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McCain Dead, Assad Curse Strikes Again

Aug 26, 2018 


 McCain finally died from brain cancer after it was revealed he had in July 2017.

His death was reported by his political office. He was an untried war-criminal, and a perpetrator of crimes against humanity. Any number of his pro-war public proclamations, geopolitical projects, and lobbying efforts for war, were in direct violation of international law, the UN founding charter, and the Geneva Convention. 

For those wanting to mourn the dead, we’d kindly ask to mourn these dead instead – dead as a result of the policies which McCain, the war criminal, dedicated his life to advocating for:


In Iraq alone, it is estimated that a total of 1,220,580 have been killed, as of 2011 since the U.S. invasion in 2003. Over 60% of them violent. Thanks to John McCain, and the globalist imperialists, banksters and the military industrial complex, he spent your life advocating for.

Speaking of volunteer toilet-bowl cleaners, here’s a look at what the US’s fake-left’s shill darling, has to say. As a psy-op, her handlers are trying to recapture some of that Bernie-bro energy, back into Hillary’s next run.



McCain was raised in a wealthy and powerful military home, with every privilege and advantage anyone could possibly dream of. He was known having deluded himself into thinking that this privilege, which made him unaccountable to middle-class bureaucracies, defined him as a ‘bad-boy maverick’. In some ways, he would come to foreshadow reality-TV celebrity culture.



He was also a failed presidential candidate in 2008 when he was defeated by Barack Obama. McCain struggled with a glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer discovered in July 2017 and had not been seen in the US Capitol in 2018.

Elected for the first time to the House in 1982, he went to the Senate four years later and managed to re-elect himself at every opportunity ever since.

In Congress, McCain was a pro-business conservative, free-market advocate and enemy of organized labor, but voted against the Republican majority on several key projects. After engaging in a scandal that became known as “Keating Five,” he made the reform of election campaign funding one of his flags.

In October 2017, McCain called Trump’s foreign policy a “spurious, half-cooked nationalism However, McCain’s suggestion for solving problems, meant declaring war against Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, China, Russia, South Ossetia, Ukraine and many other places across the globe.

His death comes at a time when the so-called Assad curse has claimed new victims. The Assad curse is when world power players who have called for the deposition of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad but they themselves have died or been removed from positions of power.






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