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They have lost their Liberte and Egalite but they found the Fraternite

In summary:




For the past 19 days, the French nation has been rising up in seething anger against a disdainful, anti-anything that is French, and oligarchic president.

In response to this growing hatred of a government that has been destroying France and has already sold and is still selling the French patrimony to foreign government as well as multi-national corporations, the Gilets Jaunes responded to the call to defend the Patrie.

Contrarily to the MSM claims that the people’s anger was caused by the latest gas tax, the real root cause of the civil problem are reduction in social benefits, unrelentless taxing, desertification of the rural areas, reduction if not elimination of public transportation, etc. Most French are clamoring that they can’t live anymore but that they just barely survive and they will not accept this situation!

The Gilets Jaunes who are totally pacifist are not issued from the Left or the Right, they are not racist, not class oriented, they’re young, old, white collar workers and blue collar workers, unemployed, homeless, rich and poor. They have lost their dear Liberte and Egalite but they have found the real Fraternite that they need for the fight to save France from the claws of the globalist, Zionist, capitalist, oligarchic, oppressive, and destructive masters of the New World Order.

Realizing that mass protests would not be enough for their voices to be heard by the elite hiding in the Elysee, Matignon, Bercy, the National Assembly or the Senate, the people of France moved to the next step which was spontaneous but pacifist insurrection.

This hasn’t worked either as the CRS and gendarmes loyal to the Minister of Interior have used tear gas, water canons, flash balls, and shock grenades to disperse them. The Gilets Jaunes issued a national call for action asking everyone available to gather in front of all national, regional, departmental, and municipal government buildings and to stand in total silence on December 5, 2018 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Each of the first three week-end of popular revolt marred in violence was labeled Act I, Act II, Act III of this French Tragedy. Act IV will be played on December 8 and 9 on the main stage at the Champs Elysee. Will this Act be titled Presidential Destitution or will it be titled French Revolution of 2018 … that’s the question!

Posted by: Krollchem | Dec 5, 2018 3:26:22 AM | 97


 This demonstration is not left or right wing! It is the general public standing up for there rights ! Against curuption and the greedy elite! An inevitableity in the face of media propergander and oppression.
It’s also the antidote to devide and rule. The poor defending them selve against the rich. If that scares you, your on the wrong side.


The mystery is that the French people did not arise sooner…
« Contrairement à tout ce que l’on peut entendre, le mystère, ce n’est pas que nous nous révoltions, mais que nous ne l’ayons pas fait avant. »



The Gilets Jaunes protests are occurring throughout France, as many cannot afford to go to Paris. The protests have spread to the Corsica, DOMs-TOMs and not just La Réunion where a curfew had been decreed in 14 out of the 24 communes. Other countries are experiencing support for the Gilets Jaunes, including Belgium (both Wallonia and Flanders), Germany, The Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Bulgaria. The support in Bulgaria may be related to the EU preventing it from getting transit fees from the cancelled South Stream gas pipeline:


France, like the rest of the Western world, is facing a wide range of failed institutions due to a creeping dynamic that those in power (insiders) seek to prevent their power from being diminished.


This Gilets Jaunes revolution has echos of 1788, 1968 and the 1978 French cyberpunk rock musical that revolves around the character Zéro Janvier, a billionaire getting into politics by running for the presidency of the Occident and the Black Stars who revolt against his totalitarianism. Here is the best performance of the famous STARMANIA song that captures the emotions of life and death (now facing the French people) "S.O.S. d'un terrien en détresse" ("S.O.S. of an Earthling in Distress") as performed by Dimash



I am French and live in France.
The current events in France are only incidents related to a racket.
France's problem is its debt.
In May 68 18 Jewish leaders overthrew General de Gaulle and imposed the former Pompidou President of Rothschild Bank. In 1973 he adopted the Rothschild law obliging the French state to borrow from private banks ... you know the rest.
France's debt represents 100% of its GDP.
France can not even pay interest on the debt ... the French state has just borrowed 225 billion to complete its 2019 budget ...
So the French pay more and more ... for everything ... it's a real racket organized by Macron former bank? form the bank ? ... Rothschild.
That's the truth.
The French people will have the balls to say to the crooks: "we do not pay the debt anymore"
Will the USA then send their F16s to bomb France? ... because that's how it happens when the people are opposed to Wall Street Jewish crooks ...
We are here.
Everything you hear from different can only be wrong.


Well, what nobody points out here is the answer to why now is that this protests erupt, why in France, and why in this form...

Austerity measures dictated by the European Comission are not only applied to France, but to the whole European Union, being countries like those of the South Western Europe, with revenues quite lower than those in France and almost the same or superior taxes which mainly most suffer, and then a "color revolution" has not happened in Spain. Spain has also been applied a higuer tax on Diesel, equating already that of unleaded petrol, with which advantage of Diesel cars has decreased when their maintenanace is more expensive, not to mention the increase in costs for the truck drivers, and then nothing so far has happened.....In fact, truck drivers are one of the most affected by this "revolt", since the borders are collapsed for international convoys, waiting in queues and losing hours and even days of work in the border countries....

France enjoys still today, a social security system still enviable for not only people in the rest of Europe, but also for the rest of the world. A considerable tax cut has also been applied by Trump to the richest in the US, while life conditions are by far quite worse in the US for the average worker than in France. Enslavized US workers would sign tomorrow without blink to enjoy the regulated work hours and social benefits the French still today enjoy, and then no similar "revolution" has so far taken place in the US, something curiously Meyssan, Johnston, and even Wikileaks, forget, no wonder these three have supported Trump as if there was no tomorrow.....

The thing is that these protests, with its extremely agressive component ( very similar in methods and indumentary wore by these les casseurs to those of the Maidan and those which took place in Iran months ago...) and its organization mainly through internet social networks, started just a week or so after Macron announced his support for the European Army to defend Europe amongst other threats, from the US....

Macron and his labour reform has everything to be contested in the streets, as well as rises in taxes for the poor coinciding in time with cut taxes for the rich, but, anyone who has ever participated in any workers or left wing demonstration, knows that this "style" is not that of the left or workers, who would go to hugh pains to not set cars or comerces belonging to other workers on fire, not to mention destroying public property in such a way, which then will end being payed by the workers themselves at share...It is precisely regular workers who pay taxes and know what it takes to pay for a car or anything who never will use such "methods" to protest....

From my point of view ( and of many awaken viewers ) this "revolution" has all the marks of the far-right Rasputin, Bannon, by the violence displayed, the way of organization through social networks, and the unusual "support" by non European media, including the WP, WSJ, and so a context, six months to the European elections, where Bannon will be trying to get the results of Brazil, or at least those of Andalucia past Sunday ( both campaigns managed by him...) to rise the far-right, directly managed and funded from the US, to the European parliament to block the recent still slight sovereignist impulses inside the EU related to resisting US presure.
To this end, a lot of money is being spent to get known to the people fringe organizations and parties so far with scarce relevance and support in Europe because of their extremist and really anti-European discourse.

The real European left and the working people must pay especial attention to not offer any support to their own executioners, even when there are plenty of reasons to go out in the streets to protests, since, as have been proved in Brazil, privatizations of eveything, destroying of what is left of environment, tax cuts for the richest, worse conditions for workers, harshest control and censure for labour organizations, and a general regression on rights and freedoms, will follow the next very day after rising the far-right to power

In an effort to discredit the protests, the French Main Stream Media is accusing the gilets jaunes protestors of belonging to either the "extreme left" or the "extreme right"

And so, in an effort to understand what is really going on, the following is my rough translation from reading French blogs that are considered "far right" by the French media

I won't link to them, because it might get me banned here

Here's one:

For some protestors, Hervé Ryssen is considered to be one of the unofficial "leaders" of this leaderless gilets jaunes protest.

As everyone knows the persecution of people who dare to address the Jewish question is ever escalating worldwide. And France is one of the worst places. Like Monika Schaefer, Ursula Haverbeck, Sylvia Stolz in Germany and Alison Chabloz in UK and many more, Hervé Ryssen is persecuted for the serving the Truth in France

Although still free, chances are good Ryssen that he will be re-imprisoned pretty soon.

His update is upsetting for those who still think that speaking Truth is some sort of game.

At the same time it is sobering and very inspiring.

Despite the fact that Hervé mostly quotes Jews themselves he is being persecuted relentlessly. He has been imprisoned several months for tweets like:

The Jews are primarily responsible for the massacre of thirty million Christians in the USSR between 1917 and 1947”


Uncomplicated: as long as you do not accuse the Jews of their innumerable crimes, they will accuse you of their own.”

In total he has already been convicted for 11 months only for tweets and Facebook posts.

He was sentenced for 6 months alone for just sharing a photo compilation about WW2 on Twitter.

And more is coming.

To learn more, search The Persecution of Hervé Ryssen


From France I can assure you that it is not a rebellion managed from outside. Because if Trump or anyone wants to destabilize french governement they can reveal the 2 million of euros Macron has hidden in fiscal paradise, wich is an information knew by all secret services but hidden by french media.

Manifestations has been launched by radical right - wich is anti-american - against fuel tax but then take in charge by working class and middle class wich are speaking about their own social condition, rejecting neo-liberal policies and any political party, including radical right. Now all political parties are affraid by what is happening and try to calm down people, but not François Ruffin, a revolutionary from Mélenchon's party who is the only politician accepted in manifestations (Mélenchon himself is hated). It reminds me 1789 when bourgeoisie gave rifle to peasant to overthrow the king but then was affraid that the peasant had guns.

Violence are due to far right and far left demonstrators and undercover agent from Macron who has a stategy of chaos as Emmanuel Todd said.

The ideological gap between french working class and the bourgeoisie and also between Parisian and the rest of France is huge and is the key of this event.

Don't forget that violence only happens in Paris and that the manifestations in the rest of France are more significant and peacefull.














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