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Globalists Target Trump with Geoengineered Dorian





Globalists Target Trump with Geoengineered Frankenstorm as Dorian Threatens Mar-a-Lago


Superstorm Dorian: A HUGE Wake-up Call for President Trump

Will he listen? Will he get it?

Media-hyped superstorms like Dorian are not only packed with a powerful punch, also with a profound message

State of the Nation

Mega-hurricanes like Dorian, regardless of whether they are acts of Mother Nature or 100% manmade or a hybrid of both, always deliver a message right from Mother Earth.

For those who wonder about the true origins of Dorian, the following exposé provides the radioactive back story.

HURRICANE DORIAN: A Frankenstorm Created by Chemtrails, HAARP and other Geoengineering Technologies

With the crucial understanding presented in the preceding link, it ought to be clear that it really makes no difference how Frankenstorm Dorian was fabricated.  The fact that it has shown up on America’s southeastern door step just off the ritzy Gold Coast of Florida speaks volumes about its intent.

Message to President Trump

Irrespective of where Dorian ultimately makes landfall, a stark warning has already been issued to the POTUS by Mother Nature herself.

President Trump has been — BY FAR — the worst environmental POTUS in history.  It’s clear from his many reckless actions, misguided policies and heedless proclamations where it concerns the environment, that he’s a real Neanderthal.

First, this president, from day one, has highly encouraged and issued specific policy that has provided extraordinary incentives to fracking companies across the USA so that the Trump administration can sell liquid natural gas (LNG) to Russia’s customers in Europe and elsewhere.  This highly destructive strategy alone is enough to give him the award for the “Worst Enviro POTUS”—EVER!  Hydro-fracking has been devastating communities across America since the BP Gulf oil spill.

Secondly, this president has pushed the military deployment of 5G with a vengeance.  He has even sung the praises of a “future” and extremely deadly 6G.  Truly, his zealous promotion of the 5G roll-out nationwide is enough to make him guilty of GENOCIDE.  And, he became the world’s unequalled pitchman for 5G only at the insistence of it developers in Israel.  Hence, he  owes an explanation to the American people about why such an inherently dangerous technology is okay for the United States, but not for Israel. See: Here’s why 5G is NOT allowed in Israel where it was developed

Thirdly, there is Trump’s egregious failure to shut down the chemical geoengineering operations being conducted in the skies across the country—24/7.  Also known as chemtrails, these now ubiquitous toxic aerosols are disseminated from specially equipped U.S. military jets, nonstop, in all 50 states for reasons unknown.  The U.S. citizenry is literally being sprayed like bugs and the government has never explained why and has only denied their obvious existence (CHEMTRAIL SYNDROME: A Global Pandemic Of Epic Proportions).  Any POTUS, as Commander-in-Chief of the US Armed Forces, who allows the reckless and incessant pollution of the ambient atmosphere will have to answer to We the People.

Then there is the intentional weakening of the cornerstone pieces of legislation that undergird the nation’s environmental protection.  This is where Trump himself has turned back the clock on the most important environmental laws ever enacted.  Not only did Trump’s EPA move to gut the Clean Air Act, his administration has also been undermining critical protections mandated by the Clean Water Act.  It’s entirely true that environmental activists nationwide consider Trump to be a one-man wrecking crew whose cave-man mentality will destroy the delicate ecological balance wherever he relaxes or terminates necessary rules and regulation.

Fifth, it’s now evident that there’s a total disregard for the health and wellness of the populace by the Trump administration.  In fact, “a 2018 analysis reported that the Trump administration’s rollbacks and proposed reversals of environmental rules would likely ‘cost the lives of over 80,000 US residents per decade and lead to respiratory problems for many more than 1 million people’.” [1]  This willful negligence by Trump to safeguard the citizenry reflects an unprecedented repudiation of the most fundamental agreement (and basic responsibility) every POTUS swears to uphold.  One wonders if Trump even knows how to spell E N V I R O N M E N T.

Lastly, President Trump has done everything in his power to push the stock market as high as he can.  It’s as though the DJIA is the primary metric by which he measures his success.  Quite unfortunately, this inordinate determination to manipulate daily the NYSE and artificially prop up the various markets has only emboldened Corporate America to run roughshod over the environment.  Their high-paid lobbyists and lawyers are as busy as ever re-writing environmental laws in Washington, D.C. and every state house in the nation.  In the end, it’s the people who will suffer greatly from this profound betrayal.

There’s much more to this screed, but the foregoing examples sketch out the general picture.

The BOTTOM LINE: Mother Earth is not happy, Mr. President!

Labor Day Message

It’s no coincidence that Hurricane Dorian is bearing down on the Gold Coast of Florida on Labor Day.

Not only is President Trump’s posh Mar-a-Lago resort situated right on what is essentially an “Atlantic coast barrier island”, his real [RICH] constituency lives up and down that coastline from the Keys in the south to Vero Beach in the North.

For the uninitiated, barrier islands are not supposed to be highly developed.  They are nature’s first buffer and first line of defense against superstorms just like mega-hurricane Dorian.

Nevertheless, the state of Florida is world renowned for permitting all sorts of massive, expensive and upscale developments on barrier islands and highly exposed seashore.

In point of fact, on many of Florida’s beaches can be found some of the densest and vulnerable developments in the country.  This makes homeowner’s insurance in the state unaffordable for many residents who really need it.

Hence, another message that’s being delivered by Dorian, for the umpteenth time is: Don’t build on the beaches!.

Also: Don’t develop areas that are clearly unfit for the type of zoning that’s especially vulnerable to flooding!

Trump is, at heart, a developer.  He doesn’t see nature, or the environment, or the beach, or the ecosystems.  Trump only sees what can be developed, and in many cases what can be destroyed for the sake of making money.

Well, guess what?  Here comes Dorian to bust him upside the head with a smack he will never forget.

President Trump’s premier property — Mar-a-Lago — sits on a piece of the Palm Beach island that is particularly exposed to the wrath of the Atlantic and its hurricanes.

Even if Mar-a-Lago does not get hit by Dorian, Trump has been put on notice by the Higher Power.  The storm surge alone will likely erode that barrier island as no other storm in history (See map below).

KEY POINT: There are several unknown elements to this massive black operation and purposeful psyop aimed at Trump & Company.  Some of the more important ones are well delineated at: OPERATION SUPERSTORM DORIAN: A Geoengineered Hurricane Weaponized and Targeting Florida—Why?

Frankenstorm Dorian

There’s now an abundance of scientific evidence that proves Dorian is being quite stealthily geoengineered.  The various links in this article contain additional posts that reveal that evidence.  Weaponized weather technology is being quickly advanced as seen by the the evolution of Hurricane Dorian.

Even the most conspicuous trajectory of this hurricane exhibits behavior of a transparently manipulated storm.  From the moment it first formed in the middle of the Atlantic, Dorian demonstrated that it would not be an ordinary hurricane.

Now we see that it’s ever-so-slowly moving as the Weather Channel just headlined:


Why did Dorian all of a sudden slow down to just a few miles per hour?

It’s being covertly geoengineered, that’s why!

Not only is the overall strength being carefully modulated, so is Dorian’s direction and speed of movement in the Atlantic.

All of this weather melodrama is being painstakingly orchestrated by the “man behind the curtain”.  When the NWO globalist cabal tells the geoengineers to jump, they reflexively ask: “How high, sirs?”

Only with this knowledge can the layperson come to properly understand that every single major storm is now furtively hijacked and used as “the disaster that never goes to waste”.

KEY POINT: Above all, the “D” in Dorian stands for DISTRACTION. That’s because TPTB feel compelled to distract the American people from so many real government scandals and criminal conspiracies. However, there is one scandal that they are working triple time to disappear with Dorian drama: Epstein-Barr Syndrome. This global criminal conspiracy is so HUGE and radioactive that it must be buried however they can. The upshot of the previous hyperlink is that AG William Barr was installed by Deep State with the explicit approval by Trump which guaranteed that no one would be prosecuted for EPSTEINgate; and that the swamp would NOT be drained on Trump’s watch.  See: Bush Funeral “Envelope Affair” Solved: The Mexican Standoff Inside the Beltway

New World Order globalist agenda

Let’s be very clear: this storm was manufactured by the globalists who are determined to bend Trump to their will.

To date, he has avoided taking major nation-busting initiatives that the globalists have demanded that he undertake.

For instance, the last spate of false flag mass shootings, which were staged by Operation Gladio at the end of July and early August, were specifically carried out to compel him to approve the “Red Flag laws”.

These laws are desperately sought by the power elite; for it’s a quick and easy way for them to take away the firearms from any citizen at any time.  They know the Global Economic and Financial System is close to collapse, and that they will be correctly blamed for the ensuing economic depression.  Hence, their only alternative is to gut the Second Amendment anyway they can, and as quickly as they can.

If they can’t repeal it, The Powers That Be will effectively remove the constitutional right to bear arms however possible.  Until the human right to carry a gun for protection is nullified, the globalists will continue to stage mass casualty events via assault rifles until the American people voluntarily give up their guns.

In Trump, they see a pragmatist.  They know he has no real commitment to the 2nd Amendment and that he will eviscerate it in a New York minute.  When he failed to follow through with the Red Flag laws, he immediately invited the wrath of a fastidiously geoengineered superstorm named Dorian.  The ONLY reason he did not comply with the globalist demand for immediate gun control was that he knew he would lose his base thereby sealing his 2020 election defeat.


No matter how he looks at it, Trump’s in serious trouble.

If Dorian does hit Florida broadside, it will inflict widespread damage and death.  A hurricane tornado of this magnitude is an unknown commodity and will surely cause catastrophic destruction to dense (and very wealthy) population centers that have never experienced this degree of high-end property destruction.

If Trump’s history is any indication, he will not respond well to the dire needs of the residents.  He woefully failed the devastated communities of the Florida Panhandle last year as he criminally neglected the island of Puerto Rico the year before.  The emergency responses in both cases — Hurricane Michael and Hurricane Maria, respectively — were shocking for their outright negligence and ultimate failure.

If Dorian does take a right angle and beeline up the coast, there will still be catastrophic flooding and damage to deal with.  However, the further it travels from Mar-a-Lago, the more likely it will be forgotten by Trump.  And, this will signal the beginning of the end of his disastrous presidency.

Special Note: We sincerely pray that Dorian spares this nation its wrath, and that it turns out to the ocean.  That outcome will surely be decided in the backroom deals that are surely being made at this very moment between Trump and Deep State as this epic superstorm hovers just offshore from Mar-a-Lago.  Has Trump ever been in such a weak negotiating posture?!

State of the Nation
September 2, 2019

Author’s Note

Some readers will wonder how the globalists are banging Trump on the one hand with this Frankenstorm while Mother Earth is busting him upside the head with the same four by four.  Nothing can ever happen in this plane of existence except by the will of God.  If the geoengineers let loose their weather weaponry, they can only do so with Mother Earth allowing it.  No matter who does what, God’s always in charge, so it really doesn’t make any difference who’s pulling the trigger.  Those folks who believe Satan is really behind all of these evil plots are right, but Satan cannot even take a single step forward without it first being divinely ordained.  In other words, there can be multiple agendas being implemented at one time, from the mundane to the spiritual, via hybrid cataclysms such as Dorian.  God has His purposes, but so does Satan.  Mother Earth has her agendas, and so does the NWO cabal.  The U.S. Military has their narrow missions and so do the rogue geoengineers.  However all of these stack up in the form of a final outcome is ultimately a reflection of the will of Supreme Consciousness.


[1] Environmental policy of the Donald Trump administration

Update 1

The eye of Hurricane Dorian has been situated right over Freeport, Grand Bahama for nearly a day.  Whenever the geoengineers stall a hurricane as they did with Hurricane Harvey over the greater Houston area, it usually has an Agenda 21 purpose.  In the present case, it appears that the UN agendas will be used to force the islanders off their native lands.  The power elite covet the lands of indigenous peoples across the planet and often scheme to move them by way of war and natural disaster so that the perps can then steal those territories anyway they can.  It’s certain that The Bahamas were targeted with this weather terrorism for specific reasons.  Those reasons will become clear the further we get away from the scene of the crime.  Weather warfare is always waged by the 1% in order to more easily take control of land, natural resource and water bodies and/or courses.

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