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Anti-Zionism is NOT ‘anti-Semitism’


Anti-Zionism is NOT ‘anti-Semitism’—Everything changes when the Israeli lobby is exposed

 Fake Slur of “Anti-Semitism”
The Most Powerful and Pervasive

Psyopin Modern History

New laws banning criticism of Israel are unconstitutional, repugnant and represent censorship

State of the Nation

Well, well…the ‘anti-semitic’ slur is rolled out once again by those who are really the anti-Semites.

How’s that for a totally twisted, yet amazingly successful, multi-decade plot to manipulate all of humanity into believing the BIG LIE?

The whole world has been plundered, pillaged and raped with the help of the cudgel of the utterly fake slur of “anti-Semitism”.

How so?

In point of fact, most of the perennial accusers, who incessantly brandish the weapon of anti-Semitism, are not even Semites.

And, as if to add insult to injury, the true victims of anti-Semitism throughout the world are real Semites whose only association with Judaism, or the Jews, or the Hebrews, or Zionism, or the Apartheid state of Israel, is that they are terribly oppressed by these rabidly anti-Semitic groups.

Now don’t take our word for it, listen to a former minister in the Israeli government speak to an American Jewish journalist about how Israel knowingly uses the “fake slur” of anti-Semitism against any and all enemies, perceived or otherwise.

Israeli Minister “We always use the anti-Semitism trick or bring up the Holocaust”

How’s that for a series of truth bombs from the horse’s mouth.  Now here’s another  blockbuster speech by a brutally honest American Jew about deliberate Zionist attempts to push the United States in a Third World War: Benjamin H Freedman’s Epic Speech About World War III.

Now listen to this “Orthodox Jewish Leader and Rabbi Vigorously defends Rep. Ilhan Omar from transparently bogus attacks of anti-Semitism (Video)“.  The preceding video completely exposes the canard of anti-Semitism in this explosive case that is rocking the U.S. Congress at this pivotal moment in U.S. history.

For those who really want to read the truth about this multi-millennial conspiracy to control and manipulate nations large and small, the following article breaks it all down.

And there’s not an anti-Semitic fact in this utterly truthful screed!

The Zionist agenda

Let’s be clear: all Jewish people are not Zionist.  And, all Zionists are not Jewish.

As a matter of historical fact, most Zionists have nothing to do with the authentic Judaic religion per se.  And, if they do call themselves Jewish, it’s according to their racial bloodline only since their conduct proves unequivocally that these Zionists do have not a religious bone in their bodies.

So, in reality, the Zionist agenda is merely a furtive political scheme bereft of Jewish spirituality or its philosophical traditions.  There are, however, some truly Jewish adherents, who are profoundly misled by Zionism, who do promote the fatally flawed Zionist agenda.

The bottom line here is that Zionism has stealthily co-opted Judaism in many instances to advance its extremely nefarious agenda across the planet with immense and terrifying effect.

As for the clandestine plan that Zionism cooked up toward the end of the 19th century, it’s all about one thing and one thing only—a One World Government where the most hardened Zionists rule the world OUT IN THE OPEN.

Greater Israel Project

One of the primary pillars of the Zionist platform is the Greater Israel Project. (See link below)

“Greater Israel”: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East

Truly, it doesn’t get scarier than this regional terrorist plot to take over the entire Middle East.

It could even be argued that every single war and armed conflict in the Mideast over the past 120 years was engineered to fulfill the atrocious goals of the extremely destructive and deadly Greater Israel Project.

All of the most recent wars waged by the Zio-Anglo-American Axis (ZAAA) were initiated on behalf of the hidden Zionist leaders who have surreptitiously infiltrated every major Western power.

The unprovoked wars of naked aggression against Iraq and Syria, Afghanistan and Libya, Yemen and Palestine as well as others were all initiated toward the advancement of the Greater Israel Project.

The “Anti-Semitic” Slur

One of the main components of the Zionist worldwide strategy is to smear anyone who opposes their genocidal wars as ‘anti-Semites’.  And it’s worked like a charm for well over a hundred years.

This is the real game the Zionists have played quite successfully for centuries.  Should anyone disagree with their imperialistic plans for total world domination, that person or entity is immediately blackballed an anti-Semite. See: STRATFOR Chief Reveals Zio-Anglo-American Plot For World Domination

This despicable tactic has even been utilized against authentic God-fearing Jews— real practitioners of the Judaic religion — who are then called self-hating Jews because they merely speak the raw truth about the sheer depth and breath of Zionist malevolence.  Even these pious Orthodox Jewish sects are grimly aware of the horrors of Zionism inflicted on the world, and who then have the courage to confront it.

Today, populations around the globe are now witnessing the personal and political destruction of many innocent elected representatives and government officials whose reputations are being tarnished with the false stain of anti-Semitism.

Truly, the original fake news spewed by the mainstream media for many decades is the false pejorative of ‘anti-Semitism’ that’s hurled at any truth-speaker who speaks about the true barbarity and incessant warmongering associated with Zionism.

In point of fact, any political commentator, anywhere in the world is systematically labelled an anti-Semite for merely speaking or writing about the nakedly Apartheid state of Israel or its utterly savage treatment of the Palestinians.

Did 70 Million Die So The Jews Could Have Palestine?

Who on Earth has not witnessed the unending brutality and profound cruelty of the Israeli government toward Palestine?  The Ashkenazi tyrants in Tel Aviv have carried out the same genocidal scheme against the Palestinians that they assert was perpetrated against them by Hitler’s Nazi Germany.

And then these Zionist barbarians have the chutzpah to accuse anyone, who truthfully defines their transparently stolen country as an apartheid state, an anti-Semite.  Meanwhile the vast majority of the Zionists (both Jewish and Christian) and other Judeophile accusers are not even descended from the original Semitic tribes that once populated the ancient Middle East.  What an epic scam against the world community of nations!

However, this time around the absurdly fake ‘anti-Semitic’ label is being exposed for the canard that it almost always is.  People the world over are waking up by the millions.

Quite unexpectedly, here in America, brave Democrats (Isn’t that an oxymoron, but it’s entirely true!) are taking the countless throwers of the ‘anti-Semite’ slur to task.  This juvenile yet extremely dangerous Zionist charade is being exposed like never before.  And, now that this cat is out of the bag, there’s no putting it back in.

ZIONISM: A Terrible Scourge Inflicted on the Entire Planetary Civilization

Were the true history of the world to be written, it would primarily present a vast and scathing indictment of the multi-century Zionist scheme to take over the entire planetary civilization.

It’s now a historical fact that each and every major war on the planet since the horrifying French Revolution was instigated by the Zionist hidden hand (they were called Jacobins back then).  Although few revisionist historians have done the research, it’s all but certain that all of the wars over the past 2000 plus years were somehow incited by the same warmongering cabal.  It’s what they do in order to distract the nations of the world from their never-ending plots of grand theft and mass murder, odious treachery and unspeakable perfidy, trademark treason and frequent sedition.

The Trump administration has become a haven for so many Zionist warmongers that a full-blown war cabinet now inhabits the West Wing.

You name them — VP Pence, SOS Pompeo, NSA Bolton, CIA Haspel, Special Rep Abrams, Senior Advisor Kushner — in the aggregate, these Neocons represent a stealthy infiltration of the White House that is dangerous to the extreme.  For example, here is just one exposé on John Bolton, a Neocon Zionist who never saw a war he didn’t like, or a nation he didn’t want to invade. NSA John Bolton: A Dangerous Zionist Madman in the White House

In order to apprehend the degree to which the U.S. Congress is now infested with these traitorous dual-citizens who swear more allegiance to Israel than to the United States, the following interview is a must view: Dr. Lorraine Day Drops Truth Bombs Her Congressman Husband Witnessed Regarding Noahide Legislation

As for the primary means by which the Neocon Zionists have taken complete control of the U.S. Federal Government and American political process, this article breaks it all down in excruciating detail. These are the primary Israeli lobbies that control the U.S. Congress via campaign funding and raw political power

KEY POINTS: The extreme deception that has been utilized by the Zionist state of Israel to keep its enemies in check is astonishing by any measure.  For instance, very few understand that the current tyrannical monarchy in Saudi Arabia ruled by the House of Saud is actually a Jewish bloodline. (See: The House Of Saud: It’s Jewish Origin And Installation By The British Crown)  Only the radioactive details of the preceding exposés can explain why Israel and Saudi Arabia have suddenly become fast friends in their determination to conquer Iran.  Likewise, how many geopolitical analysts ever admit that ISIS = ISRAELI SECRET INTELLIGENCE SERVICE.  Which is why ISIS never threatened Israel and even apologized to PM Netanyahu for a stray attack on Israeli territory.


The real back story about Zionism and its fraudulent use of anti-Semitism is the last straw of Revelation.  When this explosive history goes mainstream, the world will finally be liberated from the highly destructive and deadly claws of the Zionists.  Conversely, until the truth about the exceedingly dangerous Zionist New World Order globalist agenda is revealed, there will never be world peace.

What is quite improbable is that it took the ever-prevaricating Democrat Party to lay bare the reality of Israeli control of the U.S. Congress.  Before the three new female Democrat members of Congress (Omar, Tlaib & AOC) took center stage, there was Democrat Cynthia McKinney who was run out of the House after she dared to expose the treasonous “pledge of loyalty” that many Congressman have signed for decades.

The phony anti-Semitic attacks on Ilhan Omar reminded me of another brave black woman, former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, who said there are, in fact, politicians signing pledges to foreign countries in Congress.

McKinney said she was asked to sign a pledge of loyalty to Israel when she was a young Congresswoman during George W. Bush’s miserable presidency. Four hundred members of Congress signed the pledge but McKinney refused.
(Source: The Truth Is Not Anti-Semitic And Should Never Be Illegal)

Oh, really, a camarilla of dual US-Israeli citizens is incredibly imposing a loyalty oath to Israel on members of Congress?!?!  It should be noted that on August 30, 2015,  “the only Congressman now in Congress that refused to sign this AIPAC Loyalty Oath to Israel was Representative Walter Jones”.  How’s that for a patriotic U.S. Congress?

Now we all know why the nonsensical but dangerous slur of ‘anti-Semitism’ is used so aggressively to keep the goyim on the Zionist reservation.  So that the Zionist warmongers can continue to wage war against humanity with virtual impunity.  See the current face of their war machine below.

Given this current state of affairs, the single best way to demolish the Zionist agenda is to support the BDS movement.[1] For as is always the case, the single best way to kill the beast is to starve the Beast. See: Boycotting Israel Is the Right Thing to Do

And, yet, in light of the dire necessity to free the American people from covert Israeli oppression, there are now at least 26 States That Have Enacted Anti-BDS Legislation to Protect Israel, Not the USA.  Wow. Just WOW! ! !

State of the Nation
March 14, 2019


[1] Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel


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