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The Millennium Report
December 30, 2019  

OPERATION TORCH AUSTRALIA: A Special Report on the Geoengineered Firestorms and DEW-triggered Arson Fires


Wildfires burning this December 2019


OPERATION TORCH AUSTRALIA: A Special Report on the Geoengineered Firestorms and DEW-triggered Arson Fires


An Apocalyptic Geoengineering Project of Epic Proportions

The Millennium Report

Because of its relative isolation as “the Land Down Under”, the apocalyptic Australian wildfires throughout all of 2019 have received scant attention from the Mainstream Media (MSM).

That’s because the large island continent has been the victim of one of the greatest geoengineering projects in world history.

Truly, the highly combustible conditions that currently exist throughout that entire landmass are the product of years of progressively intensified geoengineering operations.

Even the hard scientific data supports the geoengineering narrative. Clearly, the steady rise in year over year temperatures reaching the 8 corners of Australia point directly to a highly premeditated conspiracy to burn down the whole nation.

Global Warming hoax

There are several reasons why the New World Order globalist cabal ordered the geoengineers and arsonists to torch that resource-rich country.

First and foremost, however, is the desperate need for the Global Warming hoaxsters to run with a flaming advertisement for their fake CO2-driven Global Climate Change narrative.  The false foundation of this fictitious fable, which incorrectly posits that human activity is the primary cause of climate change, is that humanity alone is fully responsible for the unparalleled atmospheric flux.

Geoengineering Is The Primary Cause Of Global Climate Change, Not CO2

In point of fact, there are several reasons why the current Global Climate Change is wracking planet Earth.  Chief among these are the chemical geoengineering programs and HAARP-like frequency technologies that are utilized in tandem to effectuate rapid weather modification as well as slow-motion climate engineering.

Because the original NWO deception known as Global Warming has been repeatedly debunked, the globalists are doubling down on the Land Down Under so as to hold it up high for the worldwide audience to see … … … and be afraid—VERY AFRAID that the same can happen in their back yard. See: Geoengineers Determined to CONvince the World of Global Warming with Aussie Oven Temps

Be afraid of what exactly.

How about this:

Striking Parallels to “Operation Torch California”

What really stands out about Operation Torch Australia are the many undeniable and striking parallels to “Operation Torch California”.

One thing is for certain: Just as the globalists completely took over the once great state of California, they have taken over the continent of Australia.  Each successive government is either elected or dissolved based on their blind loyalty to or abandonment of, respectively, the New World Order agenda. As a matter of historical fact, Australia is now rivaling Italy for electing so many governments in such a short span of time.

An old Beetle burns from bushfires in Balmoral, Australia, which is located 150 kilometres southwest of Sydney. (PETER PARKS/AFP via Getty Images)

Not only are the obvious arson fires being started all over the big island quite similar to the pyro-terrorism perpetrated up and down the charred Golden State[1], photos like the one above are illustrating the use of Directed Energy Weapons.  Or else how did the vehicles burn while the extremely dry, combustible trees escaped the wrath of the so-called wildfire.

In order to better understand what’s really going on all over Australia, the following exposé about “Operation Torch California” is provided.

OPERATION TORCH CALIFORNIA: A Special Report on the Firestorm Terror Operation

The reader is also encouraged to view the quite telling photos posted in the following link as they indicate what is occurring all over Australia, as they foreshadow what will transpire in the future: Conclusive Photographic Evidence Proving California Is Under Attack by DEWs.

Also, just like California, there’s a very definite pattern of wildfires breaking out around the continental island which parallels the planned high speed rail system (see map below).  This little factoid alone needs to be looked at much more closely as it will surely provide the clues to their ultra-secret resident relocation scheme behind the transparent conspiracy to torch Australia.  Of course, when depopulation occurs, that’s called genocide.

Why Australia?

Australia has long been one of the most easily controlled nations for the New World Order cabal.

The globalists totally locked down the whole place right after they staged the false flag mass shooting widely known as the 1996 Port Arthur massacre.

When The Powers That Be saw how easy it was to take away the guns from the Aussies, they decided to put their NWO agenda on steroids there, sort of as an experiment to see how much they could get away with.

For reasons that are well beyond the scope of this article, it is still significant to point out that the Aussies in general are always quick “to go along to get along” … to the great detriment of the body politic.  Very few there really understand like the brilliant Australian conspiracy realist Max Igan.  As follows:

An Australian explains in excruciating detail Operation Torch Australia (Videos)

Because Australia has often experienced extreme weather patterns which have resulted in annual wildfire seasons, it’s very easy for the geoengineers to trick the populace into believing these island-wide conflagrations are just the new normal cycle of nature.

With each passing year, these wildfire seasons are getting much longer, more intense and considerably more damaging to property and people.  Hence, the Australian citizenry has been socially engineered to accept the status quo instead of asking the obvious questions.

Our Aussie friends have been subjected to Tavistock-conducted mind-control programming practically since the island was colonized by the British penal colonies. (Yes, TMR knows there was no Tavistock Institute back then, but the bloody Brits in the City of London have their ways.)

This is why the geoengineers can wage full-scale weather warfare Down Under and there’s nary a grumble from the people. See: WEATHER WARFARE via geoengineered wildfires in Australia—LIVE! (Video)

U.N. Agendas

There is perhaps no better place on planet Earth for the NWO globalists to implement their various overt and covert sovereignty-stripping agendas than Australia.

The vast expanses of land are highly coveted by the power elite for a variety of reasons.  Toward that end of outright stealing the land, water bodies and coastlines, agents of the UN have been hard at work promoting both Agenda 21 and 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

This is really where the rubber meets the road Down Under.  The power elite would like nothing more than to transform the whole island into a New World Order paradise.  With a relatively small population given the sheer size of Australia, there’s LOTs of land for the NWO agents to squat on and/or steal post geoengineered firestorms.

This is precisely why TPTB have chosen this past year to execute the worst nationwide conflagration in Aussie history—OPERATION TORCH AUSTRALIA.  There’s presently a profusion of chaos being generated worldwide that provides cover for the myriad criminal conspiracies that are occurring right now from Perth to Brisbane and from Darwin to Melbourne.  Each of those corrupt schemes is being executed with the collusion of the Australian Government, Corporate Australia and the United Nations.

The primary predatory capitalists, hedge funds and natural resource corporations involved with this continental heist are those with vested interests in mining, oil and gas, agriculture, water supplies, etc. The mining of precious metals, rare earth metals and other valuable ores are of particular interest to the International Banking Cartel in light of the profound fracture between China and the United States. The development of these mineral deposits is an extremely high priority to the extent that they are required in the manufacturing of Western IT products.  Now that global supply chains are being interrupted by the Chinese, Australia has become the next go-to suppliers.  As a lackey to Washington, D.C., Canberra has always been willing to oblige any American request.


This exposé only scratches the surface of OPERATION TORCH AUSTRALIA.  There is much more at stake there than what has been thus far been revealed.

This Alt Media platform will endeavor to bring to light the many plots and machinations that are being carried out in real-time throughout the major metro areas especially.  Folks in the big cities are being blindsided by these firestorms just as they were on the California Left Coast.  Many never believe it could happen to them since they are totally unaware of the constant weather warfare being conducted in their own back yard.

Only when the true destructive force and killing power of weather weaponry is properly understood can Australians comprehend that they are under direct assault … as in an all-out war being waged via exceedingly dangerous geo-terrorism.

Extreme weather events are now routinely geoengineered and weaponized into what are essentially false flag weather attacks. This highly destructive and deadly type of weather warfare is being used for several reasons.

First and foremost, among them is the NWO manufactured need to advertise Climate Change as a real threat to humanity. What better way to do this than to let loose a plague of violent superstorms, debilitating drought and deluges, as well as other devastating weather events around the globe.

This is how Mother Earth is being blamed for the “meteorological mayhem via false flags” that are really manufactured by the globalist-directed geoengineers. In this way, nations everywhere are being misled in the camp of Climate Change whose fanatics are desperate to stop weather flux, some of which are totally natural, but most of which are manmade.

(Source: CLIMATECHANGEgate: Hidden Agenda Behind the Huge Hoax and Global Criminal Conspiracy)

In truth, the most devastating and harmful of all false flag attacks are those manmade acts of nature that can leave behind more damage than a nuclear bomb.  Not only that, but Mother Nature is then blamed when in fact the calamitous events were either fabricated by the geoengineers, or hugely intensified after being hijacked by them.

Please, if you know anyone in Australia as we do, send this link to them so they know what’s really hitting them right now—Thank You!

The Millennium Report
December 30, 2019


[1] How did these vehicles burn up in the Cali. fires when trees nearby remain untouched?

Update 1

Why are fire accelerants being used in the skies above the catastrophic firestorms in Australia? (Video + Transcript)

Update 2

UNPRECEDENTED: Major Wildfires Burning Near Major City in Australia and All Are Getting Worse

Update 3

Investigations of various geoengineered wildfires around the world have revealed the role that arsonists systematically play.  While the targeted areas for a manmade conflagration are steadily geoengineered with drought conditions, the necessary trigger events are carried out by different types of arsonists.  Because of their easy access to the bushfires in Australia, firefighter arsonists can be stealthily inserted into the firefighting teams.  The globalists control the entire process so even if their covert arsonists are caught, as just happened in the Sydney, New South Wales area, they can either be protected by the criminal justice system or sacrificed. See: AUSTRALIAN ARSONIST IDENTIFIED: This is how most of the ‘wildfires’ are either started or exacerbated

Update 4

Even in the face of a island-wide biblical inferno, the city of Sydney is going ahead with their New year’s Eve fireworks extravaganza.  Despite temperatures reaching 40 °C throughout the greater Sydney area, this decision has been taken undeterred by millions of signatures opposing the money-making event. See: Massive Sydney Firework Display to Proceed Despite Apocalyptic Firestorms Nationwide

Update 5

Here’s a video update with some extraordinary footage of this expanding conflagration.  This particular “weather warfare” YouTuber also has a good handle on the various hidden agendas behind these manmade firestorms: “Operation Torch Australia” Update (Video)

Update 6

“OPERATION TORCH AUSTRALIA” becomes a new and YUUUGE meme after “Operation Torch California” took the same cyber-route. YouTubers in the USA and Aussieland taking it viral. See: YouTubers viralizing “OPERATION TORCH AUSTRALIA” meme (Video)

Update 7

Yes, fire tornados can pop up wherever there are forest fires, bushfires and grassfires; however, they have been occurring with much greater frequency since the geoengineers took center stage. In other words, the more unnatural and manmade the wildfire, the more likely fire tornadoes will appear. The combination of chemtrail-disseminated accelerants such as chemically-mobile aluminum, together with HAARP-like frequency generators, create ideal conditions for these small twisters to form. See: Fire tornado spins among Queensland bushfires (Video)

Update 8

More and more photographic and video evidence is appearing on the Internet which have all the signatures of Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) being used to start the Australian wildfires. Of course, several California wildfire seasons has already shown us what those signatures look like. DEW attacks always leave several different visual proofs, as well as unique energetic signatures, that a trained eye can easily spot. Here’s a quite obvious series of photo illustrations of the DEW-triggered fires in California: California Wildfires Caused By Directed Energy Weapons (Video).Then there is this archival photo-documentary of DEW-started fires in Victoria in 2009: Clear Photographic Evidence of DEW-sparked Wildfires in Victoria, Australia.

Update 9

Some climate change investigators have suggested that these inordinately dramatic Australian wildfires are designed to push humanity into accepting geoengineering as a way to fight the Global Warming. See: Are the Australian wildfires another globalist attempt to compel the masses to accept geoengineering to combat the Global Warming hoax? (Video)

Update 10

A brave and determined Aussie truth-speaker exposes a deliberate plot that involves The Deliberate Burning of Australia (Video).

Update 11

Many Global Warming hoaxsters and Internet trolls and agents of Deep State have been posting comments that state Australia has suffered from these devastating wildfires for decades. Yes, wildfires are a fact of life in the Land Down Under, but not like this: Thousands to sleep at beaches as fires encircle Australian towns

Update 12

Operation Torch Australia: Pyro-terrorism Only Gets Worse—Just how much will the geoengineers burn down? (Video)

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