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Will an Israeli Sub Sink the Abraham Lincoln?


Veterans Today


May 11, 2019



By Gordon Duff and Ian Greenhalgh

Our sources say that Israel is planning to drop a missile or torpedo into the USS Abraham Lincoln and blame Iran, just like they did with 9/11, blaming of all nations, Iraq and Afghanistan, when a pack of supposed Saudis, financed by the Royal Family there, dropped around 4 megatons of aluminum aircraft into Manhattan.

The US has tried twice before to staging sinkings of American ships supposedly by Iran and was blocked, something re-classified and erased from news, “Google-ized” from the internet. For more on 9/11:

The Secret History of 9/11

We can show how Donald Trump, buoyed by Bob Barr, an Israeli-bought congress and a blackmail game run against opposition leaders by Rudy (“the Rat”) Guiliani, has legalized outright treason against the United States.

With congress cut out of all war powers, no “advise and consent” for a GOP-controlled senate where nearly everyone is corrupt and an intelligence community run by torturers and incompetents, the American people have been openly told that US forces are being deployed for war based on rumors from Israel.

Why would anyone believe Israel? No sane person would, a nation that has openly violated UNSC resolutions 200 times, the pariah of the world.

This is the ultimate crime for an American leader – surrendering command of US forces and knowingly allowing thousands of Americans to be murdered in order to start another war that America will eventually walk away from, as with Vietnam, Grenada, Iraq, Afghanistan…no wait, we “won” Grenada.

This is a complex story or a simple story. The US, and by “US” we mean those pulling Trump’s strings, the same gang that planned the rigged 2000 election, picked up Chalibi, and joined with Saudi Arabia and Israel to stage 9/11.

They are now doing it again and Trump is totally onboard, buoyed by an Attorney General that has told him that he is above the law. Wasn’t there language in the Declaration of Independence that abrogates the possibility of any citizen being above the law, and by that we mean “immune from arrest?” The basis for this is Magna Carta and English Common Law since the 13th century and the clear use of King John’s document as a basis for establishing the “afterthought” we call “The Bill of Rights.”



    “We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness….”


Something we might remember. With Democrats in control of the House, by a massive majority in popular vote overriding Bush-era gerrymandering, only the illegal US Senate is protecting foreign control of the US.

You see, with states like Montana and Wyoming (many others as well, to an extent) having one house seat but 2 senators, the senate is now controlled by states without people; states totally controlled by historical rail, banking and mining interests own by Rothschild-controlled banks. The framers of the constitution failed to foresee stacking “fake states” into the Union. There were NO provisions for adding states from territory not yet held by the US, and those regions were not covered by the constitution. Any area off this map could not become a state without amending the constitution, which was NOT done:

This is how we ended up with 30 fake senators from states with little population and long histories of corruption and tyranny. Senators have been jokingly accused of representing single corporations, men like Bob Dole, “the senator from Archer Daniels Midland Corporation”; or “Scoop” Jackson, the senator from Boeing.

Now, through the Federal Reserve owned by Rothschild banks, all are enthralled to Israel.  They “protect” Trump, help him hide his taxes, protect him from rape charges, hundreds of cases of fraud and ever mounting treason, Saudi Arabia and Israel, who never tire of screwing the United States, the same nations that staged 9/11 and are preparing to do it all again.

The “opinion” that a sitting president cannot be indicted has no basis in the Constitution whatsoever, no court opinion or decision affirms it; but several submitted drafts by people like Rudy Giuliani, Robert Bork and Ken Starr intended to protect corrupt GOP tyrants, and we are talking Nixon, Reagan and “W,” were penned. All read childishly, that somehow we all need to be saved from ourselves, and that if we lock up an insane or outrageously corrupt president, the Russians will kill us all in our beds.

Everyone gets a jury of “peers,” even Donald Trump. We begin:

Donald Trump ordered 4 nuclear armed B52s and a carrier battlegroup to the Straits of Hormuz (Iranian national waters) on what he knew to be totally fake/non-existent intelligence.

We know this as a fact.

The driving force behind this was Benjamin Netanyahu, who had just backed down after Hamas hit Tel Aviv over and over and over with several hundred missiles, “killing four and injuring 200.”

Not one phone call describing damage was allowed out of Israel, not one social media post, not a single YouTube, nothing. No photos, no video, no interviews, no names, nothing, the biggest single blackout of communications ever achieved.

You wonder why so many fear Israel, a nation that peddles draconian technologies around the world, tech they use against even their own Jewish population, now virtual prisoners of what is clearly a military dictatorship over a thinly veiled Bolshevik regime.

What we know:

Israel has gotten ahold of a batch of “off the books” production of a highly capable Norwegian-built missile that the US is looking at in order to deploy tactical nuclear weapons with the F35. The Konigsberg NSM or Naval Strike Missile has been sold to a number of countries, but most of the sales have been “off the books.”

Israel has 5 German-built Dolphin Submarines that are modified to carry missiles like these, and larger variants of cruise missiles as well, such as the one that hit the Pentagon on 9/11. Israel has deployed cruise type missiles from their submarines on several occasions. For more on the Israeli sub sinking by Syria:

24 Months Ago: Syrian Navy Destroys Israeli Submarine

Sources in the DOD tell us that Israel has lost two subs in recent years, one sunk by Syria, and the other hit by a torpedo fired from an American destroyer after launching a missile that flew directly over an American aircraft carrier.

It seems that President Obama had heard of the USS Liberty incident, something Donald Trump knows nothing of.

Following these missiles, shipped through Poland, transferred to Ukraine, all “off books,” new variants modified to launch from submarines, land-based variants, some with tactical nuclear warheads, our Norwegian friends are becoming the “go to” source for terrorism.

The NSM can’t be jammed, it maneuvers to avoid being shot down and is nearly invisible to radar. These have shown up in Turkey for transfer to “al Nusra/al Qaeda” to be used against the Russian airbase in Syria.

It will take a tactical nuclear warhead, a very small one like those Israel has become so adept at building, to sink a supercarrier in the Strait of Hormuz.

This will open the door for a nuclear attack on Iran, the only way Iran is vulnerable.  America simply doesn’t have the regional allies nor muscle to take on Iran, a nation capable of obliterating both Israel and Saudi Arabia in a matter of days. Iran totally controls the Indian Ocean with its advanced Chinese-designed missiles; and Iran has many thousands of them, shore-based and hardened, and hundreds on small and highly maneuverable boats as well.

This is a nuclear war, one Trump has been personally paid for though loans and deals which Jared Kushner is on the record for having penned already; and a war made possible by a corrupt congress that has turned the US into a full and complete dictatorship under foreign rule.




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