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War on Alex Jones Goes Nuclear


Kevin Barrett


August 7, 2018


If it takes another American Revolution (or "civil war") to restore the Bill of Rights, count me in!


By Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

First they came for Veterans Today. Then they came for Alex Jones. When they come for you, who will be left to speak out?

When Google tweaked its search engine to hide VT stories, then FaceBook completely banned VT, I expected a call from Alex Jones. I felt sure that Alex, that ranting apostle of free speech, would bring me, Gordon Duff, Jim Dean, Ian Greenhalgh, and the rest of the VT crew on his show to expose Google Jigsaw’s terrorism, blast FaceBook in the Face and tell Zuckerberg to go Zuck himself.

But the call never came. Apparently Alex was too busy in divorce court, libel court, the tennis court (fat chance!) or wherever else he hangs out these days to notice that the internet oligarchs had declared war on VT.



Or maybe Alex’s Zionist advertisers and/or handlers made it clear that VT doesn’t deserve free speech protection because we are fighting to free America from Israeli domination. Is Alex, a card-carrying Christian Zionist, tasked with obfuscating the fact that the “New World Order” he rants about is basically a Zionist project?

For whatever reason, Alex and InfoWars offered VT NO help and NO publicity—zero, zilch, nada—when the internet oligarchs nuked us. He made not even the slightest whimpering objection.

[Read James Tracy’s terrific analysis of Alex’s possible complicity in the war on free speech]

So who am I to object when the same internet oligarchs—to vast and profitable MSM fanfare—nuke Alex Jones?

I am an American Muslim. And though I detest Alex’s insane Islamophobia—and his kowtowing to the Zionists and their bought-and-paid-for traitors who have colonized and subjugated the USA—I will fight to defend Alex’s First Amendment right to hurt my feelings and get things wrong.

[“This is the modern Lexington, this is the modern Concord!” -Alex Jones]

If this is indeed “Lexington and Concord,” as Alex says, it was the nuking of VT that was Lexington. And he missed it. Nonetheless the Second American Revolution (to defend the Bill of Rights) is long overdue. So count me part of that massive potential militia out there that “leaves no options off the table” if the war on free speech goes much further.

It isn’t Alex Jones who needs to be shut down by any means necessary. Even less is it VT. It is the mainstream media traitors complicit in the 9/11 coup d’état. Those are the folks who created our current national emergency with their abominable act of mass murder and high treason and even more treasonous coverup.

We need a Constitutional Counter-Coup. We need brave American patriots in and out of uniform willing to risk their lives to take down ALL of the 9/11 criminals, including the media coverup enablers, and restore the Bill of Rights.


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