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Nuclear 9/11 is killing us all

NEO: Nuclear 9/11 can no longer be ignored – It is killing us all

Within 10 minutes of posting, Google Corporation shut down the counter on this article


Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

September 3, 2019





by Gordon Duff, …with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow

[ Editor’s Note: We have started our 9-11 anniversary discussion early this year, despite all of our previous nuclear 9-11 material having been blacked out to this day, but never challenged by any official party with a reputation to lose.

“Falling man” – representing all of us getting throw off the roof

While we will be republishing our seminal Sandia Labs official 9-11 report material that cleared our own screeners for public use, we will also be covering that the failure of our security agencies to grab the real 9-11 perpetrators has left us exposed to, which will change America forever, if not somehow the trend is not reversed.

Our government’s total 9-11 failure has left us exposed to a growing real time surveillance that not even science fiction writers could have imagined. A Google executive got carried away during talk a few years ago and spilled the beans.

“We are soon going to be able to know what you are going to do before you do.”

Expecting this Google revelation to spark a huge national debate, we were wrong. There was nothing.

Our government and civil institutions just rolled over on the pathetic 9-11 Commission report; and the commissioners admitted on their subsequent speaking tours that they knew witnesses had perjured themselves, but because they were not under oath, nothing could be done to them.

This overt rigging of the commission process got no serious blow back at the time. One of the commissioners stated that they accepted that the job of both political parties’ commission members was to make sure that no blame got splattered onto their respective party.

While shocking, that honesty was refreshing. The commissioners expected and participated in a fake investigation. But so did a long line of those who had sworn oaths to defend the country at all costs, and they rolled over, too.

That left us with the bad guys knowing that the next time they wanted to push the button, it would be a lot easier. To date, of those that failed us back then, none has come forward to repent, despite all the first responders dying off from the nuclear blast radiation cancers.




Never have so many owed so little to those in our American government at all levels from that time. A fitting tribute to the 9-11 victims would be to publicly spotlight all those involved in the 911 coverup and demand a real investigationJim W. Dean ]



– First published … September 03, 2018

It is all about lying. Few knew what a shield truth had been, until it was gone.

We don’t have to go back so many years to find a painful example; in fact, August 2019 gives us lots of material to deal with. Let’s look at the Hezbollah missile attack on what was claimed to be an Israeli command convoy. Hezbollah claims they hit a general.

Here is what Hezbollah did, they released a poor-quality video from miles away, showing smoke only. Believing this was all there was, Israel announced that a missile landed “near an Israeli village” and that the IDF staged a fake rescue of wounded at an imaginary missile hit scene, just as a joke.

VT was first to publish the video from the al-Manar website, and with our experienced video analysis crew has published a close up of the first strike with the pixel pattern showing the vehicle’s large diesel fuel tank going up.

This story was carried in the mainstream media, as it was sourced to the IDF high command and directly to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. In a time of liars, these will do as well as any.

Almanar, a media organization in Lebanon, then published the real video, which is also hosted at Veterans Today with commentary by Jim W. Dean. Hezbollah had gotten right up to the Israeli base; we can see the command vehicles loaded from so very close up. Then they drive down the road, and it happens. We see one of two missiles fired, and both hit with devastating effect.




Hezbollah’s intelligence organization, one few know rivals the Mossad, had waited for days for Israel’s top military commander to leave his headquarters. He was assassinated.

Hezbollah says they used two Russian Kornet missiles to destroy his Wolf type mine-resistant command vehicle. Our sources say these are Iranian Dehalivieh missiles, copied from the Russian design and manufactured in Iran.

Hezbollah, of course, was retaliating against Israel for two drone assassination attacks inside Beirut only days before. Instead of reporting the truth that Hezbollah, as shown in 2006, can defeat Israeli defenses at will, Israel chose to lie to its own people, as it always does.

Israel withholds any “bad news,” like the sinking of two of its Dolphin submarines or the loss of planes, including one shot down over Yemen.

Lies make anything possible, hiding the truth from the public for sure, but also complicity in criminal terrorism as well; and we aren’t just talking about Israel.

Thus, we run the clock back to 2001.

By now, the general public around the world should know that official investigations, be they blaming Russia for MH 17 or gas attacks in Syria or the Skripal “poisoning” or so many other stories, are simply made up. All official investigations are fake. The most fake investigation in history, and there are hundreds of fake investigations that are now taught as “history,” is 9/11.

First of all, here’s what happened that makes this important to readers now. A German physicist with no access to US media, call it language barrier, laziness or hyper-focus that scientists have, did a study on the events of 9/11.

He built on work done by French physicist Francois Roby and a US activist with a strong science background named Jeff Prager. Pommer published a first version of his findings, that the World Trade Center was destroyed by nuclear weapons placed under the structures, in 2017.

Then in 2019, he put out a slide presentation backed by irrefutable physics and a video presentation. This information, undisputed by any scientist, is published on Veterans Today at the request of Pommer.

The scientific study shows, without question, that whether planes hit buildings or not, the destruction, which included huge caverns filled with molten granite and iron that gave off incredible heat for months, could only be described and accounted for as a series of underground nuclear explosions.

What we all know is that 9/11 changed everything, war after war, millions dead; but what many don’t realize is that it opened the door to a new level of lying.

In today’s world, Iran can have a nuclear weapons program when no evidence supports it and all real evidence supports the contrary. Any nation that fails to submit, and we will probably never know who is really in control, and we are talking Venezuela for one, can be subjected to “shock and awe” because its leaders will, according to the fake mainstream media, start “killing their own people” or using some type of prohibited weapon.

Only ending the 9/11 lies can challenge the deluge of deceit that is killing us all.

Anyway, back to our story. I found it necessary to contact Heinz Pommer for a simple reason. His work, done independently, is identical to work done by the team at Veterans Today five long years ago. Pommer never saw any of it. This makes Pommer’s work “confirmation” of a 9/11 nuclear event.

Now let me make another point, I felt a bit of disappointment at first from Pommer and later Francois Roby because the Veterans Today reports were written by a team that included:

  • Jeff Smith, particle physicist, IAEA inspector and foremost expert on nuclear weapons
  • A team (names withheld) at the Sandia National Laboratories, America’s nuclear weapons design group
  • Dr. James Fetzer, Ian Greenhalgh, Don Fox and myself as investigative journalists
  • Confirming sources within the US law enforcement and intelligence services (names withheld)

This part of the story began on May 4, 2014 with a document dump into my email saying that I was the “last chance” to get the truth out, as it had been submitted to CNN and other media who chose to censor it. The reason given is that I, and I quote, am a “true blue Marine.” What they clearly meant is that I was willing to handle the consequences and have powerful friends. To an extent, this is true.

Over a period of months, documents which included complex computations regarding bomb design, blast characteristics and a real examination of the World Trade Center, all in the packet received, were discussed with the journalist team and also with scientists who had a very strange story to tell.

According to the real study of 9/11, specialized nuclear weapons designed to destroy metal were built, weapons that not only rendered hundreds of thousands of tons of steel into dust but also destroyed automobiles over a mile away, while flammables such as paper nearby remained untouched.

These scientists, all either IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) and/or US Department of Energy, told VT they were contacted on 9/11 to investigate a nuclear event in New York.

Jeff Smith supplied a photo of himself entering the wreckage, dressed as a utility worker, carrying a Geiger counter. Some speculate that the use of the term “ground zero” is proof of that. That may well be true.

I questioned Jeff Smith as to his background and he sent me a copy of his UN passport with visas signed by the Secretary General of the United Nations. He visited Iran, Syria, Israel as a nuclear inspector and many other nations as well including Russia. He also supplied his personal photos with other UN inspectors.

OK, here is what is most important. The results of the 2014 investigation or rather the documents we received of what we later learned was a 2003 DOE investigation of 9/11 that was suppressed, were identical to the results Heinz Pommer came to years later with no access to our data.

This is called “a confirmation.” This means, yes, it’s all true — America was “nuked” on 9/11. It also means that there were radiation victims and that the US government covered it up, that first responders who died by the thousands were given improper medical treatment to cover up a massive crime, just like the Syria gassings, like MH17 and, just perhaps, other incidents, maybe even mass shootings, that might just as well be staged.

If a nation would detonate several nuclear weapons in the middle of its largest city, what would they not do?

Then there is Jeff’s backstory. According to Jeff Smith, he was part of a team called Able Danger that included FBI, CIA, IAEA and other assets. Their investigation began in the 1990s, when nuclear material from disassembled weapons, part of the START agreements, weapons from both the US and Soviet Union, began disappearing, hundreds of them, instead of being taken apart and stored.

Then Jeff told us that all the records were destroyed, not by accident, but by top officials including the Director of the Department of Energy himself and that the investigation, when it was reaching the point of ordering the arrest of top Clinton officials, was halted by presidential order. The belief was that President Clinton was being blackmailed.

We were then told the investigation was reinstated, personally funded by former President George Herbert Walker Bush. Members of that team included CIA agent Rolland Carnaby, murdered; John O’Neill, killed on 9/11; John Wheeler III, murdered; FBI agent Mike Dick, survived murder attempt; and Jeff Smith, who survives under a gag order.

Detailed investigative material was produced outlining a plot by Saudi and Israeli intelligence, photos and addresses of safehouses, meetings between Mohammed Atta and Israeli intelligence officials and a bevy of high ranking and/or powerful individuals who funded and managed the project.

Pommer had none of this information.

Now let’s step back for a second. The 2014 reports were read by 6 million people, and yet don’t exist anywhere except at Veterans Today and there are dozens of articles which include documents from the suppressed 2003 investigation.


There are always these questions, why are we telling this story, why should we care, what can we do about things like this when it is clear that the average American or citizen of any nation has little or no power over events?

A key answer is a simple one — that if we let a lie take root, what grows from it may destroy us all. 9/11 is such a lie, one of the biggest; but there are, as most are becoming aware, so many others, a list added to every day.

What is critical is that assumptions that were once made need to be unmade:

  • What I was taught in school is true; now we know better, so much better
  • What is on the mainstream news is fair and truthful; but now we know it is likely total fabrication
  • What our leaders do, they do for us except; of course, history shows that our leaders are now among the worst of us, the least of us and we are ruled by our lessers, not by an “elite”

Then the last challenge is simple, we allow ourselves to be governed by consent, which is the nature of democracy except, of course, we never consented to be lied to or governed by criminals who hide behind lies.

That answer is more simple still, we resist.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”


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