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Donald Trump is a Hoax- a Bit Gay and Jewish as Well

Donald Trump is a Hoax, Only a Bit Gay and Jewish as Well

Playboy Billionaire? That makes me laugh.


Gordon Duff, Senior Editor, Veterans Today-

April 28, 2018




…by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

The real “ring of truth.” Let’s say you are a testosterone-charged “man’s man,” visiting Moscow with two of the best of the best of Russia’s call girl community in your hotel room. Every drug imaginable is available and your history is exactly that, or is claimed to be, drug and sex orgies with supermodels, prostitutes, porn queens and even “not so willing” hotel maids.

Instead, you pay them to urinate on a bed. Some might call it a waste. Others might call it something else, a minor “in the closet” secret for some, but a “huuge” secret for the former “Queen” of New York’s underground club scene of the 70’s and 80’s.

Christopher Steele’s “dossier” is, in fact, the only real information we have on Donald Trump’s sexual proclivities that can be verified and sourced as fact. There is nothing else that isn’t paid for with cash or threats.

This is all we know about the guy other than his history in New York in the 70s and 80s, the “party years,” a history that places “Donald” in the midst of Jewish New York, but also “Gay Jewish New York.”

Trump’s companion, Roy Cohn, one of the most frightening characters out of American history, mob boss, phony commie hunter and someone who described himself as “straight” but who loved having sex with attractive young men.

Was Donald an attractive young man during the 70’s and 80’s or, as some say, one of the most personally unpleasant and insulting people on earth. We start with April 2018. It is Trump’s America, and he has done a complete reversal, filling his cabinet with swamp dwellers, con men and the leftovers of Bush 43’s “gay mafia” of Neocon war mongers.

The “gay mafia” thing isn’t a guess. VT had people in the White House and Pentagon. The entire Jewish lobby is gay, AIPAC, the ADL/JDL, all of it. When the FBI took a look at them circa 2004-7, all they picked up on their wiretaps was bragging about bathroom trysts and “glory holes.”

The agents investigating theft of nuclear secrets from the Department of Energy, thefts that traced directly to not just the Israeli Embassy in Washington and AIPAC, but to the “highest of the highest” himself in Israel, found themselves sickened.

When their investigation reached into the White House itself, cabinet members, presidential advisors, even a counter-terrorism czar, the whole thing was shut down and the Houston based grand jury issued gag orders that expire next month. Book deals are being shopped as we speak and the secrets that can now be told await book deals, silencing payoffs or mysterious “Boston Brakes” car accidents. Then the Macron visit, the hand holding, how sickening.

The French president loves Trump yet both Koreas are willing to reunite in order to get 30,000 Americans and a few dozen missiles “gone” and forgotten. Trump may end up uniting the planet in one cause, “hating Trump” and despising the United States.

Trump, who spent his life in New York, son of a notorious slumlord, a life of utter self-indulgence, unpaid bills, cheated partners, mob enforcers running interference for him every step of the way, is now in the only place worse than New York.

He is now in Washington, at least occasionally, poor Melania in tow having left her mobster roost now protected by Secret Service as well, playing “the Great Dictator” among his admitted lesser’s, the thieves, liars and lunkheads of America’s phony capital.




Here are the two questions:

  1. Is Trump gay?
  2. Is Trump Jewish?

Analysis of press coverage and the wall built around Trump brings his sexuality into question. This is a man totally immune to accusations of sex crimes against women, even those under 13. He brags about them. In fact, controlled press assets we know to be working for Trump lead the attacks against him, painting him as a sexual predator.

As for the “Jewish” charge, we are told that Trump converted to Judaism decades ago. It is one thing being a convert, another in keeping it secret. Now we are faced with a man who outwardly brags of a life of rape and debauchery who hauls a bible around under his arm but lives a Talmudic existence.

The real issue, however, isn’t the “hidden Jew,” but rather the “closet gay neocon.” Jews make great food, good films and can even be fun. Neocons kill people.

Analysis by experts in counter-intelligence and “cover and deception” methodologies say there can be only one answer, Trump hides behind his “man’s man” front, hiding a highly insecure gay “fatboy” with impulse control issues. This is where Jimmie and I spent the late 1960s:

Captain Jim Hanke, USA SF, South Vietnam 1967Lance Corporal Gordon Duff, A Company, 2nd Platoon, BLT 1/26 Marines, Vietnam 1969 at LZ Rockcrusher

30 million Americans have served in the armed forces, 2.9 million of them in Vietnam though only 250,000 of those survive into their mid 60’s and beyond. +

This is not intended to disparage gays in the military. Those who have served in combat are more than aware not everyone around them seeks the same interests during “off time.”

The issue here is not gays or if Bush43, where evidence is preponderate, and Trump where clarification has taken a long and bumpy, careful as well, road. This might well account for a life spent ducking shirtless basketball games, military service and a visible athletic personal life.

Obama actually has a bathing suit and wears it. He also is seen shooting hoops without a shirt. He ain’t Putin but he sure ain’t Trump neither…

From there, assuming both are true, we then ask; “Why should anyone care?” Was the relationship between Trump and Cohn “more than friends” and did Trump convert to Judaism, as we are now starting to learn from source after source.

Beyond this, is the Trump smokescreen as a serial philanderer and whoremonger, as the Israeli controlled and totally Trump loving press is pushing a rerun of the Larry Flynt attack on Bush 43. For those who don’t remember, Flynt accused Bush of getting 5 women pregnant and forcing them to have abortions.

Flynt got suckered on that one, bought it all, hook line and sinker just like those who think “pissboy” is going to “go down for the count” for his “womanizing.” In the intelligence world, this is called “creating a legend” or false persona.

Additional context comes into focus every day as Trump, a reality TV star with a “massive fortune” nobody has ever seen, cloaked in bankruptcies and invisible backers, recreates the Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Bolton disaster, replacing the obviously gay and moronic Bush with the ramblings of a psychopathic narcissist.

Both appear to be puppets, with Bush 43 playing on his father’s standing as a heavy-hitter while Trump, well we know nothing of Trump, not really. Endless hours on Howard Stern, bragging about having sex with supermodels while in gay nightclubs; none of it adds up to those who really know New York of the 1980s, the real players.

Ugly and deformed as he is, Trump as we see him is most probably a “Dorian Gray” figure, a toupee, photoshopping on a massive scale across the internet and continual lipo.

Our sources tell us that Bush 43 and White House correspondent Jeff Gannon were a “couple” for some time and that those surrounding Bush, and this is from sources in the FBI and National Security Council, were “gay mafia.”

With Clinton it was Monica and her “knee pads;” with Bush it was rooms in the White House for “quickies” or “nooners” with male interns and evening parties with gay escorts delivered by Secret Service. But how does this impact policy and national security? So what if Trump is gay, protected by the Mossad and given a “beard” by Israeli-controlled press?

The answer to that is what is frightening, the story of two young men who entered the White House is elections rigged by Israeli intelligence, in 2000 and 2016, both protégées of Roy Cohn, de facto head of America’s real Mafia, the man who controlled J. Edgar Hoover’s blackmail empire and the real impetus behind the cult of “neo-conservatism.”

The doctor who said Trump weighs 200 pounds wants to run the VA?

In fact, according to our sources in the White House and later the Pentagon at the time, including Africa bureau chief Alex Powers, a longtime Bush insider, the entire Neocon gang is not only gay, but predators with a proclivity for young, sometimes very very young males.

Thus, when Trump began filling the White House with Bush 43 gay protégées, and the list is growing each day, all arch-Zionists, all war mongers, all with ties to the Kosher Nostra, the debacle of 9/11 and the wars that the Bush “swamp” drowned the world in have become more than a reality.

Cohn, former “Red-Baiter” for “Tail Gunner Joe” McCarthy and the witch-hunt of the 50s, Cohn ruled the New York bathhouse world and inherited the mantle of Meyer Lansky’s “Murder Incorporated,” the enforcement arm of the Jewish mob and its Italian underlings.

Cohn took both Trump and Bush 43 under his “wing,” introducing them into the circles of the old Jewish mob that founded and ran Las Vegas under Bugsy Siegel.

Lansky’s relationships reached into the Bush family and its drug relationships in South Florida. From Webster Tarpley’s “BushBook,” Chapter XX. First I might add this from the Washington Post. Tarpley had plenty of sources on Cohn, Bush and Trump and had to be silenced:

“First lady Melania Trump settled her defamation lawsuit against a Maryland blogger, who agreed to apologize to the Trump family and pay her a “substantial sum,” her attorneys said Tuesday.

“I posted an article on August 2, 2016 about Melania Trump that was replete with false and defamatory statements about her,” the blogger, Webster Tarpley, said in the statement provided by Trump’s attorneys.

Tarpley, 71, could not be reached for comment by phone or email. His attorneys, Danielle Giroux and John Owen, confirmed that a settlement had been reached.

The blogger’s article in August reported about unfounded rumors that Melania Trump once worked as a high-end escort and stated that Trump may have suffered a nervous breakdown after her speech at the Republican National Convention.”

The real assertion, we believe, is that Melania was bought into the US as a “beard” for gay Trump. This is why Tarpley had to be silenced. Those who don’t think erasing Melania’s life history in Slovenia, a job reputedly done by Israeli intelligence, didn’t involve killing dozens, isn’t paying attention.

Back to Tarpley:

“The drug plague is an area in which the national interest requires results. Illegal narcotics are one of the most important causes of the dissolution of American society at the present time. To interdict the drug flows and to prosecute the drug money launderers at the top of the banking community would have represented a real public service. But Bush had no intention of seriously pursuing such goals.

For him, the war on drugs was a cruel hoax, a cynical exercise in demagogic self-promotion, designed in large part to camouflage activities by himself and his networks that promoted drug trafficking. A further shocking episode that has come to light in this regard involves Bush’s 14-year friendship with a member of Meyer Lansky’s Miami circles who sold Bush his prized trophy, the Cigarette boat Fidelity…

Documents found by Burdick in the Dade County land records office show that USA Racing, the company operated by Aronow which built the Blue Thunder catamarans for the Customs service was not owned by Aronow, but rather by a one Jack J. Kramer in his capacity of president of Super Chief South Corporation. Jack Kramer had married a niece of Meyer Lansky. Jack Kramer’s son Ben Kramer was thus the great nephew and one of the putative heirs of the top boss of the US crime syndicate, Meyer Lansky.

Ben Kramer was also a notorious organized crime figure in his own right. On March 28, 1990 Jack Kramer and Ben Kramer were both found guilty of 23 and 28 counts (respectively) of federal money laundering charges. In the previous year, Ben Kramer had also been sentenced to life imprisonment without parole for having imported half a million pounds of marijuana. Bush had thus given a prime contract in waging the war on drugs to one of the leading drug-smuggling and money-laundering crime families in the US.”

Tarpley connected the Bush family, known for their ties dating to 1927 to the Rothschilds’ banking empire (Brown Brothers/Harriman) along with endless rumors, ties to the Kennedys’ murders, the Colombian cartels, more than rumors, so much more than rumors.

We all know by now that Trump is no genius, certainly not an adult and without a doubt, a sociopath. There is no controversy in any of this.

This is another “mystery man,” a great leader, great athlete, a human “sex-machine” who hides behind the most comprehensive press management empire imaginable, one traced entirely to the Israel lobby and one that uses “muscle,” not just from crackpot lawyers but mobsters who all are known Israeli intelligence assets.

They exist around Trump because he is a brand, a pure facade, and absolutely everything about him is not only false, but intended to be false from the beginning.

Trump’s wasn’t born, he was “scripted.”

It has been long enough that it has to be clear now, Trump simply isn’t who he says he is. This is a man, and I am using the term most carelessly, “man,” that lives inside a lifelong bubble of managed press and false persona.

The results are in. Some will be surprised, others, not so much. Data is private sources, including a careful analysis of Christopher Steele’s “pee tape” and an extensive study on how Israeli assets have managed the press around Trump.

At times it seems CNN entirely exists, as does Saturday Night Live, to keep focus on “Trump the Clown.” As long as those who remain standing are mollified by petty mudslinging at a modern day T-Rex who, from his Palm Beach County brothel, oversees half a dozen wars and ethnic cleansings….

Then again, time to hit publish on this and hope nobody reads it.


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