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Trump Proves to be Pawn of the Neocon Zionists


Truth About Trump Will Bring Down the Whole System


Trump Proves to be a
Puppet of the Power Elite
and Pawn of the Neocon Zionists

“Trump cannot win a second term and
will likely withdraw from the race.
He’s damaged goods! So much wrong
with him. He’s so broken and he gets
more like Humpty Dumpty by the day”— Longtime Political Analyst

TRUMP CANNOT WIN 2020: Constant Betrayals and Broken Promises Ensure His Defeat

State of the Nation

Every day the USA approaches the 2020 election will prove to be a disaster for President Trump. His hidden masters have put him in an untenable position and he knows it.

During the lead-up to the 2016 election, Trump had no political history. Now he has a LOT of political baggage, and most of it runs contrary to his campaign promises.

Given his current trajectory, this pattern of stealthily breaking campaign promises will be his undoing. Hence, the best thing he can do is exit the POTUS race. He no longer has the trust of a critical mass of voters required to win.

In point of fact, President Trump is now damaged goods beyond repair such that he will soon be unelectable. The political calculus clearly points to an electoral disaster for him. As follows:

  • The Left hates Trump with a passion. There’s not a Democrat anywhere who will cast a vote for him. In fact, their hatred is so strong that it will galvanize a vote against him just as much as Hillary haters turned out in force to guarantee her well deserved defeat.
  • The political center knows that Trump broke all of his most important campaign promises. The Independents voted for Trump because of each of those very meaningful promises, and yet he casually broke them all. These folks will not vote for Trump under any circumstances, even if it means an insane Democrat winning; that’s how betrayed most of them now feel.
  • As for the Right, that’s a little more complicated but still quite clear-cut at this advanced stage of voting development and poll results (high-integrity polls, that is). The pro-2nd Amendment, anti-war, anti-Obamacare, anti-illegal immigration, pro-border wall crowd feels terribly betrayed by President Trump. They have jumped off the Trump train forever. Their current posture toward this highly deceitful president is: “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.”
    As for the hardcore Trumpsters who hang on every word of the fake QAnon oracle, they will never get off the Trump train … not even after it takes them over the cliff. No matter how many promises Trump breaks or how profound his betrayals, they will never abandon their ‘God Emperor’. That such a moniker was even attached to such a narcissistic and self-serving individual points directly to the highly sophisticated psyop that propelled him to his first victory.

New York City Con Man

Really, what good could ever come out of the cut-throat New York City real estate development arena? More importantly, what type of candidate would the System ever produce and promote to become POTUS? Especially one who would give voice (i.e. talked a good game) to the Patriot Movement that emerged predominantly in the South and Midwest.

It’s not like Trump had the picture-perfect profile to entice those desperate Right-leaning voters. He didn’t have that at all; in fact, he was quite the opposite. His personal life was that of a New York City liberal no matter what he said. His primary businesses were gambling casinos, flashy high rises for the rich and famous, beauty pageants, golf courses for the wealthy, etc. Having 3 wives and a whole host of illicit affairs certainly did not contribute to the “right” political or personal profile to appeal to the Christian right or traditional conservatives or reform-minded Tea Partiers.

So how did he really do it?! How did a crass, crude, coarse New Yorker corral so many common folks into the pen of Trumpism? Wow! Just WOW ! ! !

So, how did he do it?

Basically, Donald Trump was groomed to be the greatest Con Man in US presidential history. In light of his first term, the proof now exists that proves, indisputably, that he was created as a super CON MAN by his Neocon Zionist creators from the very beginning of his career for just this top-secret presidential mission. For further discussion of this critical point, the following exposé lays it all out.

& by Far the Biggest Con Man
in U.S. Presidential History


Truly, there is so much wrong with Donald Trump and his warmongering administration that’s it’s an inexplicable wonder he ever got this far … particularly in view of the awesome damage left in his wake.

Which again begs the question: How did he really do it?

He didn’t do it.

Israel did it for him.

His entire game is about one thing, and one thing ONLY: Making Israel Great Again.

Donald Trump was quite stealthily installed into the Oval Office to MIGA, not MAGA.

This self-evident truth is now irrefutable based on so much of Trump’s official conduct, as well as by his personal behavior. His extraordinarily close and highly inappropriate relationship with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is a dead giveaway.

However, it’s the wily workings of his son-in-law Jared and daughter Ivanka that should give rise to the most concern about Trump’s hidden agenda. Clearly, his Neocon Zionist masters have given him a set of marching orders that are being surreptitiously carried out by Team Javanka. Just look at what Ivanka is doing in the realm of gun control today!

Ivanka Lobbies Congress to Reject the 2nd Amendment, Push Gun Control

It’s crucial for the reader to understand that gun control in the USA only benefits those who are planning on overthrowing the American Republic. The primary force behind this treasonous plot are the same traitors who perpetrated the false flag terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. See INDISPUTABLE EVIDENCE CONFIRMS: 9/11 was both an “Inside Job” and “Mossad Job”

It’s even more critical for the Right to be aware of the Noahide laws that Trump has been supporting ever since he took office. The ultimate purpose of these Israeli-written laws is to effectively transfer total control of the United States of America to the apartheid state of Israel.

For the uninitiated, the video posted below offers an excellent overview of these Noahide laws that are being furtively put into place in transparent violation of the U.S. Constitution.

Dr. Lorraine Day Tells About the Passing of the Noahide Laws (Video)

Twitter Tweetstorms

There is perhaps no better example of a POTUS totally out of control than the output of Trump’s world-famous Twitter account.

Each successive year has his tweets become more provocative, disrespectful and misrepresentative of reality. This destructive pattern of tweeting at 3:00 in the morning has caused so much chaos and conflict that his presidency has been more about damage control than governing.

Former White House Director of Communications Anthony Scaramucci said it best when he stated that:

“Trump will turn on everyone ‘eventually,’ then the ‘entire country’.”

(Source: Trump’s Lifelong Pattern: “He will turn on everyone”)

The most concerning part of the above quote asserts that Trump will turn on the “entire country” (and using Twitter to do it). By the looks of his bellicose foreign policy, it appears that he already has turned. By turning the entire world against US, where does that leave Americans doing business overseas, traveling abroad, buying property in foreign countries, etc.

Trump has done irreparable damage to the USA’s reputation mostly by validating previous criticisms of American exceptionalism. Who has not seen or heard or felt the wrath of the American global bully by now? Pax Americana under Trump has morphed into the law of the jungle where “might makes right”. The United States is now considered to be the 8oo-pound gorilla that sits anywhere it wants to, whenever it wants to.

This destruction of reputation, of course, started decades ago but the warmongers in Washington, D.C. have put their financial terrorism and economic sabotage on steroids under Trump. Conversely, the Neocon Zionists have ratcheted up naked militarism wherever they seek to steal land and/or resources. The C.I.A. and State Department have become the Fric and Frac of Trump’s unspoken objective to start World War III.

Foreign Policy

Trump has shown himself to be the worst POTUS in history because of a catastrophic foreign policy dictated essentially by Israel.

His administration’s recent foray into Hong Kong has shown him to be a street thug willing to do just about anything to get his way. This is exactly how he ran his businesses in New York City, Atlantic City and Palm Beach. (The SOTN editor had a very personal experience of Donald Trump’s outrageous and unprofessional behavior in the commercial real estate development arena in West Palm.)

Most of Trump’s 2016 supporters demanded an end to the endless warmongering. Why, then, is the US military still in Syria, in Iraq, In Afghanistan, in Somalia? Why, pray tell, is the Trump administration supporting illegal wars in Yemen, in Libya, in Ukraine. Why are they carrying out regime changes in Venezuela, Nicaragua, in Hong Kong, and 10 plus other nations so covertly the evidence is still too thin to accuse them outright?

Hong Kong Protests Stealthily Engineered by CIA Into Fake Rebellion Against China

Mentor Roy Cohn

This stark reality is well documented by Trump’s long-term relationship with notorious lawyer Roy Cohn. That Cohn was actually his mentor reflects just how perilous a predicament the White House is in at this very moment.

Jeffrey Epstein, Roy Cohn & Donald Trump: The Back Story

After exposés like the preceding one, it’s quite incredible Trump made it this far and is still in for a second term. It’s more likely that his primary reason for seeking another term is to stay out of prison because that’s where the Democrats will send him if they ever have their way. Given the still unseen Special Counsel evidence, there’s absolutely no doubt they have the goods on him. (SOTN in no way supports the Democrat Party; they are a communist organization dedicated to the overthrow of the Republic.)

Nonetheless, if Trump does somehow manage to win the Republican nomination, and Israel ensures that he wins the general election, he will be Nixoned shortly after Inauguration Day. Surely he knows that.


Why Trump ever appointed Alex Acosta to Secretary of Labor can only be explained as a direct order from his Mossad handlers in Tel Aviv.

ACOSTAgate: Trump’s most damaging and radioactive scandal

Because of that disastrous appointment, Trump will forever be associated with that US Attorney who cut an illegal deal with Jeffrey Epstein, which then enabled him to continue his underage girl sex crime spree.

Now known as ACOSTAgate, Trump has some serious explaining to do. Why did he put a fox in charge of the hen-house at Labor? Obviously, Trump has shown that he lacks any conscience whatsoever by the laudatory speech he gave about Acosta after he was effectively fired for his pivotal role in EPSTEINgate.

Trump’s secret history

Perhaps the biggest problem that Trump has between now and November 3, 2020 is keeping the lid on his sordid but very secret past.

When the crackerjack investigative journalist, Wayne Madsen, who is a former NSA employee, publishes a report such as the following, you know Trump has HUGE problems.

Republican Source Links Trump’s Tax Return Refusal to Child Sex Complaint Settlements

That Jeffrey Epstein & Associates actually used Trump’s Mar-a-Lago to procure underage girls for Epstein’s personal pleasure and professional use is an established fact that will NOT go away.

There is every indication that Trump himself was fully aware of this arrangement but then staged a falling out with Epstein after the scurrilous crime wave washed over Palm Beach and became well known.

This single video of Trump and Epstein says it all. And, it appears that Trump is the one leading the charge. New Tape Shows Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein discussing women at Mar-A-Lago party In 1992 (Video)

People, there’s simply no way that incriminating video is going away.


Let’s be clear about Trump’s MAGA strategy: Every one of those false promises was made to con the Right. Trump was told exactly what to say and he said it with all the salesmanship necessary to get the votes.

Just like he did with The Apprentice, he read his lines and then performed them to generate a loyal following. A very stupid following; but, nevertheless, a steadfast audience willing to follow him over the fiscal cliff that he’s creating by the day.

There should be no question that Trump is anything but a fiscal conservative. The historical record now shows that both the deficit and federal debt are growing larger than ever. Trump does not have a frugal bone in his body as evidenced by the extremely extravagant spending on his casinos and towers. Likewise, the lavishness of his personal residences and Mar-a-Lago reflect a profligate man with opulent tastes.

MAGAgate: The Hidden Agenda Behind Donald Trump

The essential point here is that MAGA was a fraudulent platform from the get-go and everyone ought to have seen it coming. There’s not a single pillar of that platform that Trump has fulfilled. And he continues this absurd deception with his new slogan — KAG — for 2020. How will he “Keep America Great” when he’s just about wrecked and ruined everything he touches.

One last vital point is that Trump really is the Trojan horse of the power elite, cunningly installed in the White House to trigger a US dollar collapse and market crash. And every move he’s made this far demonstrates this hidden agenda.

The grim reality is that Trump is their point-man who was carefully selected and mentored to implement the clandestine plan delineated in this article: Trump Was Chosen To Implement The Nuclear Option—To Declare A US, Inc. Bankruptcy

2020 Reality

Very few understand, but Deep State will do everything in its power to prevent a second Trump presidency.

The Democrats will work triple time to ensure a Trump defeat.

The C.I.A., FBI, NSA, DoJ and other institutional organs of the U.S Intelligence Community will coordinate to avoid a second term for Trump.

Of course, the Mainstream Media will throw everything at him second time around to seal his fate.

What’s the point?

Even if New World Order globalist cabal needs to crash the stock market and trigger a recession between now and November 3rd, they will do it to torpedo Trump’s candidacy. Look at how easy it was for the globalists to shoehorn Obama into high office after they engineered the stock market crash of 2008 less than 2 months prior to Election Day.

Only with this compelling perspective is Trump’s candidacy a foreordained loss. TPTB simply won’t let him win again. Where his first victory was in the stars, a second term doesn’t make any sense.

KEY POINT: Trump will be 75 in 2021. He can no longer withstand the rigors of political life. Sitting in such a hot seat for 4 more years will see him age tremendously and less able to face the numerous and enormous challenges. Many of the problems are of his own making and, therefore, incapable of being fixed by him. Those systemic problems that have existed for over a century were not of his making but he has shown himself to be completely ineffective and powerless to resolve them.

Gun Control

Make no mistake about it, Trump was installed by his Khazarian mafia overlords to foist gun control on America.

So as not to alienate the Right, his handlers know that he must implement this gun-stripping scheme in the most covert and crafty way.

Notice how Trump has never once questioned the authenticity of so many false flag mass shootings conducted on his watch. He just goes along with each ruse as though they were perfectly real and without all sorts of fakery. Not only that, but he also subtly bends to the will of those on the Left instead of those on the Right in the aftermath.

Now that it’s almost certain he’s a one term president, his masters will use him to gut the Second Amendment anyway they can. Because of his direct involvement in EPSEINgate, he will feel he has no alternative but to grab the guns, otherwise he is toast in more ways than he can even imagine.

In addition to zealously promoting the extremely dangerous military deployment of 5G, Trump’s main mission is to deny the American people the human right to bear arms. You can see it in his posture after each and every mass shooting. Little does his base know that he has been programmed to take away our firearms by those dark forces who completely control him!

For example, in the wake of the last 4 mass shootings this summer he immediately called for the death penalty, knowing that these staged events were blamed on innocent patsies who have been seriously mind-controlled using powerful psychotropic drugs. See: Is this how the real perps behind the mass shootings will take out the mind-controlled patsies?

Really, can there be a bigger betrayal than effectively repealing the 2nd Amendment by supporting so many new laws that kill it “by a thousand cuts”? This is exactly how Trump is operating under the radar, incrementally eviscerating the right to bear arms after each fake mass shooting. He knows that Zionist-controlled Gladio is behind all of these terrorist operations just as he knows the same perps did 9/11.

OPERATION GLADIO: El Paso and Dayton Targeted with False Flag Mass Shootings to Further Terrorize the American People into Giving Up Their Guns

Khazarian Mafia

Now here’s the real crux and most radioactive piece of the Trump back story.

Trump is the front man for the Khazarian Mafia (KM). All of his success in New York City was guaranteed by those banskters and bagmen. Which is why he was bankrupted 7 times, not 4 times as often reported. He not only owes them for life; he owes them BIG TIME!

Really, is there any other way that Trump would have received so much free advertising from the Khazarian-controlled Mainstream Media during the 2016 campaign season except by purposeful design? Did Ron Paul ever receive such coverage? No, he was totally disappeared from the media whenever he ran for POTUS. What the perps did was give Trump massive amounts of negative coverage knowing it would turn him into a hero of the Right, which it did. The Right bought it hook, line, and sinker as they planned.

Obviously EPSTEINgate is another Khazarian-directed psyop that is having the double effect of putting both sides of the Uniparty counterfeit coin on notice. This is the Khazarian Mafia’s way of keeping both parties on the reservation during what promises to be the most unpredictable and explosive election cycle in US history.

Not only is EPSTEINgate providing the perfect distraction that can be amplified at any time by the KM, it’s also keeping Trump on a very short leash during this inordinately volatile period. What follows is perhaps the most important explanation for EPSTEINgate being blown up at this particular time.

HOLY CHUTZPAH! Epstein Suicide Psyop Sends Serious Message to Humanity


For these and many other reasons, it ought to be crystal clear that Trump cannot win 2020 and will likely withdraw from the race.

The Left has so much damning evidence on him which was acquired during the Special Counsel investigation that he must know he’s toast…or soon to be toast if he does not withdraw sooner than later.

The electoral analysis above clearly indicates that a vast swath of voters who voted for him in 2016 will either not vote in 2020 or they will vote against him. Many of them only voted to reject Clinton, and she’s gone. Others saw in him someone who would drain the swamp when in reality he filled it up with some of the worst swamp creatures inside the Beltway.

Trump’s fealty to the Military-Industrial Complex has made him a particularly dangerous POTUS. His zealous backing of some of the most tyrannical regimes on the planet such as Saudi Arabia and Israel make his warmongering administration even more dangerous, especially since they kill and destroy using these US-armed proxies.

Enough of Trump! He’s toast in so many ways it hurts to look at him now.

And, please, someone take away his Twitter account. Early onset dementia, extremely bad diet, coupled with highly toxic psychoactive medications have turned this guy into a full-time freak show. Someone, please get him off the stage by yelling: You’re fired!

Bottom Line: The only way to explain Trump’s reaction to his real problems can be found in the following exposé. The key element of his desperate scheme to keep himself out of trouble was making a deal with the devil. See Bush Funeral “Envelope Affair” Solved: The Mexican Standoff Inside the Beltway

State of the Nation



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