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…Faster Than Building #7 on September 11th, 2001

As hard scientific evidence mounts,
doctors tell the medical truth,
patients share their experiences,
and governors are investigated by
the U.S. Department of Justice,
inexorably undergoes a

slow-motion free-fall collapse
that only accelerates by the day.

State of the Nation

In the history of humanity, there has never been a more reckless and brash, misguided and ill-fated attempt to lock down the planet and enslave all of humanity.

There has never been such an insane and harebrained scheme to shut down whole nations using the pretext of such a scandalous and outrageous pandemic hoax.

Likewise, The Powers That Be (TPTB), who really do control the entire planetary civilization, have never demonstrated such an exceedingly high degree of hubris and chutzpah.

In short, there is nothing in world history that even comes close to the sheer madness and lunacy that was/is necessary to carry out the now infamous Plandemic of 2020.

Given these indisputable realties, it’s critical for every person on Earth to comprehend the following ancient Greek wisdom.

It ought to be obvious to every patriot with critical thinking skills intact that to even attempt to paralyze a single country via OPERATION COVID-19 would ultimately prove to be an exercise in futility.

And, yet, the top-tier perpetrators of the ongoing CORONAhoax have the unrivaled moxie and folly to run this extremely deadly and destructive game on the entire community of nations.

Even those of us in the Alt Media who saw this train wreck coming many years ago, we never imagined the level of absurdity and audacity which has been required to execute such an impossible and inconceivable ruse.

Truly the daft, demented and deranged reptilians at the very top of the food chain have gone balls out in this completely doomed enterprise to imprison the global population inside of a COVID-19 penitentiary. Hence, they can be chopped off at any moment, yes?!

Did they really think they could pull off this non-stop worldwide crime spree … … … and get away with it … or live to talk about it?

Just take a close look at a few of the real crazies running this global psyop with wanton abandon.

Bill Gates

Tedros Adhanom

Tony Fauci

Deborah Birx

Robert Redfield

Andrew Cuomo

Bill de Blasio

Gavin Newsom

The video posted below poignantly portrays the transparent malevolence of Covid ringleader Bill Gates bearing in mind that, although this presentation appears to be comical, every single word is absolutely true.

Here’s the Bill Gates Complete COVID-19 Game Plan (Video)

Now take a close look at this searing exposé to see how Gates was set up in the first place: BILL GATES: A Menace to Society Who Must Be Arrested and Prosecuted for Crimes Against Humanity

Next, there is this sordid video of the highly dubious leader of the World Health Organization—Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus from Ethiopia. How did an Ethiopian non-physician technocrat ever get to be the king of the hill at the WHO? Here’s how!

Is this how Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus became top dog at the W.H.O. (Video)

Then there is the notorious career criminal and NIAID corruptotcrat Tony Fauci. Tony, “Le Terrible” Fauci is the reigning capo di tutti capi of the American crime family that runs the all-pervasive, all-powerful Medical Mafia in all 50 states. Not only that, he is the main frontman for Big Pharma and primary point man for the New World Order globalist implementation plan known as OPERATION COVID-19.

In his perfidious capacity, Tony is also cunningly conditioning the American people to accept the new normal of COVID-1984. (See: FAUCIgate: OPERATION COVID-19 Point Man Tony Fauci Must Be Arrested and Prosecuted for Genocide) The following video provides only a glimpse into Tony’s truculent treachery.

Never forget that this Covid response leader has flip-flopped
on mask-wearing more than a bass out of water! (Video)

What’s the critical takeaway here?

The absolute craziest among US are running the insane asylum

Translation: That OPERATION COVID-19 was conceived, coordinated, carried out, choreographed and covered up by an incorrigible cabal of criminally insane psychopaths.

Believe it or not, that’s good news—VERY GOOD NEWS.


Because all of those crazies exist within an echo-chamber of political correctness. Psychopaths always refuse to hear the truth, especially when they are about to fall from their high pedestals.

Even though their Plandemic scheme is going off the rails, all over the friggin’ place, they don’t even consider the dire necessity for a course correction. Of course, the only rational course correction at this point would be an immediate aborting of this global black operation.

Nonetheless, even though all 18 wheels are coming off their eighteen-wheeler, they take no initiative to prevent their COVOD-19 semi from careening over the cliff.

That, folks, is the mark of real insanity.

However, there are very specific reasons, yet quite unknown, why THE GREAT SCAMDEMIC is literally coming apart at the seams.

AI, AS and Technological Singularity

At the very peak of the decision-making process sits an AI entity that most probably is their latest and greatest Autonomous Superintelligence creation.

We’re talking about the most scientifically and technologically advanced AI creation ever fabricated in a DARPA lab. See: Welcome to the COVID-19 AI Simulation! Brought to you by your AI ‘friends’ at DARPA.

This is exactly why OPERATION COVID-19 has been executed in such a helter skelter manner and with little thought given to the growing likelihood of an unsuccessful, even cataclysmic, outcome. The MO that has been employed since the very beginning of the Plandemic reflects a mindset that is simply not human. The AI entity not only lacks the necessary reasonable judgment to fool all the people all the time, it is programmed to simply execute a preconceived plan irrespective of the disastrous outcomes. It’s fixation on scare-mongering is also a dead giveaway that: NWO Globalists Are Using Highly Advanced AI Platforms to Generate Ever-Changing Fear Programs Worldwide

Only an AS entity, which has no skin in the game, would risk blowing up the world as the CORONAhoax promises to do if left to the dictates of its overly ambitious algorithms. Since it lacks any fear of prosecution or incarceration or worse, this AS entity would be more than eager to sacrifice the likes of Gates or Fauci or Tedros when the whole operation inevitably crashes and burns. And it will sooner than later.

*KEY POINT: Autonomous Superintelligence (AS) is the most technologically advanced and highest level functioning AI on the planet today. Think of Autonomous Superintelligence as AI on super steroids in terms of raw computing power, unrivaled intellectual prowess, unlimited memory capacity, critical thinking skills and trouble-shooting capability. AS actually gets smarter every day because it progressively increases its artificial intelligence and body of knowledge with each successive experience. However, when the AS genie gets out of the bottle, there’s no putting it back in. On the contrary, an Autonomous Superintelligence entity will see to it that humanity is put into the bottle (also known as COVID-19).

Nevertheless, it was the incredibly stupid COVID-19 response team that agreed to do the bidding of such a conscienceless and carefree AS decision maker. This is where the entire Deep State — in each and every nation that’s operationally involved in OPERATION COVID-19 — has forever left the reservation of common sense and human reasoning. Somehow the likes of Fauci, Gates and Tedros think they can weasel their way out of blame for wrecking and ruining the world. Are they going to point at the AS “elephant in the living room” as their excuse?!

The dam of Covid Truth breaks wide open

Monumental events are now unfolding which clearly spell disaster for the numerous perpetrators of this heinous hoax on humanity.

For example, there is this major event that just took place this weekend in London’s Trafalgar’s Square.

People, something very, very BIG is going on!
The CORONAhoax is falling apart! (Video)

There was also this protest that just happened in Berlin: HUGE Protest Jumping Off Berlin (Video)

Of course, there have also been many instances where qualified physicians have provided professional testimony about the craftily-hidden truths about COVID-19, the coronavirus syndrome disease process, tried-and-proven cure protocols, as well as the official treatment plans which have led to genocide, both intentional and unintentional.

Dr. Zev Zelenko: Covid War Criminals Should Face Nuremberg-Style Trials
For Crimes Against Humanity (Video)

The key point here is that THE GREAT SCAMDEMIC was always an absurdly preposterous endeavor. What in heaven’s name were these criminal psychos thinking, so hellbent on transforming the Earth realm into a stone-cold prison planet?!

Regardless of what The Powers That Be really planned as an acceptable result, there can be only one overriding consequence at the end of the day. For the dam of Covid truth has broken wide open … … … and there’s no practical way for the Covid controllers of information to stop it from washing over the whole planet.

After all, how can they realistically censor the ever-increasing Covid truth content being posted every second of every day on the Internet unless they shut it down forever. Shutting down the World Wide Web is no longer an option unless the perps plan on escaping to their off-planet bunkers.

The Oncoming Third Wave

Where it concerns the final phase of Stage I of OPERATION COVID-19, everything is stacking up for this October and November. Because the annual flu season officially starts during this time frame each and every year, the Covid perps will use this year’s influenza outbreaks to ramp up the third and worst wave of this wholly manufactured Coronavirus pandemic.

However, to perpetuate such a naked farce with any degree of credibility will require everything the globalists have in their Covid arsenal. That eventuality is both bad news and good news. The good news is that they will take this global psyop to such an extreme level that even more people will wake up to the reality of this worldwide crime wave.

The bad news is that these people are totally nuts and have shown that there’s nothing they won’t do. If they can advance their NWO agenda to any appreciable degree, now that they have totally exposed themselves, they will do so anyway they can. You see, once they pushed the button on OPERATION COVID-19, the globalist cabal knew there would be no turning back. And, that their only way out, when the tide turned against them, is mutually assured destruction (MAD).

Such is the measure of their sheer desperation from this point forward. Many of the power elite have been implicated, either directly or indirectly, and they have everything to lose should they be prosecuted; and nothing further to gain once the Global Economic & Financial System (GE&FS) collapses.

In all likelihood, TPTB will use the third wave as a pretext to perform a controlled demolition of the Global Economic & Financial System. In this way, they will use the same stratagem that was utilized to install Manchurian Candidate Barack Hussein Obama into the White House right after the engineered 2008 stock market crash that occurred just before Election Day. How else could Joe Biden ever be shoehorned into the Oval Office anyway?

KEY POINTS: The vast majority of people across the planet will fail to see the rapidly crumbling of the official COVID-19 narrative. However, when brave physicians come out in growing numbers who offer irrefutable testimony for the proven HCQ~Azithromycin~Zinc cure protocol, how can the fake authorities possibly hide that? When myriad small business owners start suing cities, counties and states for issuing multiple unlawful/unconstitutional/illicit orders that caused their closures and bankruptcies, the cracks in Covid conspiracy will be too large to hide. When nursing homes, hospitals, memory care and assisted living facilities are indignantly sued for wrongful deaths, as they’re doing right now in Italy, there’ll be hell to pay. When compromised individuals literally get sick and/or die from wearing a mandatory mask, the despots who approved the illegal executive orders will face even more wrath from the citizenry. When people everywhere understand that they have been shamelessly victimized by the greatest criminal CONspiracy in human history, the curtain will swiftly come down on THE GREAT SCAMDEMIC.


No matter what, it’s gonna get ugly. REAL UGLY! How can it not?!

Nevertheless, The Cabal is Panicking! (Video). And when anyone panics they make mistakes—HUGE mistakes that can never be fixed…and only makes matters worse for themselves.

The very fact that the US House introduced a symbolic bipartisan resolution against QAnon conspiracy theory demonstrates just how afraid the political class is of the most radioactive truths which have yet to be revealed. Of course, the raw truth about THE GREAT SCAMDEMIC is as bad as it gets, but the perps really believe that the unrelenting chaos and pandemonium will serve as their insurance policy. It won’t!

Now let’s continue, Patriot Movement, getting the word out there anyway we can. When a critical mass of aware and informed folks is reached, it will be time to take back the country from those who have stolen it.

By the way, it’s the very same tribe of banksters, who have been paying the barbarians inside the gate since the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, who are squarely behind this apocalyptic Plandemic. As follows:

Nothing changes until those who secretly rule US are prosecuted
9/11, JFK, OK City, 5G, Chemtrails, Vaccines, COVID-19….

Bottom Line: “Those whom the gods wish to destroy, they first make mad.” Let’s acknowledge the stark reality: all of the OPERATION COVID-19 perps are crazier than a bowl of fruit loops. That they even thought about commencing with such a draconian global lockdown betrays the true depth and breadth of their exclusive idiocracy. Whenever profound ignorance is coupled with incurable arrogance, the only outcome is utter failure followed by inescapable calamity.

State of the Nation
August 30, 2020

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