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Syrian Army Seizes U.S. Machine Gun Ammo



02 November 2018


The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) uncovered a large quantity of weapons and ammunition on Thursday, left behind by the so-called “Islamic State” (ISIS/ISIL/IS/Daesh) in the Deir Ezzor Governorate.  The ammunition was the "Property of the United States of America."

Questions are now arising that ask "How did the notorious terrorist group ISIS, get their hands on U.S. military ammunition?"

Has the United States actually been supplying ISIS all along?

Is ISIS a defacto U.S. Proxy entity, cutting-off people's heads, waging war, and committing atrocities for the United States?

WHO, exactly, is running U.S. foreign policy?

Worst of all, WHO, exactly, is in control of the United States Military, that a hideous, violent, murderous, terrorist group like ISIS is supplied with US military ammunition?

According to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), the military uncovered a large cache of US-made weapons and ammunition that were left behind by ISIS in the strategic city of Al-Mayadeen. 

The Syrian Arab Army uncovered the weapons while combing through Al-Mayadeen and its surrounding area, SANA reported.

A SANA reporter said that during the combing operation to cleanse the liberated areas from the terrorist remnants, the authorities uncovered a cache containing 450,000 bullets of US-made medium-caliber machine guns from ISIS' remnants in the Al-Mayadeen area.


Below are a number of photos that were captured by SANA of the weapons cache that was seized by the Syrian military this week:

According to the US Government, the United States has been "fighting ISIS" for years.  Did we somehow manage to lose a few battles and suffer the theft of our Ammunition in those losses?   There certainly has not been any public news of the US losing to ISIS.  So how did 450,000 rounds of machine gun ammo go missing?

Did the US supply this ammunition to someone else  inside Syria?  Did that "someone else" get so badly defeated this ammo was lost?




Or is this simply a situation that many have speculated on for years; that it is the US itself, and its "coalition partners," who CREATED ISIS, and have been funding, supplying, arming and training  these murderous maniacs all along?

Another possibility is that unscrupulous US military persons may be selling-off US property to earn some extra cash, but that seems highly unlikely.

In any case, the US role in Syria continues to be an embarrassment for the American people.  Despite claims by the former Obama administration that they were "fighting ISIS" it wasn't until Russia entered the fight that any real progress was made.



Thank goodness the Russian military is actually effective unlike our Pentagon which seems to be riddled with incompetence and under-performing leadership since the Obama years.  Perhaps this incompetence has to do with the large number of military officers effectively "purged" by Obama?  Several hundred long-time officers were basically fired under Obama, and our military does not seem to be performing up to par since then.

The American people ought to start asking pointed questions to members of Congress who are all home campaigning for re-election this week.  Ask them

"How did ISIS terrorists get supplied with US Military ammunition?" 

"Why are American military forces in Syria without lawful authorization from Syria or from the United Nations?"

"What threat does Syria pose to the United States of America, our territory or our people, to justify our military being there?"

"Why is it that Russia has made so much more progress against terrorists in Syria than we in the US have made?"

If enough folks start asking these very simple -- but uncomfortable - questions, it will put this issue under the uncomfortable light of day; a place where certain elements of the US Intelligence Apparatus do not want the issue to be. 

Like Vampires, some of our Intelligence Apparatus like operating in the dark, creating mayhem and death. 

That begets arms sales and increased dividends for any stocks they hold in certain arms manufacturing companies.  Put simply, making trouble is financially profitable for certain people in the US Intelligence field, certain politicians and certain military members.

And since some such people are sociopaths, they really couldn't care less how many innocent people get killed, as long as it enriches them.




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