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Netanyahu : Israel ‘shielding’ Europe from ...terrorism ?

Netanyahu : Israel ‘shielding’ Europe from ...terrorism ?

PM says European nations ought to change their ‘the one-sided and hostile approach’ to Jewish state


Ian Greenhalgh

November 11, 2018



 Benjamin Netayahu is a liar, we all know that, and we all know he likes to tell some really big lies; this one was a whopper.

WWI cost 30 million lives for little reason other than to secure the Balfour Declaration and obtain Palestine for the Rothschilds, as well as making a tidy profit along the way.

Therefore, by making such an outrageously false statement on the very day Europe commemorates it’s lost generation slaughtered because the Zionist Jews had nefarious plans is the equivalent of him pulling out his little circumcised pecker and pissing all over the memory of the fallen.

Between Trump and Netanyahu, it is hard to decide which one behaved the most disgracefully this weekend, I would dearly love to tie both of them up in hoops of barbed wire, throw them in a muddy ditch then rake them with machine gun fire, while spraying some phosgene and chlorine at them, then they might understand just what pigs they are.

A man can hope… Ian]


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