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RED ALERT .Those Two May Have Just Started World War III

BLOWBACK COMING: The Illicit Assassination of General Qasem Soleimani by Trump Was an Act of War and Epic Blunder

The Millennium Report


Pro-Iranian militiamen and their supporters set a fire during a sit-in in front of the U.S. embassy in Baghdad, Iraq, Wednesday, Jan. 1, 2020. U.S. troops fired tear gas on Wednesday to disperse pro-Iran protesters who were gathered outside the U.S. Embassy compound in Baghdad for a second day as pro-Iranian militiamen and their supporters had camped out overnight at the gates of the embassy. On Tuesday, dozens of the protesters had broken into the compound, trashing a reception area and smashing windows in one of the worst attacks on the embassy in recent memory. (AP Photo/Khalid Mohammed)


BLOWBACK COMING: The Illicit Assassination of General Qasem Soleimani by Trump Was an Act of War and Epic Blunder


 Trump May Have Just Started World War III

Israel Using Impeachment to Bolster Trump’s Re-election Prospects While Using the POTUS to Wage War Against Iran Given His Popularity

State of the Nation

Who doesn’t know by now that the flagrantly corrupt and criminal impeachment process conducted by the Democrats, on orders from the foreign-controlled Deep State, only served to enhance the likelihood of President’s Trump’s re-election?

This stealthy scheme has become all too transparent now in its true intent.  With each passing day, the utterly absurd impeachment drama can only make sense based on the answer to one question: Cui bono?

Answer:  I S R A E L 

More accurately, the rogue nation and apartheid state of Israel.

In light of the reckless provocations and false flag attacks conducted by the U.S. Armed Forces, the C.I.A., MOSSAD, and the IDF against both Iraq and Iran, it ought to be quite obvious that these atrocious offenses were purposefully timed after the Democrat’s impeachment debacle have all but sealed a 2020 Trump victory.

Consummate Manipulators

The Neocon Zionists have always shown themselves to be consummate manipulators of political leaders the world over as well as of the American people.

Bibi Netanyahu, in particular, has a dangerous grip on Trump.  Through his son-in-law Jared Kushner, Netanyahu is able to easily transmit orders issued by the Zionist grand poobahs who rule in both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. See: Is the Zionist Neocon cabal using a Kushner blackmail operation to control Trump?

This extremely precarious predicament only worsens by the day.  Israel knows that it must conquer Iran if it is to proceed with the smooth implementation of the Greater Israel project.  The Shia Crescent, which was just illegally attacked by the U.S. Military, remains a HUGE obstacle to that covert Zionist scheme to take over the entire Middle East.

KEY POINT: The recent protests in Iran were meticulously engineered by the CIA-Mossad-MI6 cabal to so disrupt society there that Tehran would be so preoccupied with the fake rebellion that the nation would be vulnerable to an outside attack.

The Zio-Anglo-American Axis has proven time and again that sowing seeds of chaos and conflict in any targeted country will sufficiently soften it up until they are ready for the ZAAA kill.

That the Trump administration is even provoking such a powerful military as Iran with their Quds Force reveals the degree of profound psychopathology that exists within the upper ranks of all the Neocon Zionist warmongers inside the Beltway.

The Central Plot

The plot here is really very simple.

The Zionists have an inflexible timeframe within which Iran must be effectively neutralized.

Trump is Israel’s chosen man to do that job.

The impeachment fiasco was deliberately engineered and timed before these attacks and provocations against both Iraq and Iran, respectively, when Trump’s base is demonstrating strong loyalty because of the naked injustice of the House’s surreptitious coup.

It’s critical to comprehend that American Jewry — both the liberals and conservatives — are working toward the very same goal: the complete and permanent destruction of the American Republic. As follows:

The Hidden Powers Behind the Destruction of America

Where it concerns the unending manipulation of the entire Trump administration, these two exceedingly powerful political forces — liberal American Jewry and Zionist Neoconservatives — are being used to play Trump like a fiddle.  It’s called the good cop-bad cop approach that keeps Trump constantly moving like a yo-yo, especially where it concerns his catastrophic foreign policy. See: Trump’s Foreign Policy Reality Check: Every single patriot needs to read this analysis!

This dynamic analysis, of course, hinges upon the premise that Trump is not a willing participant in this Zionist conspiracy to use the USA as it’s cat’s paw throughout the Mideast battlefield.

Trump has repeated his desire to end the Mideast wars.  However, he always falls prey to Israeli ploys that terribly misuse American treasure and blood in the service of advancing the highly destructive and deadly Greater Israel project.

KEY POINT:  There is no greater example of Israeli treachery and US-Israeli dual citizen treason than the false flag 9/11 terrorist attacks. Once the Neocon Zionists perpetrated that egregious mass murder of American people, it became clear that Israel was really our mortal enemy, as they continue to be as they use the US military to wage the fake War on Terror against their own adversaries, not ours. See: INDISPUTABLE EVIDENCE CONFIRMS: 9/11 was both an “Inside Job” and “Mossad Job”

RED ALERT: Trump Punked Majorly by Bibi and Neocon Zionists … Or Was He?!

Truly, if ever there was a trump card in this rapidly evolving regional game of war and domination, it’s Donald Trump.

What Trump does, and does not do, with regard to the developing hot war in the pivotal Shia Crescent and beyond will reveal where he truly stands.

If Trump bends to the will of Bibi and the Neocon Zionists, he’s history.

If he resists their many manipulation and machinations, perhaps he can survive until Election Day.

At this very moment, it does not look good.

Trump brazenly crossed a major line by killing the top Iranian general and highly regarded hero of Iran.

By tweeting his approval of that unprovoked act of naked aggression against Iran and their top military leader, Trump has truly unleashed the dogs of war.

Trump’s blatant misuse of the US military to fight a war on behalf of Israel makes him grossly unfit to function as the Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces.  CASE CLOSED !

With this single act of betrayal of the American people, Trump has forever destroyed his legacy as a peacemaker, and instead will go down in history as a hardcore Neocon Zionist warmonger.

We remind the SOTN leadership about this previous exposé that follows about Donald Trump that is quite unfortunately being validated by Trump’s disastrous foreign policy and cowardly warmongering.

A VERY SPECIAL MESSAGE TO THE PATRIOT MOVEMENT: Donald Trump is NOT who we thought he was

What is particularly disturbing about this fundamentally un-American saga is that Trump & Company chose the sacred holiday season to trigger what may evolve into the hot phase of World War 3.  How do you celebrate Christmas while dropping bombs on innocent people in a practically defenseless nation?!


Absolutely despicable ! ! !

KEY POINT: Why “Absolutely despicable”?  For the obvious reasons already stated, but especially because Team Trump carried out the illegal and extrajudicial assassination of national hero — Iranian Major General Qasem Soleimani — while he was on his way to a funeral for soldiers killed in an earlier illicit attack by the U.S. Military.  This is how the CIA-Mossad-MI6 do it—their predatory drones lethally target their prey when they are attending funerals and weddings, regardless of the inevitable collateral damage that’s really the cold-blooded murder of innocent.

CIA black op / Mossad psyop

Even a cursory review of the sequence of events that led up to the cowardly murder of General Qasem Soleimani indicates the execution of a well-planned CIA black operation.  The intended fall-out for the Iranian government was likewise the product of a Mossad psyop.

With this critical understanding, it’s now obvious that the CIA-Mossad-MI6 formulated a scheme that had the explicit intention of not only taking out the Iranian hero, but also to decapitate the military leadership of the Iranian presence in both Iraq and Syria.  The amount of deceit and sheer duplicity required to pull off these odious war crimes is a reflection of Israeli input.

KEY POINT: There is perhaps no other military leader in the Northern Levant who was as effective at eliminating the ISIS threat as Major General Qasem Soleimani.  This fact alone put a YUUUUGE target on his back.  Because the ISIS terrorist group was created funded and armed by Israel, US, UK and Saudi Arabia, those nations really had it in for the Iranian hero.  Not only did Soleimani successfully keep ISIL out of Iran, he wiped them out of both Syria and Iraq.  The Zio-Saudi-Anglo-American Axis was itching to get even with him for a long time. See: Trump Kills #1 Enemy Of Isis—WTF? (Video)

So, to be clear, the initial US airstrikes, which struck at the very heart of the Shia Crescent, were designed to disrupt the alliances that were quickly forming there among the various Shia political groups and freedom fighters.

Once that unlawful attack took place, the bellicose Iraqi protests that converged on the US embassy in Baghdad were a foregone conclusion for the planners.  What else could be expected when the USA staffs a massive fortress, which houses a full-blown military contingent, CIA agent nest and State Department operation in the heart of Baghdad, that poses as an embassy.

What did Trump do with that protest but use it as a justification to take out the top leaders of  the Iranian military presence outside of Tehran.  This  extremely cynical display of America right or wrong was then used to gin up all sorts of fake patriotism stateside to generate even more support for Trump’s re-election.

While every phase of this complex intel/military operation was well thought out, the perps forgot to consider the extreme blowback that will slowly manifest when the frontmen least expect it.  One wonders if the decision-makers at the top of the food chain will use this whole episode as a means to carry out the assassinations of American political and/or military leaders, which will then be blamed on Iran thus justifying a declaration of war by Congress.

BLOWBACK: The Unlawful Killing of General Qasem Soleimani

It’s quite significant that the very term “blowback” originated as a result of the CIA epic failures in Iran that occurred during and after the 1953 Iranian coup d’état.  That coup was fastidiously coordinated by the C.I.A and MI6, which everyone knew.  As a consequence, the Iranian people and leadership were sure to do whatever was necessary to reverse that catastrophic outcome.  Their extraordinary success in doing so is now well-known as:

B L O W B A C K.

What follows is the Wikipedia page dedicated to explaining the meaning and history of the intelligence term: “blowback“.

If President Trump has committed one extremely fatal error during his tumultuous presidency, it was his personal and enthusiastic approval of this heinous war crime.  He ordered it, he owns it … especially the blowback.

The Hidden Agenda behind Trump’s Gruesome Assassination of Qasem Soleimani

The remains of a vehicle hit by missiles outside the Baghdad airport. The commander of Iran’s powerful Revolutionary Guards Corps, Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani, was killed.  Credit: Iraqi Prime Minister Press Office, via Associated Press

Truly, this single act of state-sponsored terrorism approved by Trump will doom his presidency as it is likely to ruin his re-election prospects.  Not only was their no declaration of war approved by the U.S. Congress, this heinous war crime was committed in contravention of various international treaties and agreements.

Because Trump so willingly follows the orders of his true masters in Tel Aviv, he put Israel’s interests well above those of the American people.  In so doing, this highly misguided President has put every flag officer in the U.S. Armed Forces in harm’s way.

In other words, every single U.S. Army, Air Force and Marine general, as well as Navy admiral, is now at great risk of being the victim of a stealthy assassination by Iran.  Not only that, but as Commander-in-Chief, Trump has quite ignorantly put himself in the crosshairs of determined assassins.  He really screwed the pooch with this extraordinarily BAD move.

When the Iranian Ayatollah strongly declares that there will be serious repercussions from this unjustifiable criminal act of outright murder, they mean business just as they showed after the 1953 CIA-directed coup in Tehran.

KEY POINT: This whole op was specifically set up so that the US would take out the Quds general with Trump himself taking the ‘credit’.  Which begs this excellent question asked by a ZeroHedge commenter: Why did US claim the #Soleimani kill, instead of following the Israeli ambiguity playbook?  His answer: “Easy. The Jews in control of ‘our’ government want America to be the scapegoat, not Israel.”

At the end of the day, Trump’s summary execution and extrajudicial killing of Qasem Soleimani will be looked at as a defining moment of the 21st century, just as the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand triggered the start of World War I.  Very few understand that this is exactly what the International Banking Cartel really wants … and desperately needs to provide adequate cover for their slow-motion collapse of the Global Economic & Financial System.  See: THEIR FINAL SOLUTION: Market Crash, Dollar Collapse & World War 3

Israel & 5G

One of the most disconcerting domestic policies zealously promoted by President Trump himself is the military deployment of 5G across America.

The extremely harmful 5G energy grid is being rolled out in major cities as we write this, despite the fact that this dangerous radio-frequency and microwave generator has NEVER been tested for health and safety.  Not only that, most of 5G was secretly developed in Israel and yet they will not allow it there. See: Here’s why 5G is NOT allowed in Israel where it was developed

Why is Israel pushing so hard for the 5G roll-out knowing the severe health risks and inevitable medical threats?  And, why are they really using Trump to support what will surely become an unprecedented public health disaster?

Perhaps the answers are the same to the questions about Trump’s highly misguided assaults, both economic and military, on Iran.  Israel places NO value on American life.  The U.S. citizenry is nothing but cannon fodder to the Zionists.

All of this begs the question: Did President Trump really convert to Judaism back in 2017?

Wag the dog

There’s another extremely cynical side to Trump’s blatant warmongering.  His Zionist camp knowns that wartime presidents are much more likely to be re-elected.

Hence, this naked provocation must be seen as a brazen attempt to draw Iran into an armed conflict.  An America at war always rallies around the flag and the POTUS.

Because of the various criminal prosecutions (both legitimate and false) that Trump will be facing post-POTUS, he knows that the best insulation against doing hard time will be to stay in office as long as he can.

Therefore, acquiescing to his Zionist masters was fairly easy for him since his future freedom greatly depended upon it.  And, the Neocon Zionists are hardwired for war against Iran so a “wag the dog” strategy was a no-brainer.

Then there is the inconvenient truths surrounding EPSTEINgate.  Or, more aptly,  EPSTEIN-BARRgate.   This little scandal is enough to compel Trump to do just about anything his handlers command him to do. See: THE INCREDIBLY DANGEROUS TRUMP DECEPTION


Everything points to HUGE blowback coming in the direction of both the United States of America and the White House.

A large piece of the voting demographic that supports Trump voted for him because of his oft-stated commitment to bringing home all the U.S. troops from the Middle East.  Those Christians and conservatives, patriots and nationalists who put him in office also expected him to make peace, not war.

In light of the transparent warmongering that Trump is now stone-cold guilty of, he has just lost a large segment of his base.  Surely he feels he can literally get away with murder as he just committed because of the fraudulent impeachment; however, he way overplayed his hand by considerably intensifying hostilities throughout the Shia Crescent.

It’s now quite likely that many of those 2016 supporters will not vote for Trump in 2020.  They will certainly not vote for any Democrat, but they will no longer show up on November 3, 2020 to pull the lever for Trump.  These enlightened voters know deep down inside that, were they to vote for war criminal Trump again, they would share in the odious karma that he’s creating for himself.

Bottom Line: Here’s how one perceptive commentator described the exceedingly tragic move by Trump to assassinate a military leader of a foreign country.

State of the Nation
January 3, 2020

Editor’s Note

This Alt Media platform is done with Trump.  SOTN worked very hard to make sure Hillary was defeated in 2016.  Our statewide network here in Florida worked triple time to ensure Clinton did not receive the crucial 29 Florida electoral votes.  There are many others in our media network who share our conviction about Trump in 2020.  He’s a totally loose cannon whose foreign policy is an abysmal failure which has become an unmitigated disaster for the world-at-large.  Now that Trump is a proven murderer — BY HIS OWN ADMISSION — anyone who votes for him becomes proportionately accountable for any of his future transgressions, should he win 2020.  No one can say they didn’t know about Trump’s warmongering ways and brash willingness to kill foreign leaders IN BROAD DAYLIGHT.  And to conduct these attacks on behalf of Israel, which only make the United States more hated by the day, really demonstrates that Trump is a traitor to the Republic.

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