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‘Fact Checking’ The Nuke That Hit Beirut (updated)

‘Fact Checking’ The Nuke That Hit Beirut (updated)


Ian Greenhalgh


August 5, 2020








Within hours of VT breaking the news that Israel had nuked Beirut, the ‘fact checkers’ were out in force trying to contradict us, but the best they could do was a pretty pathetic effort comprised of nothing of substance, just regurgitations of the official cover story and quotes from blatantly fraudulent ‘analysis’ of a few bits of video.

Twitter, of course, has come out in full support of the ‘it was not a nuke’ folks:

Twitter also, helpfully, tells us what we need to know:
If we look at which outlets are promoting the ‘it was not a nuke’ lie, it tells us that these outlets are disinfo and never to be trusted, Bellingcat of course, we have always known was a disinfo operation, VICE and Business Insider can now be dded to the list:

One of the first attempts was by someone called Dana Ford working for a site called

Fact Check: Blast in Beirut Was NOT A Nuclear Explosion

Whoever this Jeffrey Lewis is, he’s clearly spreading pernicious disinfo. His claim that there are ‘none of the phenomena one sees with a nuclear explosion’ is laughable, especially when one of the pictures he posted shows a textbook white hot plasma ball that could only be produced by a nuclear explosion:

Note how the diameter of the plasma ball corresponds to the diameter of the crater it left behind, absolutely no disguising the fact this was a nuke.

Therefore I think it is safe to assume that Jeffrey Lewis, director of the East Asia Nonproliferation Program at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies is a disinfo peddler and the program he heads operates as a gatekeeper hiding the truth of the use of nukes, especially by the US & Israel, something both have bone many times over the last few decades and will no doubt continue to do so, with this terrible event in Beirut being just the latest in a long string of nuclear attrocities.

On Twitter, the pro-Israel trolls have come out in force to attack and threaten me for tweeting the truth about the nuking of Beirut, several have called on the Mossad to murder me, such as the Sussex Friends of Israel:

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