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Hong Kong Protests Coordinated by Anglo-American Intelligence Agencies

Hong Kong protest leaders secretly meeting US State Department protest liaison and foreign service agent Julie Eadeh


CIA COLOR REVOLUTION: Hong Kong Protests Coordinated by Anglo-American Intelligence Agencies


“Don’t the people of Hong Kong know they’re being used by CIA/MI6 to carry out a color revolution that does not serve their interest?”

The Millennium Report

The most consequential geopolitical event in the world today are the CIA/MI6-directed protests in Hong Kong.  Of course, the U.S. State Department always plays a big part in these insurrections as evidenced by the following Chinese media investigation:

C.I.A. COLOR REVOLUTION: Chinese Proves US State Dept. Running Violent Protest in Hong Kong

That the Trump administration would attempt to carry out a full-blown color revolution — IN BROAD DAYLIGHT — in Hong Kong right in the middle of the most serious trade negotiations ever speaks volumes.

CHUTZPAH: Trump Administration Attempts a Color Revolution in Hong Kong in the Midst of Trade Negotiations

This particular CIA-directed black operation in Hong Kong gives new meaning to gunboat diplomacy, especially after the several U.S. Navy warships  have sailed through the Taiwan over the past many months

Very few geopolitical analysts understand that there is nothing spontaneous or organic about the unparalleled protests being staged in Hong Kong by the C.I.A., MI6, US State Dept., Gladio, etc.

In point of fact, the people of Hong Kong have been somehow goaded into this catastrophe-in-the-making through the typical blackmailing and bribery that occurs with every CIA color revolution.  There’s so much stealthy coercion and extortion going on in the background across the district it boggles the mind.

What’s particularly incredible about this massive series of black ops is that it will not end well at all for the Hong Kongese.  How they don’t know this, and are quite willing to be cynically used by the United States and United Kingdom, is as inexplicable as it is inscrutable.

Just look at the war zone that the normally peaceful residents of Hong Kong have permitted to develop in their once well-ordered and clean city. CIA COLOR REVOLUTION IN PROGRESS: Western Powers Turning Hong Kong Into A War Zone (Photos)

2019 Hong Kong extradition bill

The most absurd aspect of this CIA-caused train wreck is that the pretext was initially identified as the 2019 Hong Kong extradition bill.

For the uninitiated, this bill was a perfectly reasonable and rational attempt by the Hong Kong Government to put into place normal extradition laws that should have been in effect for decades.  How they weren’t ever legislated is the real question; not why are these necessary laws being enacted now through a perfectly lawful process.

Nevertheless, the CIA/MI6 used this opportunity to sow seeds of extreme discontent across the entire Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China.

Once they pushed enough of the populace into sheer anti-extradition fever, the residents have become easily manipulated by the unseen Western masters who are pulling the strings.

However, the rest of the world knows exactly what’s gong on, so why don’t the unusually intelligent and informed Hong Kongese? See: The whole world knows the unprecedented Hong Kong protest is yet another CIA color revolution.

What the hidden Western organizers of this uprising have perpetrated behind the scenes is the making of many false promises of a completely independent Hong Kong.  The British (yes, it’s always the bloody Brits behind so much divide and conquer, isn’t t?!) together with their American co-conspirators, have given assurances backed up with serious bribe money to all of the key movers and shakers throughout Hong Kong society.

Once this crucial piece of the op was accomplished, those Hong Kong leaders who committed are in for the long haul and can not get out of their CIA-enforced contracts.  No one ever gets out of the ironclad contracts, by the way.

KEY POINT:  The British were exceedingly resistant to giving up their prized colony in the first place.  In fact,  the British Empire has never been the same since China took over what was rightfully theirs. .

The Bigger Picture

As always, there’s a much bigger picture than just the Trump administration looking to bully China into a trade agreement that will not benefit but only hurt the Chinese.

Neither is the obvious major distraction across all of Asia the primary purpose behind this brazen psyop.  Although distraction is always a piece of the NWO agenda.

Truly, the intensifying war between East and West at this critical point in modern history has never been so hot.  And it will only get hotter since north Korea is also playing a big part in the hostilities, as are South Korea and Japan.

The North Korean Ruse and Hong Kong Psyop—Why now and for what hidden purpose(s)?

Which brings us to the central point of this exposé. 

The Western powers are planning on using this catalytic event in Hong Kong as one of numerous provocations, each designed to push the world community of nations into a state of great conflict and tension.

This very same strategy was used successfully by similar instigators (read: nations) just prior to both World War I & II.  Only this time their unstated goal is to trigger the hot phase of World War III whenever they so determine.

There are actually a series of global cataclysms that The Power The Be are planning on manufacturing over the course of the next couple of years.  As follows:

THEIR FINAL SOLUTION: Market Crash, Dollar Collapse & World War 3

Each of these nefarious objectives stands as a central pillar of their New World Order agenda designed to fabricate a conducive environment for the establishment of a One World Government.

Just as the League of Nations emerged from the ashes of WWI, and the United Nations was formed in the aftermath of WW2, the same Shadow Government seeks to come out into the open through their oft-utilized  Ordo ab chao strategy.

Their ultimate goal, of course, is to transform the planet into a global slave colony where every human being becomes a corporate resource to be totally controlled and therefore not a threat to their rapidly emerging BEAST system.  The NWO cabal also wants to exert total control over the Earth’s natural resources and weather as well. See: NWO Cabal Pursues Total Dominion Over The Earth’s Weather And Natural Resources


There can only be one conclusion to this treacherous attempt to subvert China’s legal control of Hong Kong.

The current Government of China led by President Xi Jinping will never strike a trade deal with Trump.  Any trust that existed before this audacious intervention by the USA is long gone.  Consequently, there will not be a trade agreement for the foreseeable future.  Surel Trump knows this … so who is he really working for?

This very sad and unnecessary state of affairs was quite predictable as it was engineered by the warmongering Neocon Zionists whoTrump appointed throughout his administration.

Now the American people will suffer from all the trade disruption and supply chain interruption that this worsening predicament is causing worldwide.  This country has only begun to suffer the calamitous effects of such a nakedly offensive foreign policy.

Truly, President Trump’s management of foreign affairs has been the most ruinous domestically and internationally in U.S. history.

The Millennium Report
August 13, 2019


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