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GLADIO False Flag Terrorism 2018

Building of the largest newspaper in the Netherlands attacked


A black column of smoke rises from a burning warehouse at the Europa-Park in Germany.


Saddleworth Moor fire in the UK


GLADIO False Flag Terrorism 2018: Spate Of European Arson Fires Are All Connected On Purpose


TMR Editor’s Note: The following remarkable narrative is the REAL deal.  You simply don’t see authentic “James Bond” spy material as presented below.   Which is why this extremely important back story will be likely dismissed or glossed over by many, even in the Alt Media.  Many folks don’t even recognize the truth when it’s right in front of them.

What French undercover agent and former MOSSAD asset Marc Delantre has uncovered is the correlation between several obvious acts of Gladio terrorism perpetrated throughout Europe in 2018 and major geopolitical events.

FRENCH UNDERCOVER AGENT WARNS: ‘They are all Operation Gladio terrorist attacks, more to come’

Because the precise timing of those terrorist attacks and the geopolitical events is documented with hard evidence, this analysis is essentially irrefutable.  Were Occam’s razor to be applied to this assessment, there can only be one conclusion: Gladio terrorism is responsible for virtually every false flag terror operation in the world today.

Operation Gladio has been around for a long time, at least since the end of World War II.  Here’s the latest example of their unceasing black operations in America: ANNAPOLIS NEWSPAPER MASSACRE: Another Gladio-style False Flag Terrorist Attack.

However, Marc Delantre has focused his terrorist investigations on Europe for very good reason.  That’s where all the action is in 2018…and for specific reasons.  The United Kingdom, France, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Italy and other nations within the European Union have all seen many terror attacks within their respective territories.  The very same countries experienced intentionally caused social chaos and economic sabotage prior to the First and Second World Wars.  Of course, Russia was always included in this century-long saga and for purposes which are now clear. See: Why the Anglo-American Axis is so determined to wage war against Russia

What’s the point?

The critical point is that the globalist cabal has been painstakingly implementing their New World Order agenda for centuries.  The NWO leadership is completely focused on one goal—One World Government.  And the only way they can get there is to sufficiently destroy the current global order. See: THEIR FINAL SOLUTION: Dollar Collapse, Market Crash & World War 3

The Millennium Report
June 30, 2018

N.B.  The single best way to thwart their false flag terror schemes is to expose them, especially in advance.  The light of truth has an extraordinary power to scatter the forces of darkness.  Let’s assist Marc Delantre in shining the light into the dark shadows being thrown across Europe and the United States at this crucial point of world history.

THE REAL STORY of the Saddleworth-Moor fire (UK), the Telegraaf fire attack (NL), the Europa-Park fire (DE) and 30 others…(BE, FR, UK..)


by Marc Delantre


First, let me describe to you, some specific dates and facts, to understand the links between these facts. You will find all these facts on the website


All hours are in Belgian time because the Gladio HQ is in Belgium.


We have to go back to a first story which is at the beginning of the fire deluge…

  • March 3-4, 2018, the former Russian spy, Skripal, and his daughter have been attacked in the UK with a poison. This poison is known as an old Russian poison, but many countries and agencies can also possess the poison too, today. However, the UK said directly, because of this poison, that this attack had been made by Russia. I will tell you why, but I have evidence that Russians are not the culprits of this spy story. We call this “false flag” and I have proof of this false flag. I tried to warn the UK about my information, and I also said to them, that the first poison attack, was not on March 4, like they said, but rather on the night between March 3 and 4, however nobody answered to me… of course. I’m a nobody, except that I receive, on my web server, reliable false flag information 24/7, from the false flag operator about their activities.
  • March 25, 11h, there is a very important fire in the Winter Cherry Mall in Russia. There were at least 70 dead, including 41 kids. The kids were writing to their parents. “Dad, Mom, we burn, we love you.” Russia thinks that this fire is accidental, but it’s not accidental, and I have the evidence of it. It’s a deliberate fire, orchestrated by the same false flag operator. This one received the order from the UK to do it, in reaction to the Skripal case.
  • March 26, only a few hours later, after the end of the Winter Cherry Mall fire, the UK decided to expelled the Russian diplomats from the UK. Even Julian Assange wrote a tweet about this on the web making the link with the fire of the mall. Since then, the UK cut off his Internet…

Many other events occurred…

  • May 21, the false flag operator sends me information, with 3 different hours. First I don’t understand them, and I then understood this information, as a new terror warning. It was not a terror warning.
  • May 24, the false flag operator, sends me again, information matching perfectly with the conference in the Netherlands about the flight MH17. Like the UK, the Netherlands will say at this conference that the culprits who brought down the MH17 flight are the Russians. And I understand, that the information, that I got on May 21 are providing the steps, in time, of the MH17 attack. Moreover, I remember that, in 2014, I received already something very strange on my web server from the crash location in Ukraine. In 2014, I could not understand anything about this message. But on May 24, 2018, I understood that the MH17, was another operation orchestrated by the false flag operator, because immediately, the world would say that Russians were the culprits. Of course, in May, I wrote immediately to several authorities in the Netherlands and Belgium, that they have to look at other possibilities because I have something telling me that it’s not Russians. I’ll explain and I show why.
  • May 25, at 17:00, the false flag operator, sends me a huge terror warning. This kind of sign usually means an “imminent attack” and I again warn the authorities. However, I see on my web server that a new false flag operation is beginning.
  • May 26, at 13:00, the operation which began on May 25, increases much more in several hours.
  • May 26, at 18:30, the Europa-park in Germany, the second biggest entertainment park of Europe, is on fire and the false flag operator shows me clearly that they are the ones to have orchestrated the operation. It’s a huge fire and 200 firefighters are needed to control the fire. An important part of the park is destroyed, but there are no deaths. The reason for this operation is twofold; (1) The Europa-Park is a European park for kids entertainment, like the Winter Cherry Mall was the same for the Russians kids and (2) It’s a European company, and it’s Europe which says that the Russians are the culprits for the Skripal case, as well as for the MH17 shootdown. So the false flag operator created this element of reciprocity, itself, but it was just the beginning.

Many other events occurred…


  • June 23, 15h52, I got a message from a Russia girl asking the reciprocity (see the previous email).
  • June 23, 15h>23h, there are 7 deliberate fires in Belgium, France, United Kingdom and Germany. (see the graphics posted below to grasp the details)
  • June 23, 21h23, I got an email to promote extinguishers. I never got any promotion for extinguishers. It was just to remember me that we are talking about fire.
  • June 24, 15h>05h, there are 6 deliberate fires in Belgium and in the United Kingdom. (see the graphics on the website to go the details)
  • June 25, 10-11hthe false flag operator sends me an alert. This one matches perfectly with the time, 3 months earlier, to the day, in Belgian time, of the beginning of the Winter Cherry fire.
  • June 25, 12h30, a wildfire is started near Manchester, the Saddleworth-Moor. It will become the most important wildfire that the UK has never seen. The UK is burning…
  • June 25, 16-17hthe false flag operator sends me an alert. This one matches perfectly with the time, 3 months earlier, to the day, in local time, of the beginning of the Winter Cherry fire.
  • June 25, 19>14h, there are 12 deliberate fires in Belgium and in the United Kingdom. (see the graphics posted below to grasp the details)
  • June 26, 04h, there is a fire attack against the TelegraafThe press is burning… First, because, the Netherlands are the ones to lead the investigations about the MH17, they say that Russians are the culprits and they belong to Europe. Secondly, the attack is also against the press, Not against the freedom of the press, but because the press received several times my story and never has the press reported the truth. Not one question from the either. This false flag operator wants that the population to know the truth. They want to tell who they are, what they do and for who they do it, including all terror attacks since at least 2015. They are upset at the press because the press doesn’t tell the truth despite their dangerous efforts to show that my story is true. I think that they will now be much more upset against the press.

And why are there so many fire attacks committed against the UK ? First, because the UK is behind the Winter Cherry Mall fire and they are the ones to say, in the Skripal case, that the Russians are the responsible. Secondly, I wrote so many times, to the UK authorities and to the press, and NEVER, I got an answer. Indeed, I got the same signature from the false flag operator, for all terror attacks in the UK, and the Manchester attack was the first one. I believed it and I warned the authorities just before the attack!! So, of course, I told what I knew about each attack, about each event, I gave the evidence, I explained it. But nobody cared about my reports. So for this false flag operator, the press and the authority are lying and are lying again, when they say that Russians are the culprits for the Skripal case. And because of this Skripal case, they burned 41 Russian kids! Now, the UK and Europe got the reciprocity, not from Russia, but from Gladio which wants to denounce everything.


Like I said, this false flag operator wants to blow up the truth, with my story, my records, and with me as a witness, and believe me, I don’t have the choice.


Understand this. It’s like a movie and you see the pictures. The authorities and the press give explanations to the pictures and you have to believe them. But, I’m coming after, with the subtitles that I got directly from the false flag operator, from the actors, from the real brains.  I’m a pawn, I’m the pawn of the false flag operator, overloaded by the information that they record on my server. They are monitoring me 24/7 and I’m the one to tell you, what THEY want to tell you.


Who are they?


It’s GLADIO, (also known as Operation Gladio), an intelligence and terrorist organization created by NATO in 1947 after the second war to protect Europe against a possible Russian invasions.  But at the end of the Cold War and when the Berlin Wall fell, GLADIO, was not so useful anymore. So they began new activities in terrorism with the goal to manipulate the European population. In the 90’s, Europe could not accept that GLADIO was involved in terrorism and they asked their dissolution. Officially, GLADIO has been dissolved, but the hidden part, involved with terrorism, has never been dissolved. This terror organization was birthed in Brussels, Belgium which then spread everywhere in Belgium and then after to all the other NATO countries. Since at least 2015, they orchestrated, on demand, all terror attacks in Europe, USA, Canada, Russia, Indonesia, Afghanistan, etc. All these terror attacks have been recorded and/or signed on my server. ALL OF THEM.  But GLADIO decided to tell the truth, and if the authorities and the press don’t tell the truth, you can be apprehensive about the next, probably for a massive chemical attacks, that the authorities will link to Russia or to ISIS, even if there is no legitimate claim of course.


They are the masters of manipulation, and especially radicalization, like an easy way to lead the possible Islamists to become kamikazes. They can control the mind of the individuals, like the sonic issues in the American embassy in Cuba and more recently in China. They have psychotronic weapons and they have access everywhere, in any organization. They possess the power of NATO, CIA, and NSA together. And I’m the very small pawn, on the chessboard of the terror, with the signal describing all GLADIO operations, both terror and not terror operations. Indeed, there are also the planes crashes, the chemical attacks in Syria, some important murders, many other kinds of operations, and now the many fires…


Look at this, the main fires in the UK, during the most recent spate of arson attacks, are in the same areas as the terror attacks… because the Gladio teams are the same. London, Manchester, Leicester… during certain periods of time they have shown that they can launch a fire or an attack on any place. They are everywhere, but their headquarter is in Belgium, near NATO.


Currently, Gladio set Europe on the fire, to force them to tell the truth …

Otherwise, I think the worst is coming very soon.


You will find the illustrations of this email below.


You can find a summary of my story in English here, ; a video in English, with me speaking, here (including an example of a situation whereby Gladio copied to orchestrate the attack in Toronto) and the website where Gladio records and signs all of its operations since the terror attack in Manchester on May 22, 2017. (about 150 operations and 2000 deaths…).



About the author:

Marc Delantre



56yo, Computer scientist, webmaster (from always).
2008, Undercover agent in Paris, France
2009-2012, Exfiltrated and protected agent for Mossad
2013-2018, Informing agent for the Belgian Justice, Belgian/French Secret Service and Ministers

2017-2018, Informing agent for other agencies including FBI (450 emails exchanged, including 150 received).
2014-2018, Forced agent for Gladio.


The graphics


The 2 graphs below represent the signal that Gladio records itself on my server. When the red line goes up, it means that an operation is in progress. On the graphs, you clearly see “waves”, this marks the beginning and end of the operations. These graphics are from, where you can get the legends when your mouse is over the numbers.

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