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Stay Calm! Planet X/Nibiru Is No Myth

Stay Calm! Planet X/Nibiru Is No Myth

Tuesday, August 14, 2018 9:45







It was early in 2015, that I began to realize Planet X/Nibiru was no myth. I had been connecting dots on numerous conspiracies for years, exploring ruins, reading about giants, trying to understand what destroyed Atlantis, what freeze dried wholly mammoths, or flipped the poles. I began to wonder what the elite planned with their D.U.M.B’s, their billiosn of rations and ammunition,and like many in the truth movement I began to piece together a far more accurate history, and reality through understanding the hidden dealings and ‘conspiratorial’ aspects of our reality. Like the New World Order. Ever wonder what they’re waiting and planning for?

Back then Bob Fletcher was active on youtube, dispensing truth on many sites in the alt media, and he helped to connect the dots on underground bases, climate change, cover-ups and the financing of the elite’s bugout plans. The missing trillions. Climate Change. Crustal Displacement theory. Hell, if you’re truly honest with yourself, and follow the evidence and facts, you will agree that we have been lied to on a monumental scale, since birth! For generations! The conspiracy to cover up the reality of Planet X is old, and well known by secret societies, and its approach into the inner solar system has been observed for decades, even for centuries by the Elite!

The trolls never mention why the elite blew billions on an infrared telescope in antartica. Maybe to watch a lens flare.

 Nor did they deem it useful to mention where the pentagon managed to spend 21 trillion dollars in the last decade. Maybe it was launched into space as cloaking technology, such as fresnel lenses, sun simulators and lens arrays.

With presepctive, one can look up and see the geo-engineering program clouding the sky with toxins. Maybe they manipulate the weather, and hide the signs of Planet X at the same time. But now days the aerosols arenot enough.

I read everything I could on the topic, Velikovsky’s Worlds in Collision, Earth in Upheaval, Sitchin’s 12th Planet, basically everything I could find that pieced together some of the greater picture. I knew Humans were not the sole caue of Climate Change, magnetic anomalies, the shifting poles, cycles of earthquakes, and past catacylsms.  It didn’t help that I when decided to try to sooth my fears and check out the sky in the southern hemisphere, I found images like those below.

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The investigation went on and I began to notice that there was more than one planet in the Planet X system, but instead a whole host of small and large planets, iron oxide clouds, asteroids and comets.

It is only recently that the MSM came out and admitted that Jupiter has more moons, some which orbit counter clockwise.

Then there was the mysterious case of planets and bodies like Sedna, orbitting at a highly elliptical orbit. The mainstream has finally come out and stated the obvious, that a ‘wandering star’ may have disturbed the solar system in the distant past.

Things have changed in the Planet X and truth community since the first sightings from the southern hemisphere. Now even the lying corrupt corporate media are forced to confront the issue of rogue planets, indirectly verifying Planet X rogue planets.

The sheer amount of comets being seen, and the spike in asteroids and near earth objects is worrying and likely is closely related to the magnetic celestial body in the inner solar system, right now.

Well if there were massive magentic bodies in the inner solar system other planets would be effected. We all know what’s happening on earth with the wildfires, heat records and droughts, did you know that Jupiter is experiencing massive storms at the moment?

Or the massive global duststorm that has rocked Mars for near on a month and is only now showing signs of subsiding. What external influence could cause such storms?


When one begins to observe the Earth’s magnetosphere, the anomalies, the influences and anomalies associated with the Planet X celestial bodies becomes hard to miss, if one looks.


Don’t worry, the Mainstream is not beating around the bush, nor do they claim, like the 5 eyes trolls that frequent this subject, that all is a smudge or lens flare, but instead they’re feeding their readership half truths and yet another phony end times date.

They’re only now coming around admitting to a fly-by that myth, history and legend has recounted for thousands of years!

Even UFOlogits are noticing the Planet X celestial bodies in space around the earth.


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