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Pianist plays on as riot police pursue Yellow Vests

WATCH: Undaunted pianist plays on as riot police pursue Yellow Vests through Paris train station

Published time: 21 Sep, 2019 09:50Edited time: 21 Sep, 2019 12:47

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French riot police in Paris on September 21, 2019 © Zakaria ABDELKAFI / AFP

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Yellow Vest protesters seeking respite from tear gas in a Paris train station were accompanied by an unexpected live soundtrack as a talented pianist played on nearby, undeterred by the melée around him.

Playing on a public piano, the musician added a dreamlike quality to the tense situation.

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Manifestation sauvage et fond de piano : séquence surréaliste gare Saint-Lazare à Paris.

Suivez notre live #acte45 #GiletsJaunes




11:03 AM - Sep 21, 2019

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Demonstrators, taking to the streets for the 45th week of nationwide protests, sought refuge inside the capital’s Saint-Lazare station after police fired tear gas outside to disperse crowds.






Undaunted pianist plays on as riot police pursue Yellow Vests through Paris train station





15:00 - 21 сент. 2019 г.

Информация о рекламе в Твиттере и конфиденциальность


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Security forces then followed the protesters into the station in an attempt to flush them out and evacuate the building.

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#GiletsJaunes : des gaz lacrymogènes utilisés pour disperser des manifestants près de #SaintLazare#Acte45 #Paris





12:07 PM - Sep 21, 2019

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Police in Paris arrested over 100 people on Saturday, according to official figures, and more than 7,000 officers have been deployed in the capital alone for Saturday’s rallies.


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