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GLADIO STRIKES STRASBOURG: Globalists just changed the conversation in France from Macron’s date with the guillotine



 : No one does it better than Operation Gladio.  They know how to change the conversation faster than you can say “Gladio”.

A Long List of Gladio Black Operations and Psyops Conducted Around the Globe

When you’re in the hot water that Immanuel Macron is in, the distraction better be swift and surprising.  After all, the French love their guillotines.

With this classic Gladio attack strategically conducted on the Christmas market, every Frenchmen is sure to take notice.  And so they are!  Which conveniently lets Macron off the hook, both figuratively and literally.



Now the rest of us can debate whether the mass shooting in Strasbourg was real, a hoax, or a hybrid of both.  Only then will the cabal think that Macron will be free from our (read: Alt Media) scrutiny.

However, the NWO cabal fails to realize that every Rothschild agent in high office will always be put under our microscope until they are frogmarched out of town.



The Millennium Report
December 11, 2018



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