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Battlefield ready for the big war



Krassimir Ivandjiiski

May 25, 2018


„The great warrior is not the one that wins every battle. The great warrior is the one that wins without a fight”. Sun Tzu’s “The art of war” 600 B.C.

So says the classic. However, is it still adequate today, especially in the Middle East, where the big war has never been so close before as in April, May and June.

I will flash back on the main events.

- Iran accelerated its exit from the dollar zone and the shift towards the euro.

- Israel launched some extremely dangerous attacks on Syria, including with nukes, under the pretext of attacking Iranian military forces or volunteers in Syria.

- The Pentagon and the CIA occupied territories in northern and southern Syria. In the north - in the Kurdish areas, and in the southern - up to the Syrian Golan heights occupied by Israel in 1967.

- The United States launched several missile attacks on Syria, defeated by Syrian and Russian air defense systems. - Israeli's Prime Minister Netanyahu has shown several drawings to convince the world that Iran had a secret nuclear program.

- Prior to that, there was a “chemical attack” in Ghouta, made up by the Western coalition, as a pretext to their aggression against the Syrian government. After liberation of Ghouta, it turned out that no attack ever existed.

- The “chemical attack” on Ghouta followed the alleged “poisoning” of Skripal in England.

- Zionists John Bolton, Mike Pompeo, Gina Haspel and Nicki Hailey took key positions in the Trump administration.

- On April 28, the foreign ministers of Russia, Turkey and Iran met in Moscow to express their disapproval of the standpoint of the special UN ambassador Steffan de Mistura that the Astana process has run out of efficiency.

- On April 30, Israel launched missile strikes on Syrian and Iranian military targets in the province of Hamas and Aleppo, including the T-4 base, under the pretext that Iran and Hezbollah are building springboard in Syria for war against Israel.

The operation took place during the visit of the new Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo to Jerusalem, and only a few days after Russia announced that it could deliver C-300 SAM defense systems (after 10 May, however, Russia said that there would be no delivery). Putin in a telephone conversation warned Netanyahu not to "force him to take dramatic decisions."

I will remind what Netanyahu did in the nearest past with regard to the Iranian “nuclear program”.

- 1992 г. – Iran is 3-5 years close to nuclear weapon.

- 1995 г.– 3-5 years

- 1995 г. – Iran is a threat to all humanity.

- 2002 г. – Iran is undoubtedly on its way towards a nuclear bomb.

- 2009 г. – Iran is 3-5 years close to the bomb.

- 2009 г. – Iran can produce the bomb

- 2012 г. – Iran is just months away from the bomb.

Let us pay more attention on the last date – October 2012, when Netanyahu talked nuclear nonsense before the UN session in New York, trying to “prove” the Iranian nuclear program. He referred to it again in May 2018.

What was happening then?

Netanyahu poured a 40-minute propaganda from the UN tribune, about the “privileges of Israel” in the gigantic battle between the modern times and the Middle Ages. However, the real shock came when Netanyahu tried to make an artist of himself and demonstrated a sketch of an atomic bomb.

He has drawn some red line saying, “up to 90 percent," as a pictogram explanation that Iran will at any moment acquire a nuclear bomb, and that the above-mentioned "modern world" must not allow it, and Israel must strike at Iran, best along with the United States in coalition. Netanyahu had painted some shack, on which he had drawn a red line that had to prove Iran already has everything it takes to create a nuclear bomb.

That was in the autumn of 2012.

But the foolish story of Netanyahu had nothing to do with a construction of an atomic bomb and could only attract imbeciles from some school for children with mental deficiency, which were supposed to believe him and agree Israel to strike Iran and to wage World War III.

What he has shown had nothing in common neither with the subject, nor with its content.

I shall explain it in a so-called scientific manner. The nuclear charge, if we do not pay attention to thousand details each of which is a complete sector of high technologies, is in fact a decaying Uranium-235 or Plutonium-239 plus a neutron detonator (ignitor, initiator). Both components are of critical importance and the absence of any of them eliminates the question of the existence of the nuclear charge at all.

Speaking about the plutonium charge, there is also the problem of the immense heat that the plutonium releases, and in closed spaces, it quickly turns it into a safe modification. Well, this is fiddle-faddle.

The white paper that Netanyahu waved had to tell when and in what quantities Iran would start producing the above-mentioned components on a conveyer. We can do the same without the help of this ignorant.

For now, Iran has hardly any technology to produce enriched military uranium.

Second, Iran hardly produces plutonium.

But uranium and plutonium are just nuclear materials without a detonator. You need a nuclear initiator to detonate the nuclear charge, that is, a device that can by a command, within a strictly specified period up to microseconds, to release a powerful neutron beam and initiate the process.

There are two industrially developed detonator schemes. One of them is by use of the out of date polonium-210. Polonium-210 half-life is half a year and in order to keep it in combat readiness, every country needs to have a polonium-based conveyor production, as every detonator requires 50-70 milligrams. During the blast, the detonator shrinks together with the charge, and the polonium bombs with alpha particles the beryllium, which is part of the detonator circuit and the beryllium releases a neutron flood. The second way to initiate the blast is the deuterium-tritium electronic lamp. When energized, the ionized atoms of deuterium bombard the zirconium hybrid plate, where hydrogen is replaced with tritium, and a neutron flood appears. Production of tritium exists only in several countries.

Creating the technology for its production is half of the overall nuclear program. It is impossible to buy it. There are no reports of any work on tritium production in Iran. At least until now.

The truth, however, is that Zionist Israel is the only country in the area which has nuclear weapons. It is also true that Rupert Murdoch, Dick Cheney and Jacob Rothschild are major shareholders of Genie Energy, which has exclusive rights for illegal drill works of the large oil and gas reserves of Syrian Golan-occupied by Israel, and to the contested waters in the Eastern Mediterranean.

So, let us continue with current events…

- On May 7, Putin entered his new presidential term.

- On May 8, Trump left the 5+1 “nuclear deal” on Iran

- On May 9, Netanyahu arrived in Moscow for the Parade of Victory.

The Kremlin's excuse was that during his conversation with Putin on April 30, Netanyahu wangled an invitation out of the Russian President. At the parade, Putin and his guards were doing everything to keep Netanyahu as far as possible , but the Israeli was treading on Putin's heels just to show some intimacy and conversation.

- On the night of May 10, on the way back from Moscow, Netanyahu ordered another attack on Syria.

Israel's strike was the most massive one since the signing of the Agreement on Disengagement in 1974. In fact, Syria and Israel have been in a state of war since 1967 when Israel illegally occupied Syria's Golan. There is no change today.

- May 9, Putin called the National Security Council. He had obviously understood what Netanyahu prepared for. The bets went high; the decisions could lead to the beginning of the Third World War.

But despite previous warnings, Putin did not respond to Israel's new attacks on Syria. The assumption is that he is waiting for the World football Championship in Russia in June-July. At the same time, however, Poroshenko began to lay down fire on Donbass again.

- Iran responded to Israel that they could strike a devastating blow to Tel Aviv and Haifa and that they would not withdraw from Syria. This statement came after Bashar Assad's visit to Sochi and his meeting with Putin, in which they agreed to the need for a political solution of the conflict in Syria, withdrawal of all foreign forces and negotiations in Geneva.

- Trump's leave from the nuclear deal on Iran has prompted France, Germany, Italy and the EU to resist. Pompeo said the US is preparing rigorous sanctions against Iran.

However, the hopes of "regime change" and the collapse of Iran's economy are an illusion. Iran has a strong and independent economy and its army has strengthened.

Iran is not a country that can easily be frightened, moreover against Israel and the United States.

Tehran clearly realizes that Netanyahu is trying to create the impression that there is Putin's approval of the strikes on Iranian and Syrian sites. Of course, there is no such thing. Tehran is waiting to see Moscow's attempts for a diplomatic settlement of the conflict. What are the options for Iran after the US left the Iranian deal?

- First, Iran can renounce the deal, repudiate its obligations and resume uranium enrichment;

- Second, Iran can use the settlement mechanism and refer its complaint to the Joint Commission, a body created under the JCPOA and headed by EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini;

- The third option is the most radical. The country may decide to withdraw from the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, especially since Israel, which owns nuclear weapons, pretends they are not aware of the treaty. In fact, the US has not made anything about the nuclear deal. There is no difference if the US gets out of it.

The US has limited options:

1) More US sanctions. However, Iran has been living under American sanctions for 40 years that helped them strengthen Iranian economy and exit the dollar zone.

2) War. It will be a suicide. Iran has a strong army and weapons. They managed to position themselves quite well in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. Meanwhile, Shia won the Iraqi elections and in Lebanon won Hezbollah - Israel's nightmare. Moreover, China will never dance to the tunes of Trump on the Iranian issue.

Trump, however, continued the provocation, and on May 14, the United States moved its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Another madness - a war against the entire Muslim world, despite all UN decisions and resolutions. Turkey immediately expelled the Israeli ambassador and urged all Arabs to unite against Israel. Palestine recalled its ambassador from the United States. The US role as a mediator in the Middle East went bankrupt.

Belgium has recalled its ambassador from Israel and has requested an international investigation on the mass murders of Palestinians in the new Intifada. Ireland recalled its ambassador, South Africa, as well.

Sweden called Israel an occupying state and assigned responsibility for crimes against the Palestinians.

Even Saudi Arabia has refused to recognize the move of the US Embassy to Jerusalem.

On May 24, Trump canceled the planned meeting with DPRK leader Kim Jong Un. The reason is that Trump is under the control of Netanyahu, who believes there is a connection between the DPRK's nuclear program and Iran. At the same time, rumors emerged that Israel was preparing a nuclear attack from submarines against the DPRK.

In fact, the global deep state does not care about peace. Their only concern is the proper timing of wars.

I have long written that peace summits are the perfect time to prepare for war. Sun Tzu again: "When a nation is weak, it is important to look strong, and when a nation is strong, it is important to look "weak and diplomatic".

Because of this, for the Zionist mafia the Korean Peninsula talks mean nothing but earning time to prepare for war in the Middle East.

Why does Trump use Netanyahu’s policy as his own?

There are several reasons.

- Trump is a puppet of Israel and owes his office to the Jewish Lobby, which chose him to support Israeli wars in the Middle East.

- The lobby gave up Clinton for her personal hatred of Netanyahu. She has already openly said that Israel should be liquidated and started to improve relations with Iran, which is why Netanyahu began his big maneuver to Putin – to save himself.

- Third, an impeachment threatens Trump on the accusations of pedophilia, ties with prostitutes, the mafia, and so on. Trump has to survive until November when mid-term elections will be hold. If he loses, even the Jews would not be able to help him.

But the Middle East war also hung over the United States. For the first time, Iran and Israel met face to face on Golan Heights and battles can begin any moment. Their military and economic potential is in favor of Iran, Iraq and Lebanon. Israel will not last even a week without direct support by the United States. The Persians are not Arabs and fight seriously and another Afghanistan is what just the US is currently missing. Everything else is fine with them. If a war breaks, the very existence of Israel will be under question.

Netanyahu's position is hopeless. The patience of Syria, Iran, and Turkey has exhausted. Russia’s, too. Beijing is nervous not only because of Taiwan, but because of Iran, which is its oil supplier and oil prices started soaring again.

Macron, Merkel, and May are like Trump – the only thing they lack is Israel's war with the whole Arab world.

Trump is a puppet of Rothschild and was elected only to lure the Americans into World War III. Generally, it will be America's 124th War.

Hillary was Rothschild's "girl" as well, but they chose Trump, through their major agent, Sheldon Adelson.

Therefore, the big picture , as others wrote, is the following:

- The "shady" US government wants war.

- The Bilderberg want war.

- Israel wants war.

- England and France want war. Macron is a Rothschild man Theresa May - too.

- Corporate America wants war

-The US Congress wants war.

- The CIA wants war.

- The United States wants war.

- The Committee of 300 wants war.

- US military-industrial complex wants war.

- The "deep state" of the United States wants war.


You have to be total morons not to understand what it is all about.

What is the role of Russia? It is the only force able to oppose the war. But will it stand?

The Anglo-Saxon-Zionist mafia is pushed to the wall - there is nowhere to go, there is nowhere to hide, everyone knows what this is all about. They also lose the most important - the information war.

They are now targeting Iran, but the real goal is Russia. And China.


June and July 2018 are destined to be decisive. The world is facing the biggest military crisis since the Second World War.

The year 2018 is defining for all humanity for decades to come. Monumental events are coming. This year will be epochal for its results.

Right at this moment, we are at the hush before the hurricane. However, if someone pulls the trigger, all dominos will fall one after another and only when the dust settles down, it will be possible to understand what happened.

The World Arena is ready for the hot phase of the Great War. The role of the arsonist is given to Israel against Syria, Iran and Hezbollah. The US and some NATO members will join against Syria. Russia and China will respond. The main spectacle, however, will be between Russia and the US, the two poles of the regional and global clash.


The scenario of the war is already written. Now the West is looking for а reason to push the “start”.

Technology is also available. Harry Truman carrier group entered into Mediterranean along with the submarines with more than 10,000 people on board, carrying more than 1,000 cruise missiles. US naval bases in Europe and Africa are strengthening. Many planes fly from Diego Garcia. Against such a group, the forces of Russia in Syria are not enough.

That is why, Russia sent their ships and submarines in the Mediterranean Sea, armed with the new cruise missiles "Caliber", which can destroy land and sea targets up to 700 km.

The Mediterranean fleet of Russia is now practically formed by the Black Sea Fleet and parts of the North Fleet.

What targets Calibers can be used against in the Mediterranean?

The list is long. Within shooting range of calibers are:

- The British military bases in Akrotiri and the Dhekelia - Cyprus.

- Incirlik base in Turkey.

- All targets at a range of up to 2,500 km, i.e. missile launches from the Eastern Mediterranean cover the whole of southern Europe, including: the NATO headquarters in Naples, the NATO operation centers in Larissa (Greece) and Poggio Renatico (Italy); the NATO headquarters of the Allied Air Command in Izmir; the Bulgarian bases in Bezmer and Graf Ignatievo and the US Air Base in Aviano (Italy).

Syria, Iran, and Hezbollah are already in a direct military conflict with Israel and have no intention to give in before Netanyahu and Trump, whom I would advise to look more closely at what Kim III does. They cannot even imagine what will happen.

Syria recognizes the role of Russia as an important factor in stopping the war on its territory and appreciates Moscow's help. Nevertheless, Damascus and Tehran have some other understandings of what the Kremlin is doing.

Could the situation run out of control? Sure.

The question now is when this will happen - tomorrow, after a week or in a month.

This is the time horizon.





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