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Is the West losing WWIII


Is the West  losing WWIII


Krassimir Ivandjiiski


Published 2019


The important thing in the chaos around us is not to lose the contours of the big picture.

What are they?

The initiation of geoengineered movement on the continents is accompanied by even greater movement of tectonic plates of global geopolitics.

Whether the second is due to the first or vice versa, I can not say, but the mutual relationship is uncontested. In short- the East is climbing, the West sinks.

The rest are details to the picture.

We have fallen to live at the turn of a geopolitical epoch, and the epochs, at least until now, have always changed with world wars.

So it is now - with the Third World War launched by the events of 11 September 2011 in New York.

The world is in a new transitional period, which is not only a new historical stage.

We are entering a new era of colossal transformation of politics, economy, social environment, industry, information and social technologies. Until now, mankind has not known such a transition with such intensity of the East-West clash.

So far, the main means of dominance of the West were two - the dollar and the weapons.

And for the first time in centuries, the answer of the East is total and frontal - de-dolarization and hypersonic weapons.

I'll start with the weapons again. Things are not so complicated.

So far, the geopolitics of the West against the East, above all against Russia and China, was based on their blocking from the sea by British and US military fleets.

Over the last decades, this has spawned the so-called "classical geopolitics" of some Western scientists for the fight of the Sea against the Land.

It is true that the United States and England had fleets with which they could block every land-state, its river exits and seaports. This strategy was always accompanied by the tactics of the "small island against the big island", i.e. Manhattan vs. North America, UK vs. Europe, Hong Kong and Taiwan vs. China, Cuba vs. Central America.

And with Crimea, the West  world had plans to turn it into a new Manhattan against the USSR. But, Stalin was not naive, and he offered them Birobidjane in Siberia.

And now the United States, England, and Israel were prepared to capture Crimea and turn it into military and financial base against Russia. But Putin hit hard.

Then the West carried the land-based attack in Ukraine, to which Russia responded with the inclusion of the Donbass.

And the attack on China is led from Hong Kong and Taiwan. But there will be another defeat of the geopolitics of the West.

And precisely at the moment when geopolitics began to roll over, Russia's and China's hyper-weaponry, which completely destroyed the Marine geopolitics of the West, appeared. Why?

Because with this weapon the Western fleets will cease to exist in seconds, i.e. no blockade of the Land from the Sea, no blockade of the main maritime, transport and commercial roads, no financial island enclaves - banks from which the dollar will be imposed on the Land.

That's why I've been for years paying attention to the weapons of the East, especially the hypersonic. Because they also bring another important moment - the role of the peripheral states, the so-called limit-tropfes.This happens before our eyes and with our participation.

The most important of these, after the Second World War, was Central and Eastern Europe. This was the buffer between the USSR and the eventual renaissance of neo-fascism in West Germany.

At that time the parameters of the possible war were calculated in weeks and thousands of kilometers on both sides - NATO and the Warsaw Pact, with the main battle being planned for Central and Eastern Europe.

Now with the hypersonic weapons, there are not only no blockades of the Land, but no buffer zones that need to be built and sustained. The strike will be done in seconds on the bases and military installations on NATO territory in Europe and the United States.

The United States is much more vulnerable to Russia not only because of the Russian hyper-missiles, but because only two Russian submarines 100 km from the US coast in seconds will liquidate the entire North American state. Not to mention the new underwater drones - monsters that, in place of the United States, can make the North American Strait between Mexico and Canada.

Everything that has been so far as a theory and practice in global geopolitics is no longer true.

This is a knockout weapon of the East against the West.

The second is against the dollar, i.e. the de-dollarization.

The dollar was the main means of colonizing and conquering the world's population for at least 50 years.And over 50 years there has been a colossal plunder of the world economy and the world's population through the printing of the dollar and the global media machine based on and controlled by Jewish network structures.

The dollar has become a major means of redistributing and privatizing of global profits. There was no longer a need for military or administrative control and colonization of territories to plunder their resources. It was enough to establish financial control over them, to get involved in their financial system under the slogan of free-movement of capitals, "freedom of speech" or "human rights".


The banking financial international  rob the world with the dollar. This is the essence of the moment.

All that accumulated in a gigantic amount of deception and lies, of national, geopolitical, historical, religious, financial, cultural conflicts which no longer succumb to peaceful regulation. The West is coming off the stage, its model is exhausted.

 Russia and China move in the opposite direction - to de-dollarization and run from the dollar, to economic and social sovereignty, denial of the international SWIFT system, the increase of the yuan in the currencies basket , reduction of public debt, increase in gold reserves and denial of the dictatorship of the international financial centers.

China and Iran already have their own oil exchanges. And Russia - in Petersburg.

Russia and China are building the Arctic Sea Way

That's the big picture.

For weapons, Russia is at least equal to the United States, and in hypersonic outstrips them for decades. 

In the economy China is at least equal to the US, but in real - purchasing power is greater at least twice.

The geopolitics of the West for the suffocation of the Land from the Sea no longer works.

 Now the United States and the UK are surrounded by the Hypersonic Bear and Dragon.

Chess and mat.



But for Russia and China, there is now more complicated  task - the transition from the unipolar to the multipolar world and to economic and military sovereignty.

On the big chessboard, as I wrote , chess is no more played, but they are shooting in all directions with missiles, dollars, internet and everything you can think of.



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