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Israel to Stage False Flag Against U.S. to Start War with Iran


Insider Says Israel Poised to Stage False Flag Attack Against U.S. Targets to Start War with Iran


War Plan Includes Tactical Nukes

U.S. Military fighting yet another war to advance the Greater Israel project

The Millennium Report

If there is one cataclysmic train wreck happening in slow motion on the global geopolitical chessboard, it’s the Neocon-instigated war being waged by the Trump administration against Iran.  The financial terrorism and economic sabotage already inflicted on Iran by the U.S. have themselves been egregious acts of war.

Trump Administration Goes All Out to Wreck Iranian Economy

Truly, it does not any more serious than this colossal foreign policy fiasco.

Once again, the apartheid state of Israel has successfully hijacked the U.S. Military, State Department and Intelligence Community in order to wage an unprovoked war of naked aggression against a sovereign state in the Middle East.

It’s of paramount importance to understand that this war-in-the-making is the culmination of a covert plan to advance the Greater Israel project.  As follows:

General Wesley Clark: “The US will attack 7 countries in 5 years” (Video)

Only with this critical understanding will such a transparently illegal, reckless and catastrophic war make any sense.  Catastrophic because such misguided  warmongering by the Neocons is guaranteed to trigger the hot phase of World War III.  Of course, the New World Order cabal is counting on exactly that eventuality.  See: The Only Remaining Option for the NWO Globalist Cabal is: World War III

For the global crime syndicate known as the International Banking Cartel that runs the perpetual war economy across the planet, they know that the end is very near for them.  The entire Global Economic & Financial System is teetering on the precipice of a total and final collapse.  Their only way out is war—a Third World War with which to implement the last stage of the NWO agenda—the establishment of a totalitarian One World Government.

Iran is the lynchpin in this insane scheme to plunge the world community of nations into chaos out of which the NWO cabal will fabricate a draconian communist order not too unlike the 20th century’s Soviet Union.  This is precisely why President Trump was ordered by his Neocon Zionist masters to form his stone-cold war cabinet of Bolton, Pompeo, Pence, Haspel, Abrams and Shanahan.  Each warmonger was hand-picked by Israel to develop and implement the war plans necessary to conquer Iran.

Here’s John Bolton Promising Regime Change in Iran by the End of 2018



Just how serious are the rapidly evolving events in the Mideast in the regions surrounding Iran. See: U.S. Attempts to Provoke Iran via Aircraft Carrier Sailed Into Iranian Waters

It has been quite clear ever since Trump first declared his candidacy in June of 2015 that war against Iran was the very centerpiece of his foreign policy.  Every major foreign policy decision has been made toward that end, including the intentionally failed military coup against Venezuela.  See: The Spontaneous “Military Coup” in Caracas was Meant to Fail?

Now the whole world is seeing just how much premeditation and stealth have gone into this ‘American war’ against Iran fought on behalf of Israel.  The Neocon Zionists have been planning this armed conflict for decades, and they know it must not fail or else….

These warmongers know that there’s a tried and tested way to start any regional war, especially one that needs to capture the full support of the American people.  They will carry out a false flag terrorist attack on American assets somewhere in the world that is inordinately vicious and provocative .  If not that, the Neocon perps will surreptitiously stage a surprise attack on the U.S. Navy in the Mideast which will immediately be blamed on Iran.

The Israeli attack on the USS Liberty provides the best example of how Israel might be used to stage this false flag operation.  PM Netanyahu has already proven to be an arch-enemy of the United States as demonstrated by his own words HERE and he will do whatever it takes to trick the U.S citizenry into supporting another odious war to advance the calamitous Greater Israel project.

The articles provided in the following link provide many secret and missing details about the true story of Israel’s treacherous attack on the USS Liberty during the Six-Day War in 1967.

Israel’s False Flag Attack on the USS Liberty Exposed and Explained

If ever there was a time for cooler heads to prevail in the Trump administration, that time is surely now.  Nothing less than the outbreak of World War III is at stake.

The Millennium Report
May 9, 2019

N.B. What follows is a previous post with an alarming article that reveals Israel’s direct involvement in this blatant attempt to false flag the American Republic into another war for Israel.



HUGE BETRAYAL: Team Trump Planning Major War Using Tactical Nukes Against Iran for Fall 2019

TMR Editor’s Note: The following report represents Trump’s biggest betrayal yet of the American people. He was voted into office to end the wars and not to start new ones.

The covert war plans being drawn up by the administration’s many Neocon warmongers will inevitably trigger the hot phase of World War III. And Trump and his Neocon War Cabinet don’t even care. All they want is to conquer Iran for the benefit of Israel.

Sadly, the POTUS now spends more time with MIGA than he does with MAGA. His re-election prospects will be doomed should he wage an unprovoked war of naked aggression against Iran, especially if it’s initiated on the pretext of a false flag attack conducted by Israel or other deceitful proxy.

SPECIAL MESSAGE to Israel: Iran has been secretly equipped to fire a variety of highly advanced, surgical strike, ballistic missiles anywhere they want to throughout Israel. Their weaponry and drone technology are far beyond what the West is aware of. Hence, any attack against Israel is guaranteed to “wipe Israel off the map” as the Israelis say they want to do to Iran, even without the slightest provocation. Tel Aviv will surely become a smoking pile of devastation should the U.S. military attack Iran on behalf of Israel.

The Millennium Report
May 8, 2019

N.B. Some folks have suggested that the following article is satire.   Not so, but It was actually written as satire by a deep insider in order to convey deadly serious classified information that was secretly obtained by a Trump administration insider who is privy to the insane Neocon war plan delineated below.

WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: War with Iran planned by Trump, to occur in the Fall of 2019

Tactical nukes and ground invasion planned for Iran, according to whistleblower


President Donald Trump and his inner circle are planning an extensive invasion of Iran, according to a source working in the White House.

The plan involves a ground invasion and the use of tactical nuclear weapons, in a campaign planned for the Fall of 2019. Iran will be “wiped off the map” according to the source, and the war effort is expected to cost “two and half times the Iraq War.”

The war will be promoted by the news media and Trump will go right along with it, after an “expected False Flag pinned on Iran, probably something involving the boats in the Strait of Hormuz.” The False Flag is an “integral part of the plan” as Iran has reportedly no desire or intent to start a war, according to the whistleblower.

Trump Administration planning war with Iran

The war plans have the White House staff “in an excited tizzy” as war-hawks like John Bolton put the “finishing touches” on the planned strike. President Trump initially showed resistance to the plan, but has since jumped on board with enthusiasm, convinced Iran is an “existential threat to Israel” and as such, a war is required to “eliminate them.”

Further details have been revealed, including:

  • 100 tactical nukes will be used to eliminate the Iranian military.
  • 120,000 U.S. ground troops will be used in the invasion.
  • France, the U.K., Canada, Saudi Arabia and Israel are expected to join a “coalition” in support of the war.
  • CIA assets and counter-intel efforts have been ramped-up over the past year in preparation.
  • A “False Flag” is being prepared to be used before the war with Iran.
  • Propaganda is being prepped by White House and Israeli counterparts.
  • Israel will support the effort and Benjamin Netanyahu was reportedly “smiling ear to ear” during a recent meeting with John Bolton.
  • There are concerns Trump’s “base” may resist or criticize the efforts, so further propaganda efforts are being made to “shore up support” for the war.
  • Expected casualties range between 1.2 Million and 2 Million Iranians and 5,000 US troops.

Due to President Trump’s close relationship with Jared Kushner, a sense of “sober import” has been placed on the war effort, which is being as a fulfillment of “Jewish prophecy” within White House circles. Many in the White House believe Jared Kushner is the “Messiah” or Jewish “Moshiach” who cannot attain his “throne” until Iran is wiped out.

The White House source is a high level official who has been right about many other things in the past, and their identity has been verified.

The information in this article was provided to David Goldberg, a Jewish advocate and fellow at the Jewish Center for Antisemitic Study, by a former White House employee only known by the name of “Isabel”. Her story has been aired on Mr. Goldberg’s YouTube channel, and she continues to provide valuable information about what is going on in the Trump White House.

Antisemitic attacks against Mr. Goldberg continue, and are documented in his video series. Efforts to block this information and shut down the social media accounts of Mr. Goldberg continue to be an issue.




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