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Longest Total Lunar Eclipse Marks the Beginning of the End

BLOOD MOON July 27, 2018

 Occult Cosmic Window for the Illuminati,
Awesome Opportunity for Lightworkers,
or Both?

What’s so significant about the longest lunar eclipse of the century?

Cosmic Convergence Research Group

Is there anyone on the planet who doesn’t see that things are just a tad out of control?

And, that time is speeding up—MAJORLY!

Is there anyone who is not witnessing a surreal quality surrounding many global events that are occurring at breakneck speed?

Kind of like there is something very BIG going on in the background that’s just waiting for the right time to break out into the open.

Is there anyone who is not experiencing some kind of change (meteoric), or challenge (formidable), or chaos (intensifying)  … like there’s an inexorable loss of control going on?

Don’t worry, it’s all good—VERY GOOD!

The human psyche and emotional body are being readied for the great EVENT.  Humanity is being ever-so-gradually prepared for the Shift of the Ages.

The Longest Total Lunar Eclipse of the Century

What distinguishes Friday’s total lunar eclipse from all the others is that it will be the longest of the century.  This unusually powerful eclipse is unique for other reasons as well. As follows:

The July 2018 lunar eclipse is a rare central lunar eclipse, where part of the Moon passes through the center of the Earth’s shadow. It is also the longest total lunar eclipse this century, lasting 1 hour and 23 minutes. This powerful total lunar eclipse is also called a blood moon because of the reddish color caused by light being refracted by Earth’s atmosphere.
(Source: What you need to know about the July 27th Total Lunar Eclipse)

The preceding link offers a valuable perspective on why this particular occultation will provide an opportunity for spiritual growth and personal development.  The moon is strongly linked to the mind and emotions so these will be deeply affected for those who are the most susceptible.  As we purify the mind and cleanse the emotions, our lives become great.  A highly venerated meditation master once said: “A golden mind, a golden life.”

KEY POINT: Some folks who studied the Mayan Long Count Calendar really believe that 2012 is really 2108. (See : 2012 is NOW!)  That possibility ought to shed a whole lot of light on the many perplexing questions and growing concerns that dominate 2018.  In other words, December 21, 2012 was selected by the Illuminati as a means of hiding the true end date of the Mayan Calendar.  In this way, the perps were able to hijack the energies of the real EVENT just like they did with the Great American Eclipse of 2017.  The NWO Cabal Has Hijacked The Great American Eclipse


The EVENT is not a single happening.  It’s actually a series of unparalleled events that will unfold as dominoes falling against each other.  When each domino falls, the subsequent affects on the global village will increase markedly and be felt accordingly.

From this year onward, humankind can expect a sudden quickening.  Not only will time seem to be moving considerably faster than it already is, time warps and time compression will occur much more frequently.  Many will feel as though something truly awesome and climactic is about to occur.

Since the turn of the millennium there has been a substantial uptick in supernatural and mysterious phenomena.  There has been a series of perceptible changes which point directly to a planet in great flux.  Even the solar system has experienced profound and fundamental changes that astronomers marvel over but don’t talk about.  The residents of this planet now know that humanity stands at the cusp of something quite HUGE.

This palpable sense of an evolving planetary metamorphosis has captured the imagination of every inhabitant of Earth.  Each one sees and experiences this unprecedented transformation in a different way as the collective anticipation and awe are inspiring the slow-motion creation of a new civilization.

However, before that can occur, there must be a deep cleansing.  There must be a “Phoenix moment” from which a new human race can emerge from the ashes of the old one. The FINAL SHIFT Fast Approaches

Only the EVENT can adequately prepare the planet for such a needed outcome.  Each and every eclipse — both solar and lunar — further prepares the global and individual consciousness for what is about to soon take place.

Don’t watch the eclipse!

Very few souls will ever heed this advice because they simply don’t know what they don’t know.

Then, of course, we all know the people who think they know everything.  They will emphasize that modern science has freed humanity from the ancient superstitions associated with solar and lunar eclipses.  And, that having prudent respect for such an impactive astronomical appearance is nothing but childishness.  That is until their life crashes and burns in the immediate aftermath of an extraordinary eclipse like tomorrow’s.

Special Note: It’s a well-known fact within Eastern societies that one should never watch an eclipse.  Aptly put, it’s regarded by astrologers and prophets alike since time immemorial to be an inauspicious event.  In other words, an eclipse of either luminary — sun or moon — is to be treated as an opportunity to retreat from the mundane world, and not to expose oneself to the negative vibrations that abound during the actual celestial event.  This requires subtle wisdom and refined understanding that Western civilization does not have.  Hence, many needlessly suffer the consequences of ignorantly watching an eclipse when they should have been duly sequestered.  Depending on the individual, some folks are much more vulnerable to these negative influences; therefore, it’s best for everyone to take a careful approach. Why you should NOT watch Friday’s lunar eclipse.  The good news for North Americans is that the July 27th eclipse will not be visible anywhere on the continent.  As the graphic below illustrates, the rest of the world will have varying degrees of visibility.  No matter where one is located, the bottom line is to refrain from watching this alluring event.  See: Why The Native American Tribes NEVER Watch Eclipses

 Repercussions on the Global Geopolitical Chessboard

Where this lunar eclipse can’t be seen and where it will be fully visible is highly significant.

The map above delineates exactly where this eclipse can be viewed.  It’s quite telling that virtually no where in North America can it be seen.  Conversely, this lunar eclipse can be watched with full visibility throughout the entire Middle East.  The actual geographic area of full visibility represents the region of the world where so many dramas have occurred over the millennia.  It’s as though something major will be uncovered there in 2018.

History buffs know that this region is also known for The Great Game.  Far from being a game, The Great Game represents a multi-century attempt by the British Empire to gain complete control of Asia.  Not only do the Brits still seek to stealthily conquer these lands, they ultimately seek full control of Russia.  Hence, Russiagate was fabricated as a fake pretext to incite Russophobia worldwide.  However, this surreptitious plot has backfired in ways that even the Brits could never have imagined.

RUSSOPHOBIA: The Zio-Anglo-American Conspiracy to Conquer Russia Unravels in Real Time

The critical point is that Friday’s eclipse is quite likely to produce an immense shift on that part of global geopolitical chessboard.  Both the length and the intensity of this total lunar eclipse will trigger an unparalleled uncovering of the truth where it concerns the Mideast quagmire.  It will also set in motion a series of geopolitical events of great import which will shed new light on The Great Game.  Afghanistan has been at the epicenter of that unending war and will especially experience a major turnaround. (See how Afghanistan is right in the middle of the previous map.)

However, it’s really Iran that is now at the center of this “earthly drama and heavenly play.  The remainder of 2018 is likely to see an unexpected transformation in the relationship of that nation to the rest of the world.  Seen as an international pariah by the West, that vision will no longer hold.  The world community of nations will look to Iran for its courage and perseverance in staving off incessant attacks by the Anglo-American Axis.[1]  They will come to the aid of Iran like never before and Tehran in dealing with so many acts of financial terrorism and economic sabotage inflicted by the United States, United Kingdom and Israel.


Immediately following the Great American Eclipse of 2017 many people rejoiced because there were no apparent negative impacts on the USA.  However, that’s not the way eclipse energy really works.  The week before and after an eclipse can be greatly affected depending on many factors that are well beyond the scope of this article.  Similarly, the three weeks before and after will also often see various consequences.

Some astrologers even say that the 6 months before and after will see diverse manifestations, both positive and negative in nature, of either a lunar or solar eclipse.  Just look at what transpired in the wake of the total solar eclipse of August 21, 2017.  Each of the catastrophic events delineated in the following link took place within two and a half weeks of that historic eclipse. The Great American Eclipse Proves To Be A Real Blockbuster

KEY POINT: The cataclysmic firestorms around Athens, Greece are a perfect example of eclipse energies being used by the Illuminati to sow seeds of destruction and chaos. See: FALSE FLAG ATTACK: Greece Targeted With Geoengineered Wildfire Terrorism (Photos)

When those monumental calamities are considered in the aggregate, as well as those that occurred throughout the Fall of 2017, The Great American Eclipse will likely be considered the most consequential of the millennium.

Similarly, the Blood Moon of 2018 will also have far-reaching ramifications for the planetary civilization.  As they say: “Only when there is peace in the Middle East, will there be peace throughout the world.”

Because only North America is largely left in the dark during this eclipse, there is surely a cosmic message in the offing.  Perhaps the pervasive lack of awareness that so many Americans have about the highly destructive Great Game will bust out into the open.  In this manner, a concealed truth which has affected the American people so deeply may be brought out into the open, once and for all.  Then, We the People will not be so quick to support and/or ignore so many unprovoked wars of naked aggression waged in foreign lands by the U.S. Military.

That would be a good thing, yes?  A very good outcome indeed!  Hopefully, this exceptional eclipse will hit that mark.

Cosmic Convergence Research Group
July 26, 2018



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