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Rouhani says Iran ready, warns US of 'historic remorse'

Sun May 6, 2018  



Iran's President Hassan Rouhani speaks in the northeastern city of Sabzevar on May 6, 2018. (Photo by 


President Hassan Rouhani says the US will regret a possible withdrawal from the 2015 nuclear deal, assuring that Iran has plans in place to counter any fallout from the decision. 

"If the United States opts to pull out of the JCPOA, you will soon see the historic remorse which the move will bring about for" Washington, Rouhani told a crowd in Sabzevar in northeast Iran on Sunday. 

The president said he had directed related bodies months before to devise necessary measures in response to US President Donald Trump's threat to abandon the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). 

"Orders have been issued to the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran and a few days ago, I spoke with senior officials of the organization about the programs ahead," he said without elaboration. 

"Our path is quite clear. The economic sector has also received the necessary orders," Rouhani said. 

President Rouhani attends inauguration of a new steel mill in Sabzevar in northeast Iran on May 6, 2018. (Photo by IRNA)

The president hit out at the “American and Zionist propaganda against the great and brave nation of Iran which has resisted all along during big and decisive moments," dismissing it all absurd and false.

“This nation is neither afraid nor has any fear from you. This great nation will continue with its progress and development on the side of its officials and the Leadership,” he said, addressing US leaders.

Trump has called the JCPOA, which was negotiated under his predecessor Barack Obama, the “worst deal ever” and even threatened to tear it up.

He has given the European signatories until May 12 to fix what he has claimed “flaws” in the agreement or he would refuse to waive anti-Iran sanctions, which were lifted under the accord.

Iran insists there is no way it will renegotiate the multilateral nuclear pact, which was endorsed by UN Security Council Resolution 2231 in 2015.

Rouhani said, "We must know that nothing will change in our lives next week."

"Every decision that Trump takes, we have a plan and program to counter him and resist. Our nation is a free, brave, and persistent nation, and our enemies, God willing, will be brought to shame with their plots."

President Rouhani addresses crowds of people in Sabzevar, northeast Iran, May 6, 2018. (Photo by IRNA)

Trump says the agreement does not address Iran's missile capabilities as well as the country's role in the Middle East, which the US and Israel view to their detriment. The Europeans say they have offered to include those issues in a supplementary package in order to keep the JCPOA intact. 

Rouhani addressed the US and Europeans, saying Iran "is loyal to its promises but it is explicitly telling the whole world, Europe, America, the West and the East that we will not talk about our country's weapons and defense with anyone."  

"We will build and store any amount of weapons and missiles needed by the country. It is none of anybody's business what decision the Iranian people have made for their defense. We will not talk about the precision [of missiles] and defensive power with anyone," he said.

As regards Iran's role in the region, Rouhani said, Iran wants to talk to the rest of the world about restoring security to the Middle East. 

"We are negotiating with Turkey and Russia about Syria. We are negotiating with different countries about Yemen, but we must tell the world that we will fight terrorism in every part of the  region," he said.

"We will not allow you to create a Daesh in this area every day and clash with the regional nations," Rouhani said, addressing the US and its allies.  

"We want peace and stability for the region. We tell the world we do not favor wars and tensions, but we are determined in defending our interests and we will stand against any conspiracy," he added.


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