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Greece Targeted With Geoengineered Wildfire Terrorism

FALSE FLAG ATTACK: Greece Targeted With Geoengineered Wildfire Terrorism (Photos)

Videos and photos document a similar type of “Arson from the Sky” that occurred during the last series of catastrophic firestorms  in California

TMR Editor’s Note: The photos posted below again tell a story of geoengineered terrorism.  This time Athen, Greece and surrounding areas were targeted by the geoengineers and their prepositioned arsonists in the burned out areas who coordinated this apocalyptic firestorm scenario.  Such an unparalleled terrorist attack has all the markings of NATO’s Operation Gladio.

The GLADIO CODE Has Been Broken, NATO’s Terror Network Shattered

The striking similarities to the geoengineered firestorms in California are simply to many and to conclusive to ignore.  The same advanced fire-starting technology seems to have been used in both cases. See FIREGEDDON: Geoengineered California Firestorms Propagated to Terrorize and Manufacture Consent

The conflagration in Greece has all the hallmarks of arson via drones in the sky and arsonists on the ground.  The report posted below even makes mention that: “Greece has asked for US drone to ‘detect suspicious activity’ as it emerged 15 fires had started at same time.”  The photos below even show the same type of burned out vehicles (with melted hub caps) right next to unburned trees similar to the California false flag firestorms.

There are also several reports that are referring to the telltale “Flamethrower effect” which was observed by many such as this one: Over 70 Dead, 100s Hurt/Missing As Greek Wildfires “Struck Like A Flamethrower”.  There are many other signatures of a false flag attack on Greece which will be be presented in a followup exposé.

With this understanding all that remains is to correctly correlate these Gladio terror attacks to a political, economic or social goal(s) that the perps have in mind.  There’s no questions that the people of Greece have been sufficiently shocked by this engineered calamity so that the preordained outcomes can be attained by the power elite.

BOTTOM LINE: The Greek firestorms were not caused by Mother Nature.  Yes, there are heat waves across the planet this summer, but this is how Gladio works.  The geoengineers take full advantage of extreme weather conditions to carry out their geoenginnered terror operations.  That’s why this Greek conflagration is a classic “FALSE FLAG ATTACK”; it’s easy to blame it on the weather.

The Millennium Report
July 24, 2018

N.B. The following MSM article includes several photos showing extraordinary damage that cannot be explained by a common forest fire.

Ten tourists drown when boat capsizes trying to rescue them from Greek fires as death toll rises to 74 – including 26 who hugged each other as they were overcome by flames near a cliff-edge

  • 74 dead including six-month-old baby as worst Greek forest fires in a decade rip through the Athens region
  • Rescuers say they found bodies of 26 people, apparently families, found huddled tightly together at one villa
  • In the same village of Mati, people were burned alive after being caught in traffic jam while fleeing to beaches
  • Ten tourists, including a mother and son, drowned when a boat capsized trying to rescue them from village
  • Fires fuelled by 65mph winds and temperatures of 104F tore through communities in a matter of minutes 
  • Greece has asked for US drone to ‘detect suspicious activity’ as it emerged 15 fires had started at same time
  • Interior minister has described the fires as a ‘national tragedy’ and a ‘biblical disaster with human losses’


Ten tourists drowned when a boat capsized trying to rescue them from gale-driven forest fires which have killed at least 74 in Greece and which may have been started deliberately.

A mother and son from Poland were among the dead when the vessel flipped in the water amid rough seas after picking up guests from a hotel in Mati as forest fires tore through the resort, 25 miles from Athens.

In the same village, a number of holidaymakers and locals were burned alive, some of them trapped in their cars in traffic jams, as hundreds tried to flee the raging inferno, which also devoured more than a thousand homes.

The Millennium Report.



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