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Jeffrey Epstein's arrest is a major Deep State & Zionist operation

Why Arrest Jeffrey Epstein Now?

July 9, 2019

The Federal Court of the Southern District of New York is an Illuminati Jewish conclave  where Cabalist business gets done. After years of turning a blind eye, they have laid charges against Epstein. 


Given the case filed against Donald Trump in 2016, where a woman claimed Trump raped her at age 13 at Epstein's apartment, this scandal has the potential to bring down Donald Trump. 


The question is why now? 


1) Is Israel exerting pressure on Trump to attack Iran? Neocon Alan Dershowitz's willingness to incriminate himself (see story below) supports this view.


2. Do the Demon-rats believe this is the only way to stop Trump in 2020?  (The fact that Wikipedia has removed Epstein links to Dems supports this view.) Regardless, they may have decided to sacrifice Bill Clinton to stop Trump.  


Perhaps Attorney General Barr's investigation of CIA-FBI misdemeanours against Trump campaign is a factor. Or was this the plan all along? Discredit Trump and everything positive he represents. 


 When you consider what the Dems did with a nothing-burger like "Russian collusion," this easily could be Trump's Watergate.


by Brabantian




Jeffrey Epstein's arrest on Saturday 6 July 2019 is a major Deep State & Zionist political operation, not just a sudden burst of 'delayed justice' for victims who have been accusing Epstein for years.


What we more likely have, is the set-up of a powerful, and Mossad-backed, blackmail machine, that can be used to keep US President Donald Trump under control beyond a 2020 re-election, and also hang over the head of numerous other US and world figures who visited Epstein on his island where too-young girls were gathered for 'entertainment'. 




On 30 June during the USA 2016 election, an elite-linked 'new media' site - The Daily Beast, founded in 2008 by Jewish media maven Barry Diller, and quarter-Jewish Tina Brown - ran a story about how the Jeffrey Epstein files could destroy either the Clintons or Donald Trump:


The Daily Beast is now privileged to break the story about Epstein's arrest, getting the 'scoop' from the USA federal prosecutors in New York.


And those prosecutors on the Epstein case, the USA Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York include a certain Maurene Comey, who turns out to be the daughter of scandal-tainted former FBI Director and Hillary Clinton partisan James Comey, who had been fired by Donald Trump. Maurene Comey is married to a Jewish lawyer, Lucas Issacharoff, son of Samuel Issacharoff, who has taught at Tel Aviv University as well as in the USA.


Somehow these New York prosecutors got a lot more 'interested' in the Epstein files and accusers as it became more and more likely that the Mueller forays to undermine President Trump would end in frustration.







Jeffrey Epstein (born 1953) had been indicted for his young-girl-exploitation crimes in 2007, and went to prison for only 13 months after a light 2008 'deal' approved by a prosecutor, Alexander Acosta (born 1969), now in Donald Trump's cabinet as Secretary of Labor. 


Key amongst Epstein's lawyers making that deal, was ultra-Zionist Deep-Stater & Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz (born 1938).


Many accusers, however, were angry about Epstein getting off so easily, amidst horrendous charges of violating under-age girls systematically, and flying famous people to join in the crimes on 'Lolita Express' flights. Lawyer Dershowitz himself came to be accused of not only visiting Epstein in the Caribbean, but also of joining in the abuse of young girls supplied by Epstein.


And now Alan Dershowitz, in what seems a major betrayal of his client - like lawyer Michael Cohen betrayed Trump to Mueller? - Dershowitz helped set the stage for Epstein's arrest, by fighting and winning in US federal court, an order to publicly reveal files involving Epstein, files that had previously been kept secret ... Dershowitz's victory was on 2 July, just 4 days before Epstein was arrested:


Dershowitz' claim is that he needed to do this to 'exonerate himself' regarding the accusations Dershowitz himself was abusing under-age girls ... but 'lack of evidence' is not an exoneration. If you visited Epstein on his island or flew on his Lolita Express private planes, as Dershowitz did, suspicion will remain. Dershowitz rather seems to have been following a Zionist agenda and scheme here, to revive the Epstein scandal.


And speaking of Zionist agendas, Epstein may, even today, be a Mossad asset. In the history of Epstein's alleged crimes with under-age girls, and a long stream of statements by accusers, the main figure often seen by Epstein's side, allegedly procuring girls for him, is socialite Ghislaine Maxwell (born 1961), daughter of the Czech-Jewish 'Israeli super-spy' and British media owner Robert Maxwell (1923-91). The elder Maxwell was involved in many scandals, and supposedly died of a heart attack 'falling off his yacht', but is often thought to have been murdered.


Given the idea that the Mossad spy man's daughter was helping Epstein to obtain female 'guests' for his island's activities, some speculate that what went on in Epstein's property the Caribbean was a rather ultimate large-scale Mossad blackmailing operation with cameras possibly everywhere and in every room, filming everyone.


(On Epstein Island, there was even a blatant Illuminati-theme temple structure - Did satanic ritual sacrifices take place there?) 


Whatever is in Epstein's archives, videotapes and the rest, may now be 'Mossad assets', whose use in blackmail we may never learn in this life. Regarding Epstein himself, possibly there is a wing of the establishment that decided, Epstein went too far ... or that his time of being useful was over. But with so much possible by way of secret government activity and media control, we may not be able to know if Epstein is 'really' being prosecuted, or if he will 'really' be in prison again ... or if this is all just a show now, performed to strike terror into the heart of anyone and everyone, who ever had a ride on the 'Lolita Express'.



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First Comment from Reddit Conspiracy- A Psychopathic Pedophile Satanist Cult Runs the World 


It's their command & control structure.


Pedophiles/Satanists can be controlled by blackmail. Get each of your minions on video raping and/or murdering a child, and it ensures that when you give an order, it will be carried out... OR ELSE.


As a prerequisite initiation, it ensures your minions have no moral qualms about carrying out your orders. Kill a family? No problem. Start a war? You got it, boss.


As an initiation, it ensures that no Good Guys will infiltrate your ranks and expose or disrupt the operation.


Many who abuse children were themselves abused as children. They were made to feel powerless and small. People crave what they lack. People in power are those who crave power. And their sexual preferences reflect this. Again, what greater expression of power over another than to rape, torture, and murder a child?


It's so over-the-top evil that even if it's exposed, nobody in the mainstream will believe it. You might as well try to tell people that zombie dolphins from the planet Zoltar have infiltrated the government.


Kills compassion for their fellow humans. If the rapist/torturer had some spark of goodness that might hold them back from executing tasks that most would consider to be pure evil, these rituals help destroy it.


It's a major perk for psychopaths. Great recruiting material. Just do what you're told, without question, and you can rape, torture, and kill all the kiddies you want with zero repercussions.


Very, Very Bad Things


Mark Passio: Our Entire Society Is One Big Satanic Ritual


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