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Greetings. We are Anonymous.

Early in November we published here a large part of the documents relating to the Integrity Initiative project. The Integrity Initiative have confirmed their validity, yet they don’t consider the information relevant. Meanwhile neither the organization not its sponsors have met out demands and given assurances that the network of clusters will only be used to counter Russia’s disinformation policy. We have also received no reaction from the EU leaders and international organizations although people in many countries showed great concern about the matter.

Therefore we will continue to make public the Integrity Initiative’s documentation until our demands to conduct an open and thorough investigation into its activity on a pan-European level are fully met.

In our previous publication we made an example of Operation Moncloa ( to show how the UK can interfere in domestic affairs of a sovereign European nation by employing its global project. However the British government goes far beyond and exploits the Integrity Initiative to solve its domestic problems inside the United Kingdom by defaming the opposition. In particular, on November 25, 2018 The Sunday Times published a scorching article to undermine the credibility of Jeremy Corbyn’s chief strategist and director of communications Seumas Milne who is described as a powerful, ruthless and yet invisible policymaker of the Labour Party. ( The Integrity Initiative official Twitter account promptly retweeted the article right after its publication. ( A coincidence? Well, we have more… Of all the articles this was the only one that the Sunday Times – as though on order -promoted three times during the day in its official accounts.

As of this publication the compromising Tweet of the Integrity Initiative has miraculously vanished, but we can kindly provide a screenshot.

In addition, we publish the following documentation of the Integrity Initiative:


– description of the second German cluster supervised by a British expert Harold Elletson, a suspected MI-6 agent

– Elletson’s research (in German) distributed as a manual for the German establishment

– Elletson’s research (in English)

– outline of the research

– claim for reimbursement


– Cluster breakdown

– Consultancy agreement with Nico de Pedro – a mastermind of campaigns including Moncloa

– invoice to the Spanish CIDOB research centre from its British supervisors

– Manual for campaigns in Spain

– fake proof of Russia’s interference in the Catalan independence referendum disseminated among Spanish politicians and Media


– a leading II officer Simon Bracey-Lane’s report about enlisting new cluster members in the Balkans

– Greece cluster enlistment in Thessaloniki

– contract with the second Greece cluster

– Cluster meeting schedule in Thessaloniki

– covert meeting of cluster members at Sissy Alonistiotou’s house in Athens

– cluster report on preparing a desirable reaction to the expulsion of diplomats

– slide deck of an Estonian lecturer at the cluster meeting in Thessaloniki

– Greece cluster requests for funds from the UK center

– Cluster’s media review of Scripal Case

– 2017 cluster breakdown

– cluster research on the agents of Russian influence in Greece aimed at defaming the leaders of Syriza, Ivan Savvidis and other unwelcome people

– Integrity Initiative leading officer Victor Madeira’s slide deck for Thessaloniki meeting

This is another part of the Integrity Initiative documentation available to us. We will publish more, should the UK and European politicians continue to ignore our demands.

We are Anonymous.

We are legion.

We do not forgive.

We do not forget.

Expect us.





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