Globo-Zionist-Britain.

Russia's North Sea route and China's Silk Road offer new geopolitical major routes. Geopolitics based on the Anglo-Saxon interpretation remain in the past.

The old world order has collapsed but the new one is yet missing. In the next 10 years, Russia and China intend to create it. Simple arithmetic shows that they can win. The population of the countries supporting Russia and China is minimum 3.5 billion, and those supporting West - about 700 million.

This means that the embargo against Russia is actually a US auto-embargo, and sanctions against Russia are US auto- sanctions. It is the West under the embargo and under quarantine.

 What I would advise Trump: "Donald, as we are no longer the age to do stupid things, jump on the plane and fly to Moscow to sign capitulation while they still offer favorable conditions. On the way, pick up Theresa May, it will be cheaper".

But since I know you will not listen to me, I will end with a less optimistic conclusion - do not believe that the United States and the West will reckon with the new realities.

Against this background, the hot phase of the Third world war seems inevitable. No chess is played on the chessboard lately, instead shootings are to all directions.

But as people say, "nothing is lost until everything is lost".





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